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Jersey All Pro Wrestling returns to the Golden Door Charter School, 180 9th St. in Jersey City, NJ for “Old School”. The event features former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas, former WWE & former ECW original Balls Mahoney, former ECW & top international star “The King of Old School” Steve Corino. There will be a pre-show beginning at 7:30pm featuring Japanse Joshi Stars, with the main show starting at 8:00pm, with doors opening at 7:00pm.

Tickets for this event will be sold at the door, night of the show, with the prices beginning at $15.00 a person for General Admission, $20 for 2nd Row Ringside, $25 1st/Front Row Ringside. All tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. The event has a strict start time, so if you need to buy tickets please arrive at the building early to ensure you don’t miss the beginning of the show.

Wrestling fans that live in NY can take the PATH Train from the following locations listed bellow to the Pavonia/Newport stop. When you arrive at the stop simply walk through the Newport Mall. The school is located right across the street from the mall parking garage. 33rd Street, 23rd Street, 14th Street, 9th Street, Christopher Street, W.T.C. for more info visit: www.panynj.gov/path/index.html

The current card line-up for the event is:

Nick Gage (Challenger) vs Danny Maff (Champion)

Nick Gage debuted in Jersey All Pro Wrestling back in October 2009, with his partner Nate Hatred called the H8 Club, battling the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew, and the Heavy Hitters in street fights. Since then Gage has become the newest addition to the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew after joining the Necro Butcher & Brodie Lee in the attack of the Heavyweight Champion Dan Maff by hitting Maff with a steel chair. Will this new threat to Dan Maff and his title become victorious?

Garden State Gods [Corvis Fear & Myke Quest] (Challengers) vs The Heavy Hitters [Monsta Mac & Havoc] (Champions)

Nearly a year later, the Garden State Gods of Corvis Fear & Myke Quest are the challengers for the JAPW Tag Team Championship. The champions, The Heavy Hitters of Monsta Mac & Havoc, have been working their way up the ranks for nearly over a year and finally won the Tag Team Championships in January at JAPW’s 12th Year Anniversary show defeating the H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred) and the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew (Brodie Lee & Necro Butcher) in a street fight. Since then the Heavy Hitters successfully defeated Un4given (Eddie Kingston & B-Boy) at Wild Card, where all champions opponents are unannounced until match time. Both Garden State Gods and The Heavy Hitters are homegrown stars, and have been in JAPW for a long time. Will the Gods regain the Tag Titles since losing them on August 1, 2010 in Jersey City, NJ against the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew? Will The Heavy Hitters continue their path of destruction, and show the Gods they are no match for them?

Devon Moore (Challenger) vs Charlie Haas (Champion), former WWE Superstar

The fans in JAPW first witnessed Devon Moore in October 2009, when he took on Danny Demanto, and proved a spot within by winning. In November 2009, Moore then defeated The Grim Reefer, followed by winning and becoming the NJ State Champion after defeating Archadia. Since their defeat Danny Demanto, The Grim Reefer and Archadia have not returned to the company. At Wild Card, a bragging Devon Moore, called out anyone and to do the same what he did it past opponents, remove them JAPW, to come out for the challenge. The lights then went out and former WWE superstar, homegrown JAPW star Charlie Haas came out and accepted the challenge, and defeated Devon Moore to win & become the new NJ State Champion. With the former NJ State Champion issuing his rematch on April 17th, knowing who he is facing now, will he stand a chance against Charlie Haas to win back the title?

Sabian (Challenger) vs Bandido Jr (Champion)

At Wild Card it was revealed Bandido Jr. would be taking on multiple opponents for his Light Heavyweight Championship in an elimination Insane Flight Fest match which consisted of Sabian, Egotistico Fantastico, Rich Swann, and Neeno Capone. The Light Heavyweight Champ survived and retained his championship. The final opponent was Sabian, who was expecting to win the title, but came up short. Will Sabian be able to take the gold off Bandido Jr. and wallk out the new JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion? Can Bandido Jr. retain his title against an unweakened Sabian? Find out April 17th!

Ayumi Kurihara (Challenger) vs Sara Del Rey (Champion)

Since the start of the Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s Women’s Division in January 2009, Sara Del Rey has been dominating the division, becoming the first Women’s Champion in the company. Sara has accepted all challengers for her title, and defeated all that comes her way. On April 17th, Sara will have to bring her game to the table as she faces a Joshi star from Japan, Ayumi Kurihara. Will Ayumi be able to defeat Sara to become the first ever International champion in JAPW Women’s Division? Will Sara add Ayumi to her list of defeats for her title?

“The Bulldozer” Brodie Lee vs “The Chair Swingin’ Freak” Balls Mahoney, former WWE & ECW Original Superstar

On April 17th, Balls Mahoney returns to JAPW taking on Hillbilly Wrecking Crew member, Brodie Lee. Both men are popular for their hardcore styles inside and out of the ring. Who will victorious? Can Balls pick up a victory or will Brodie Lee get the win to move up in JAPW?

“King of Diamonds” Eddie Kingston vs “The King of Old School” Steve Corino, former ECW Superstar

The mission has been announced, two kings get ready once again to battle each other inside a Jersey All Pro Wrestling ring, to decide who is the better King. The last time Steve Corino faced another King in the company was back on August 10, 2002 in Seaside Heights, NJ against to Jerry “The King” Lawler where Lawler was victorious. Now the opportunity has risen again, will Steve Corino this time defeat the other King, Eddie Kingston, or will Kingston outsmart Corino and pick up the needed win?

Mo Sexton & Joe Hardway with manager Jonny D vs ????

The South Side Playaz is the hotttest act in Jersey All Pro Wrestling today. Ever since their debut at Halloween Hell, this team has been getting rave reviews, even being considered the best faction in indy wrestling today. Sexton & Hardway have been gaining momentum, coming off from a fued with the Osirian Portal, and continuing to show everyone that challenges them that you can party and have fun, while defeating your opposition inside the squared ciricle. Who will be their opponents? Or will April 17th be one big party for the South Side Playaz Club?
Chris Dickinson vs “The New Horror” Sami Callihan

Two new rising stars in JAPW are getting ready to face off April 17th. Chris Dickinson, has been in a fowl mood since returning, after nearly a year, since being mistreated by the JAPW locker room and being stomped by former JAPW Heavyweight Champion Low Ki. Dickinson wants to end Sami Callihan’s popularity reign to become miserable just like what he went through. When Sami came into JAPW back in October 2010, everyone welcomed him with open arms and praised him, something that didn’t happen to Dickinson, Will Dickinson defeat the other new guy? or will Sami show Dickinson the reason why he’s the new horror in wrestling?
DJ Hyde vs ????

Eliminating all that comes his way, DJ Hyde has been on a winning streak since returning. On April 17th, with his opponent not yet known, will Hyde continue his streak and move up to challenge for a Championship title? Will the unannounced opponent defeat DJ Hyde?
Sumie Sakai & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Misaki Ohata & Tomoka Nakagawa

Sumie Sakai teams up with Hiroyo Matsumoto, from Japan, to take on Misaki Ohata & Tomoka Nakagawa in a MUST SEE women’s tag team match! Which team will defeat the other? Will Matsumoto join the opposition, forcing her partner Sumie Sakai to wrestle all three? Anything can happen! Find out April 17 in Jersey City, NJ.

Live results & photos will be posted as they happen at www.twitter.com/japwrestling