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JAPW Women’s Division | Debut Show
Arts Factory | Bayonne, New Jersey
Saturday, January 10 , 2009

On Saturday night about 150 hardy fans braved the snow and ice to attend the debut show of Jersey All Pro’s Women’s Division, and they were richly rewarded by the all out efforts of the highly talented women involved.  Considering the bad weather and competition from another women’s wrestling show, that was a very respectable crowd, and they showed their enthusiastic approval for a great show that featured what many fans would consider a dream card.

Danyah and Cherry Bomb (both from Canada) had been scheduled to appear, but they were turned back at the Canadian border over a work visa issue.  Everyone else made it, including a surprise wrestler, and JAPW got a couple of local women to replace the girls who couldn’t make it.  Highlander Robbie was in the crowd and autographed photos at intermission.  Monsta Mac helped with the announcing duties.  Also spotted in the crowd were Johnny D, Brett Schwan and his crew, Dixie, and Reyna Fire.

They opened the show by introducing all the women and having them come out to the ring.  During the introductions, ODB challenged LuFisto to a hardcore match, and LuFisto upped the ante by calling for a Last Woman Standing match.  The women went at each other and had to be pulled apart by the other wrestlers and staff.

Portia Perez Defeated Jennifer Blake

Portia Perez had some fun insulting with the crowd, playing her Canadian Ninja gimmick, and she continued it in the ring for some entertaining action with Girl Dynamite Jennifer Blake.  This was an excellent match to open the show and get the fans going.  It was an even contest with several near falls for both women, and Perez had to use the ropes for leverage to get the pin.

Cheerleader Melissa Defeated Nikki Roxx

Nikki is known as Roxxi LaVeaux in TNA, but in the indies she still wrestles as Nikki Roxx.  It’s hard to pick the best match in this show, because they were all so good, but this was one of the top three, a wrestling clinic featuring two of my favorite wrestlers, and they were both over with the rest of the crowd too.  After a hard fought battle, Melissa hit Nikki with her Air Raid Crash finisher and got the pin.

Roxxie Cotton Defeated Sassy Stephanie

Roxxie and her Beatdown Betties partner Annie Social were the wrestlers who subbed for the two Canadians who couldn’t make it to the show.  Although Roxxie wasn’t very popular with many in the crowd, I see a lot of improvement in her ring work since she first started, and I hope she will keep on working and improving.  This was a fun match with lots of action.  Stephie submitted to a cross face type hold by Roxxie.

After the match, Fat Frank announced that JAPW WD will return to the Arts Factory on Saturday, March 14.  He promised more action, a working microphone (the mics kept cutting out) even if he has to use his son’s karaoke set, pizza with pepperoni, and no Roxxie Cotton.  All of these got cheers from the crowd.

Sara Del Rey Defeated Daizee Haze

This is the second of my three favorite matches of the evening, another superb scientific match from two gifted wrestlers.  Del Rey was scarily vicious, and Haze was tough and plucky in this intense battle.  Sara forced Daizee to submit.

Intermission was next, and a number of the ladies came out to sell photos, pose with fans for photos, and give autographs.

Raisha Saeed Defeated Ariel

The fans popped big for the surprise announcement of Raisha Saeed appearing as Ariel’s opponent.  It was great to see Ariel back in this area after a long absence.  She and Saeed put on a terrific match that ended with Ariel submitting to the Camel Clutch.

After the match, Saeed grabbed the mic and announced that Awesome Kong would appear at the next JAPW WD show on March 14!

Annie Social Defeated Marie Lollipop

Annie is another wrestler who has been working very hard and has improved greatly, and she was very popular with the crowd.  She won an entertaining match with her Social Distortion finisher.

ODB Defeated LuFisto in a Last Woman Standing Match

This is the third of my three favorite matches on the show, again featuring two of my favorite wrestlers.  LuFisto appeared in her Sailor Moon hardcore anime gear, and ODB played to the crowd with her usual good time girl antics.  The women brawled in the ring, exchanging some very stiff blows, and then went out to the floor.  ODB bashed LuFisto’s head into the ring steps and opened a large gash on LuFisto’s head.  LuFisto wore the “crimson mask” for the rest of the match, and after the show she required 7 stitches to close the wound.

They battled through the crowd and back to the ring, where LuFisto set up a chair in one corner, but ended up being slammed into t herself.  ODB set up a hollow core door in one corner of the ring.  I was relieved when that was never actually used.  The fight left the ring again, and went up onto the stage, where ODB was able to choke slam LuFisto through a table on the floor.  LuFisto was out cold and unable to respond to the 10 count, so ODB won the match.  LuFisto has since demanded a rematch with ODB.

Some of the ladies came out after the show for more photos and autographs, and I was able to interview ODB.  Watch for the interview to be posted here soon.  All of the women were very gracious and the fans seemed to have a great time.  If not for the bad weather, JAPW would have had a much bigger crowd at this show.  By the end of the evening, they had already sold 140 tickets for the next show, which is shaping up to be another fantastic event, with the debut of Awesome Kong, and a possible rematch between ODB and LuFisto.  I heartily recommend buying your tickets in advance for the next show, and buying the dvd of this show when it’s released.

— Karen Belcher