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On this edition of CAC Radio 2 special guests will be stopping by. First CAC Lifetime Member David Fuller joins the show to chat about his IHWE promotion, his upcoming IHWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and the Bruiser Brody posthumous award.

Then CAC board member and chairman of the Future Legend Committee Jason Deadrich provides all the details for submitting nominees for the Future Legend award.  The Future Legend  award was started in 2000 and has become one of the highlights of the reunion each year.  We have seen many of the individuals such as Cheerleader Melissa, Frankie Kazarian, Trevor Murdoch, Kurt Angle, and Santana Garrett, among others, go on to have fine wrestling careers.

Jason also discusses his own background in professional wrestling, the challenges of being a promoter, the upcoming 50th CAC reunion, previous Future Legend award winners, and much more!

Read more about the Future Legend award procedures here!

Jason’s contact information:

David’s contact information:

  • Twitter: @hXcFuller
  • Website: www.IHWEnow.com
  • YouTube: /IHWE2009
  • BlogTalkRadio: IHWE Radio

Listen to the episode here!