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In November, 2002 IPW Hardcore wrestler Jeff Peterson lost his battle with cancer. May 16-17, 2003 saw the beginning of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, a sixteen competitor cruiserweight in honor of the fallen star. Each year since the event has grown to international levels. Previous winners “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter, Justice, Chris Sabin and Milano Collection AT were part of the events. The event brackets for the 2007 event are named for these men. If you have never seen it in person or purchased a DVD of the event, here in their own words are some of the competitors and officials involved in keeping the legacy of Jeff Peterson alive.

Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup founder Ron Niemi: The Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup was and is meant to honor our buddy Jeff Peterson who we lost to cancer a few years back.  Jeff would be thrilled to know that such a great event was held in his name each year and that it has continued to thrive and grow as time goes on.  For some reason some folks involved in wrestling seem to want to make people believe Jeff wasn’t a part of the Florida indie scene but the truth is he wrestled FAR more in Florida than he did anywhere else and he was like a little brother to all of us.  Jeff is missed in a major way.


2003 and 2005 competitor Jerrelle Clark: My first memory of Jeff was from SCW. We did a match and some guy came in to beat us down. It was Jeff. Then we worked in Zephyrhills and got to have a conversation about his remission from cancer. He passed away two months later. He was of full of live and loved wrestling. To be part of the initial event was humbling. I had a great match with Tony Mamaluke and the next night I was in a tag team match. In 2004 I was part of a six man tag team match. 2005 I wrestled Petey Williams and fell to the Canadian Destroyer.

2003 Tourney Winner and 2006 Participant “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter: JPC was something I wanted to be a part of because of my fond memories of Jeff. I met Jeff after I was in the business for a short time and working for Blaine Desantis in PCW in Pennsylvania. Blaine had a working agreement with Jim Kettner and Jeff was a member of his crew. During these times I worked with Jeff training and could see he had a hunger for the business. After working him and few times later I got even more respect for him through his quality of work as well as quality matches with others such as Mike Quackenbush and Chris Daniels. I felt JPC was the least I could do for a great kid that touched so many people in a positive way. Since then, JPC has done a good job of show casing indy talent as well as honoring the memory of a great kid that deserved so much more time with all of us. We are all better people for just knowing his courage.


2006 Competitor “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon: While I never met, nor did I know Jeff Peterson personally, I did however become a fan of his prior to getting into the business. One match in particular stands out in my mind, against Mike Quackenbush for ECWA I believe. Those two did some amazing stuff. It was an honor and a privilege to be chosen to participate in the 2006 JPC. I had a great time not only being a part of the show, but also knowing it was all for a good cause. I look forward to returning to the JPC in the future.

2006 Competitor TJ Wilson: I actually never knew Jeff Peterson, but I am very familiar with the tournament-even before I participated. I believe I am the only guy to lose in the first round and then earn my way back into the tournament. I had a great experience wrestling guys like Krazy K, Milano Collection AT, El Generico, etc. I am glad I was able to compete in the Peterson Cup and seeing the love and passion that the guys go out there and try to honor his name is amazing in itself. Everyone treated me really well there and I was very happy to do it.

2006 Competitor Human Tornado: “I was honored to be apart of such an awesome event for, what I was told, a very awesome person.”

2003 Competitor David Babylon: My memories of Jeff Peterson and the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup stem directly from Naphtali. I never actually met Jeff but I was with Naphtali (we had a match) the night he found out Jeff passed away. He immediately started telling stories about Jeff and how much life he had in him, even as he battled cancer. He wanted to be in the ring. The first night of the tournament was an emotional one and I won’t ever forget it. I’m glad to hear this tournament is still being held annually. It is done for the right reasons and without knowing Jeff and I can only imagine that he looks down with a smile knowing what is now a local wrestling tradition is dedicated to him and bears his name.

2003 Competitor “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison: I was a last minute replacement when the Bug was unable to appear. I worked B-Boy and it was a good match from what I remember of it. The next night I was partnered with Sonjay Dutt and took on Roderick Strong and Jerrelle Clark. The whole weekend turned out well. It’s amazing to see who was in the original tournament and that tag match, to see the career progress each of us has achieved. I got to meet Jeff a few times outside of the business and he lives on vicariously through several people in wrestling today.

2004 Competitor “Notorious 187” Homicide: You said it best in your intro thing. It’s an historic event. The Peterson Cup is precious to everyone who has ever been in the ring or knew of Jeff. The weekend was good and bad. The good was beating Black Tigers but I got injured and couldn’t compete the next day against Chris Hero. I hope the JPC committee will consider me for their next event.

2003 and 2004 Competitor Roderick Strong addressing his 2003 match with Ruckus: I thought it was really good. Many people said it was the best of the 1st night matches. I usually can’t judge my own matches but it felt good to me. The crowd seemed to think it was good. Ruckus is a hell of an athlete. I can’t describe how great an athlete that he is. It was good experience to be in there with him.  

2004 and 2005 Competitor Petey Williams: My good friend Alex Shelley got me hooked up. I was working with CZW and TNA. Ron Niemi saw some tapes and selected me for the event. Ron said he got everyone he asked for without having to make any substitutions. I didn’t know Jeff I think Bobby Roode did. Everyone in NWA Florida had good stories about Jeff. I was happy to help raise money to fight cancer. In two years hat event is now known world wide.

2003 and 2005 Competitor Sonjay Dutt addressing his 2003 appearance: I love being in Florida. I was afraid that the fans wouldn’t take to me but I got a good reaction. The IPW/NWA FL fans are so well educated and a pleasure to speak with. I never got the chance to meet Jeff but being at that event and speaking to people that knew him made it an honor to be apart of that weekend. I felt my match with Reckless Youth was great. He is the man. He has done everything and I got to learn while being in the ring with him. The second night I had a great tag match with Roderick Strong, Steve Madison and Jerrelle Clark.

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May 16, 2003–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida

before 250 fans: Naphtali gave a speech about Jeff Peterson, who passed away in 2002 from cancer at the age of 21. Jeff had frequently wrestled in the building and had gained a reputation as a top indy wrestler while still a teenager before the cancer struck. Opening round matches: Naphtali b Seijin Akki, B-Boy b Steve Madison, Tony Mamaluke b Jerrelle Clark, Reckless Youth b Sonjay Dutt, Jason Cross b C.M. Punk, Ruckus b Roderick Strong, Sedrick Strong b David Babylon, Justice b Colt Cabana. Non tournament: Chaos won three-way over Havoc and Kubiak, Lex Lovett b Agent Steele to earn a shot tonight against IPW champ Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews b Danny Doring & Mikey Tenderfoot..May 17, 2003–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in St. Petersburg, FL: Naphtali b B-Boy, Reckless Youth b Tony Mamaluke, Ruckus b Jason Cross, Sedrick Strong b Justice, Reckless Youth b Naphtali, Reckless Youth b Roderick Strong to win tournament, Frankie Capone & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin b Pretty Fly & Comic Book Guy Anderson & Mark Zout, Agent Steele NC Navy Seal, Sonjay Dutt & Steve Madison b Jerrelle Clark & Roderick Strong, Billy Fives b Lex Lovett to keep IPW title, Shane Twins b Danny Doring & Steve Corino..
June 4, 2004–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in

Brandon, FL before 375 fans. Opening round: Roderick Strong b Sedrick Strong, Alex Shelley b Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero b Matt Striker, Homicide b Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Teddy Hart b Azrieal, Mikey Tenderfoot b Puma, Petey Williams b Naphtali, Justice b Jack Evans. Non tournament: Danny Doring won three-way over Z-Barr and Slyck Wagner Brown, Lex Lovett b Colt Cabana, Zach Gowen & Chi Chi Cruz & Jerrelle Clark b Bug & Erick Stevens & OG Scarface, Shane Twins b Steve Madison & Mike Sullivan.June 5, 2004–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Afternoon) in

St. Petersburg, FL. Second Round: Teddy Hart b Mikey Tenderfoot, Justice b Petey Williams, Roderick Strong b Alex Shelley, Chris Hero advanced via forfeit as Homicide was injured Non tournament: April Hunter won three-way over Jenni Taylor and Chrissy Vaine, Luther Jackson b OG Scarface, Naphtali won a last man standing match, Cuban Assassin b Jeremy Lopez to keep the Pacific Northwest heavyweight title, John Brooks & Chi Chi Cruz & Azriel b Puma & Matt Striker & Sedrick Strong, Jeff Bradley & Jimmy Jacobs b Bug & Z-Barr..June 5, 2004–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Evening) in

St. Petersburg, FL: Semifinalist Teddy Hart claimed a knee injury in his match with Mikey Tenderfoot and didn’t continue. Justice defeated Chris Hero and Roderick Strong to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup! (Jet Jaguar was guest referee) Non tournament: Alex Shelley & Petey Williams b Mikey Tenderfoot & Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Bruce Steele b Slyck Wagner Brown, Zach Gowen b Rod Steel, Scoot Andrews b Colt Cabana, Mike Sullivan b Danny Doring, Jerrelle Clark b Azrieal, Lex Lovett & Steve Madison b Shane Twins, Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon b Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyons..
2005 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup night one—
All Stars. Opening round: Ricky Reyes b Jay Fury, Matt Sydal b Tony Kozina, Petey Williams b Jerrelle Clark, Vordell Walker b Tony Mamaluke, Sonjay Dutt b Todd Sexton, Chris Sabin b Delirious, Jimmy Rave b Fast Eddie, Mikey Batts b James Gibson. Sedrick/Roderick Strong b Erick Stevens/Steve Madison (non Tournament),non tournament main event AJ Styles b Lex Lovett to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title2005–night two— Brandon All Stars: non tourney 4 way Jay Fury b Chasyn Rance, Jerrelle Clark, Aaron Epic. Second Round: Vordell Walker b Matt Sydal, Jimmy Rave b Petey Williams, Chris Sabin b Mikey Batts, Sonjay Dutt b Rickey Reyes, Semi-finals: Chris Sabin b Vordell Walker, Sonjay Dutt b Jimmy Rave, FINALS: Chris Sabin B Sonjay Dutt. Non tournament matches included:  Antonio Banks b Rod Steel, Double Deuce b Heartbreak Express, The Vandals and The Market Crashers to retain the NWA Florida Tag Team Titles,  Sal Rinauro/Tony Kozina b Fast Eddie/Todd Sexton, Bruce Steel b Roderick Strong to retain NWA Florida Heavyweight Title….
June 16, 2006–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Sanford, Florida. Opening round: Ruckus b T.J. Mack, The Canadian Cougar b Jake Manning, Joey Ryan b El Generico, Rod Steel b Davey Richards, Krazy K b T.J. Wilson, Delirious b Human Tornado, Tom Carter b Chasyn Rance, Milano Collection A.T. b Arik Cannon, Jerrelle Clark b Dagon and Ryan Drago in a 3-WAY (Non-Tournament), Frankie Ciatso w/Molly Holly b Erick Stevens w/So-Cal Val (Non-Tournament), Billy Kidman b Naphtali (Non-Tournament), Christopher Daniels b Roderick Strong (Non-Tournament).

June 17, 2006–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in Pinellas Park, Florida: Second round: Ruckus b Canadian Cougar, Joey Ryan b Rod Steel, Delirious b Krazy K, Milano Collection A.T. b T.J. Wilson | Second Round: Ruckus b Joey Ryan, Milano Collection A.T. b Delirious | Finals: Milano Collection AT b Ruckus to win the Jeff Peterson Cup. Non tournament included: T.J. Wilson b Human Tornado and Jake Manning and Arik Cannon and El Generico and T.J. Mack in a 6-WAY, Billy Kidman b Lex Lovett, Modern Day Theory (Scott Commodity & Preston James w/Molly Holly) b Bruce Santee & Pretty Fly w/Amy Love, Naphtali b OG Scarface and Havok in a 3-WAY Jeff Peterson Tribute match, Christopher Daniels b Sedrick Strong