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Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik of www.owwradio.com

On Friday December 3, 2010 Full Impact Pro hosted the 8th annual Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. The opening night of the event was held at the Brooksville National Guard Armory, 16386 Spring Hill Drive in Brooksville, FL. Proceeds from the event will be donated to All Children’s Hospital. Due to travel issues Ricochet was unable to appear.

Quick results:

 (1) Sami Callihan defeated Chris Dickinson.

(2) Sugar Dunkerton defeated Scott Reed (w/Larry Dallas).

(3) NWA World Jr. Heavyweight champion Craig Classic defeated Lince Dorado.

(4) “the Anarchist” Arik Cannon defeated Brad Allen.

(5) Pro Wrestling Riot Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Pro Wrestling Rio Tag Team champion Milo Beasley (w/Mr. Milo Bearsley.)

(6) Frightmare defeated FIP Florida Heritage “The Man Scout” Jake Manning (w/Ron Niemi & “the British Lion” Christopher Gray).

(7) Jigsaw defeated Christopher Gray.

(8) Rich Swann defeated Grizzly Redwood.

(9) FIP World Heavyweight champion Jon Moxley defeated AR Fox.

(10) NWA World and FIP World Tag Team champions the Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis) defeated ROH World Heavyweight champion Roderick Strong and Sedrick Strong.

Long version:

As per tradition the late Jeff Peterson’s best friend Charles Cardwell brought out the 16 competitors for the opening ceremony and awarded each man with a medal. Competitor #16 was supposed to have been Ricochet but due travel issues he was unable to appear. However FIP World Heavyweight champion Jon Moxley lobbied the JPC officials and took the open slot. Moxley took the mic from Lenny Leonard to say the tournament just got legit. He said he would not be defending the World championship against a jokester like Bruce Santee. This of course brought out “the Marquee” who didn’t like being called a loser by Moxley. The tournament participants actually had to step out of the ring to break the duo up. After Moxley left ringside Santee said he would take on whomever the JPC and FIP officials offered. Cardwell said he would take Santee on in Jeff’s memory. So we will see Santee vs. Milo Beasley later in the evening.

(1) Sami Callihan defeated Chris Dickinson.

If you follow the indies you know these two gentlemen are the current JAPW Tag Team champions as the US Death Machine. Before forming they team they were bitter rivals. They went right into the hard hitting offense and neither man gave an inch even delivering chest chops and kicks to the face.  Dickinson blocked a kick and actually used the leg to toss Callihan over to the floor. However Callihan double legged Dickinson for a stretch hold in the ropes. Dickinson freed himself and hit a suicide style dive to the floor and followed up with several shots to the stunned Callihan. Dickinson went to end Callihan by dropping him chest first on the guard rails. The action finally came back to the ring where both men fought for a suplex. Callihan fought out and went for a spring board kick but got caught in a full nelson. Dickinson released it and both men hit clotheslines and began trading standing body shots. Dickinson took control with a knee to Callihan’s face but his follow up springboard move only met the canvas. The duo then began trading kicks to the thighs which only pissed off Dickinson who snap mared Callihan and tagged him with several kicks to the back. Callihan fought back with several chest chops but missed a swing and was hit with a full nelson suplex for two. Dickinson took the action to the top rope placing Callihan on top but Callihan refused to come off so Dickinson tried another method that eventually brought Callihan down. Dickinson tagged Callihan with several kicks to the chest but Callihan spit in his face. This angered Dickinson enough that he missed a kick and Callihan locked in the Stretch Muffler (what he called from the ring.) Dickinson fought off the pain and made it to the ropes. Dickinson fought off Callihan and hit a jawbreaker and several barefoot kicks to Callihan’s face. But once again Callihan spit in his opponents face. A simple lapse in Dickinson’s focus allowed Callihan to lock in the Stretch Muffler once more, this time kicking Dickinson several times in the face. Dickinson had no alternative and tapped out.

Before the next match, Larry Dallas interrupted Lenny Leonard’s introductions. Dallas said that “Superstar” Sean Davis sold him all of the Heartbreak Enterprise contracts. He was here to make tons of money. Sugar Dunkerton demanded before the bell his opponent pass the FIP Wellness Test.

(2) Sugar Dunkerton defeated Scott Reed (w/Larry Dallas & Christina).

The match witnessed a first in my recollection; it opened up with a tip-off (yes like a basketball game). At least Dunkerton wanted one and it took a while to convince Reed to participate. The ball went up and Dunkerton kicked Reed straight in the, well lower mid section. Dunkerton kept on the attack as Dallas and Christina paced in frustration. Both got on the ropes with Dallas talking to the referee and Christina occupying Dunkerton long enough to allow Reed to recover and get on the attack. Reed didn’t make any friends beating down Dunkerton and nearly knocked himself out headbutting Dunkerton’s afro. Reed went for a corner move and his body only met the second turnbuckle. Dunkerton got on the attack with a lariat for two. Dunkerton tagged Reed with several elbow strikes but got tagged wit ha back chop and a wheel barrel into a front slam for two. Reed had his clothesline blocked and Dunkerton returned fire with several punches. Christina got on the apron again but this time Dunkerton knew the score and Reed ran into her sending her into Dallas the floor. Neither was able to stop Air Dunkerton from taking flight and putting Reed out of the tournament.

(3) NWA World Jr. Heavyweight champion Craig Classic defeated Lince Dorado.

Dorado wasted no time in attacking Classic with several kicks that sent Classic to the floor to rethink his approach. When he came back in things didn’t fair better until he drove a kick right into Dorado’s gut. This was followed with two corner shots and a running forearm. Classic refused to let Dorado get back on the offense, hitting several shots to the head. Classic missed a shot and Dorado rolled into a backslide but Classic countered out into a submission move. Dorado fought out and some kicks sent Classic to the floor but this time Dorado followed him out tagging Classic with chops. The match came back to the ring where Dorado set up for a move and Classic countered into a DDT for two. Classic went to work on the head, using legal and illegal moves. Classic hit a running kick to the corner and followed with a power bomb that was turned into a head scissor over the ropes by Dorado. Dorado followed out with an Asai moonsault and came back in the ring with a splash and a handspring elbow for two. Classic fought back with a running kick for two. Classic and Dorado traded body kicks but Dorado countered a backslide to hit an enziguri and a lionsault for two. Dorado placed Classic on the top turnbuckle but they fought for position and Dorado brought Classic off in a huricurana. Dorado went for a springboard move but he landed on Classic’s knees. The end came for Dorado when Classic hit a power bomb and held onto Dorado to set up and hit the Classic Special.

(4) “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon defeated Brad Allen.

The duo traded chain wrestling moves until Allen took over on Cannon’s left arm. Cannon made it to the ropes causing a break in the action. Allen called for a test of strength so Cannon went to the top rope and some leverage. The bad part came when Cannon came off the top and Allen took over with some chain wrestling. The action was stopped on a rope break but Allen refused to break clean, he broke with a chest chop. Cannon backed Allen to the ropes and also broke with a chest chop. Allen slid to the floor and sipped a fan’s energy drink before coming back to the ring where Cannon again got his left arm caught in a bad position. This time Cannon fought back and hit an armdrag into a submission hold. Allen refused to submit and actually dumped Cannon to the floor but before Allen could follow up, Cannon got back in the ring and tagged Allen with a bodyshot. Allen’s shoulder tackle sent Cannon to the floor where Allen followed with over the ropes flip plancha. Both men beat the referee’s ten count and Allen locked in a rear chinlock submission. Cannon fought out of the hold only to run into Allen’s knee. Allen followed with a boot to Cannon’s throat and shoulder blocks to the gut. Cannon countered a corner whip and hit a swinging neckbreaker for two. Allen fought back with a jawbreaker and a choke on the ropes. Allen locked in a front facelock but Cannon got to his feet and Allen hit him with a forearm to the back and a slam followed by a legdrop for two. Allen went for a slam but got countered into a rollup for two. Allen struck back with a knee to Cannon’s head but he missed his slingshot senton. Both men traded punches from their knees to the vertical position where Allen hit a boot to the face for two. Allen went up top but missed a corkscrew move allowing Cannon to go for the brainbuster. But Allen countered out only to be tagged with a right hand punch to the jaw that led to Cannon hitting the brainbuster to win. After the match both men shook hands.

(5) Pro Wrestling Riot Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Mr. Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team champion Milo Beasley (w/Mr. Milo Bearsley.)

Both men moved around the ring with a collar and elbow tieup that broke with no one in control. Beasley went for the left arm but Santee countered into a wristlock of his own. Beasley countered out but got hit with a shoulder tackle. The two men traded moves until Santee was hit with a dropkick and he bailed to the floor. The action came back to the ring with Santee holding Beasley in a suplex long enough for the audience to take pictures. The fans chanted for one more so Santee obliged but Beasley slid off into a pin attempt for two. Santee went right back to work only to be hit with a running kick but Beasley’s next move was countered into a Samoan Drop for two. Santee followed with a back suplex also for two and a Bear Hug. Beasley yelled for Bearsley for an escape counter. Bearsley escaped hitting a dropkick to Santee’s knee and a Shining Wizard for two. Beasley hit an STO and went up top and hitting a frog splash for two. Santee recovered and hit the Big Dump but somehow Beasley kicked out at two. Santee got pissed and hit another big Dump, this time Beasley was unable to kick out.

(6) Frightmare defeated FIP Florida Heritage champion “The Man Scout” Jake Manning (w/Ron Niemi & “the British Lion” Christopher Gray)

Manning had no clue what to make of Frightmare and actually consulted his Boy Scout Handbook for information. Initially it didn’t work as Frightmare took over with some chain moves. A series of rope moves and a head scissor sent Manning to the floor. Frightmare went for a baseball slide but Manning moved. So Frightmare chased Manning around and back into the ring where Manning missed an elbow drop. But before Frightmare could follow up, Manning had the referee’s attention. This allowed Niemi and Gray to pummel Frightmare. Gray’s opponent in the tournament Jigsaw came out to ringside to even the sides up. Manning took over with a chinlock but Frightmare fought to his feet and eventually hitting a neckbreaker. Manning bailed to the floor and Frightmare followed with a suicide dive. The action came back to the ring where both men had near falls. The crowd cheered on Frightmare as he hit a standing shooting star press for two. Manning countered a huricurana into a backbreaker for two. Manning went up top but Frightmare cut him off and he tried to come off but Niemi and Gray had both of his legs stopping any moves. Jigsaw stopped them and Manning’s evening ended with a top rope move.

(7) Jigsaw defeated “the British Lion” Christopher Gray (w/Ron Niemi.)

Gray interrupted the Frightmare celebration and jumped Jigsaw. The referee decided to start the match immediately and both men went into wrestling. Gray was the aggressor working over Jigsaw’s left leg for several minutes. Jigsaw fought back locking an MMA style armbar but Gray countered out into another leg submission hold. Jigsaw countered out only to get a running knee to the face. Jigsaw fought back with several shots to Gray’s head. Gray went for a running knee on the ring apron but Jigsaw moved and Gray’s knee hit the ringpost. Jigsaw flew over the ropes onto Gray and then back in the ring he hit a cross bodyblock for two. Jigsaw went for a kick and Gray caught his leg, sitting down into a submission hold but somehow Jigsaw got to the ropes. Jigsaw hit a springboard into a DDT for two. Niemi saw enough and grabbed Jigsaw when he got near the ropes. Niemi waited for Gray to deliver a move but Jigsaw escaped to hit a superkick to advance.

(8) Rich Swann defeated Grizzly Redwood.

Both men were ready to fight but Swann dipped to the floor as soon as the bell sounded. He used all of the referee’s count before entering the ring to finally lock up. Redwood went to work on Swann’s left arm and wrist. Swann tried to speed things up but he got taken down with a head scissor. A chase around ringside came back into the ring where Redwood was hit with a dropkick and Swann locked in an armlock with his leg across Redwood’s face. The action came back to a vertical base where Swann kept control despite Redwood getting some shots in. Swann called for a moonsault but forgot Redwood isn’t deaf so all Swann hit was canvas. Redwood went on the attack with several kicks and a DDT for two. The suspenders came down after a slam but Redwood missed the flying headbutt. It allowed Swann to hit a 450 splash and advance to the next round.

(9) FIP World Heavyweight champion Jon Moxley defeated AR Fox.

Moxley went right on the attack with punches to Fox’s head and bragged it was a shoe-in victory. All that did was allow Fox to get in several high impact moves that sent the champion to the mat for a two count. Moxley countered a head scissor into a power bomb which he floated into a bow and arrow then into an STF but Fox grabbed the bottom rope. Moxley had his back suplex countered and Fox kicked him to the floor where he followed with a flip onto Moxley after using the ringpost for a bouncing point. Moxley recovered and dumped Fox into the ringside seats where he followed with some body shots. Moxley eventually to the match back to the ring where he hit a suplex into a slam for two. Moxley went back to the submission moves with a body stretch. Moxley had to let the hold go on a rope break but he kept on the attack with a lariat for two. Moxley missed a corner move and it allowed Fox to hit a springboard into an Acecrusher for two. Both men ended up on the floor after Fox hit a hotshot like move. Fox fought into the ring and he hit Moxley with a top rope bodyblock for two. Fox went for a springboard 450 but he landed on Moxley’s knees. Moxley advanced with the Hook and Ladder.

(10) NWA World and FIP World Tag Team champions the Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis) defeated ROH World Heavyweight champion Roderick Strong and Sedrick Strong.

Roderick and Chavis started for their respective teams and early on Roderick controlled the match working on Chavis’ arm. But Chavis had the strength advantage and used it on a test of strength. Roderick countered by taking the match to the mat with a front facelock into a chinlock. Chavis was able to maneuver Roderick to the DCFC corner allowing Davis to tag in so Roderick tagged in his brother went move for move with Davis. Sedrick got an armbar and moved Davis to the Strong’s corner where they could work on the left arm with fast tags. Davis was able to counter and drag Roderick to the DCFC corner and tag out to Chavis who hit Roderick with several punches to the head. The DCFC went to work keeping the ROH World champion isolated from his brother. But a corner move backfired and Sedrick was tagged back in only to be knocked to the mat by Davis. The DCFC got Sedrick on their portion of the ring and attacked his neck and chest with hard hitting moves with trash talking mixed in. Sedrick countered out of a powerslam and knocked Davis to the mat. This allowed Sedrick to crawl over and tag in Roderick as Chavis tagged in. Roderick went for a suplex but he couldn’t get Chavis up, so he allowed Chavis to pick him up only to counter out and hit a dropkick for two. The fighting went on as all four men got involved. Sedrick hit Davis with a Yakuza kick for two. The DCFC followed with a double team move on Sedrick for two. Roderick was countered into a sidewalk slam by Chavis. Sedrick rolled up Davis for two but his attempted top rope was countered by the DCFC into Project Mayhem to end the evening.

After the match Roderick Strong thanked the fans for coming, thanked the Dark City Fight Club for the opportunity at the championships and thanked the Peterson Cup for a putting on a great event.

Saturday, December 4th , 2010
Crystal River National Guard Armory
8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL
Doors Open 7:30 PM – Bell Time 8:00 PM

Featuring the Quarter Finals:

FIP World Heavyweight champion Jon Moxley vs. Sugar Dunkerton

“The New Horror” Sami Callihan vs. Frightmare

Rich Swann vs. Jigsaw

Craig Classic vs. “the Anarchist” Arik Cannon

8 man tag team match:

“Man Scout” Jake Manning/”British Lion” Christopher Gray/Chris Dickinson/Mike Reed vs. Brad Allen/Grizzly Redwood/AR Fox/Lince Dorado

Plus the semi-finals and finals of the tournament!

Ticket Prices for each event are as follows:
1st Row Ringside only $20

Single Night General Admission:
Adults only $15

Kids 13 and under just $10