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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.

“The Natural” Kenny King
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 230
Hometown: Queens, NY
Pro Debut: 2002

Where you have seen him: WWE (Tough Enough 2 finalist), TNA Wrestling, AWF, NNW, Full Impact Pro (member of the Young Rich and Ready for Action group with Claudio Castagnoli, Chasyn Rance and Sal Rinauro), SCW, D1PW and MXPW to name a few.
Championships held: AWF Universal (

Florida and Heavyweight) champion (defunct)

Alan J. Wojcik: Like Chris Hero and Adam Flash, you were an at-large entry to the 2007 JPC. What do you think led the JPC to choose you and talk about your reaction to being part of the event?
Kenny King: In my mind, The Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments you can be apart of in Indy wrestling. From the time that I moved to

Florida I’ve had my eye on the JPC. So naturally being chosen for an at large berth was very big for me. I think the committee was looking for the best Florida talent to represent against all the national talent and they found it in myself, Chasyn, Erick and NooieAlan Wojcik: For fans that don’t attend Full Impact Pro events or buy their DVD’s, explain the concept of the YRR and are you enjoying being a heel as opposed to your babyface position in other promotions?

Kenny King: Well first off, if you don’t follow FIP or at least watch the DVD’s you shouldn’t consider yourself much of a fan. The YRR are a group of guys that most would call the elite. We are guys that always got more girls, always had more money and more talent than the average cat. For us, difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week. I would definitely say I enjoy being a heel and telling a fan to eat me than being a smiley hand clappy babyface.

Alan J. Wojcik: This year’s tournament poses some interesting matchups if things go right. You could possibly face your fellow YRR compatriots in the opening round and the rounds that follow. Does this affect your match preparations in any way and how would you handle facing off with either Chasyn Rance or Sal Rinauro?

Kenny King: Look, here’s the deal, in everything I do, I’m in it to win it. Chasyn and Sal are the same way. That’s what makes the YRR the team to beat in FIP. But for the JPC all alliances and all bets are off. If I have to kick Chasyn square in the mouth to walk away from the tournament with my hand raised then so be it. He’s rich man he’s got a great orthodontist he’ll be just fine.

Alan J. Wojcik: This year’s event also had a twist, the entrant of Allison Danger. If you are booked against her in the event would you wrestle her differently than anyone else?

Kenny King: Allison Danger is probably the toughest lady I’ve ever met along with the nicest. That being said, I’ll kick her dead in the cooter, drop her ass with the Coronation and cover her for the pin. End of story. No difference.

Alan J. Wojcik: The fans of www.floridaindies.com have been talking about your entry in this year’s event. With some huge names winning and being part of the event the last two years, do you feel anxious or intimidated the JPC has garnered nationwide?Kenny King: It’s exciting to see all of the attention nationwide. What this is going to do is expose to the rest of the nation what we here in

Florida already know. The talent here is second to none. I’m a national sensation just waiting to happen, so hopefully this will expedite that process.Alan J. Wojcik: You were part of the AWF roster as one of its title holders when it folded. Why do you think the promotion was successful yet folded so quickly?

Kenny King: It was successful because everybody believed in it. From the booker to the workers to the ring guys. You had a core group of workers that wanted to AWF to succeed and it did because of guys like Bruce Santee, Erick Stevens, myself, Ray Beez, Jaison Moore, HBX, Blk Mrkt and many others. The running joke is that it folded because I was the champion so maybe you can blame it on me. Seriously though I think whenever Dickie finishes whatever hurdles he’s going through AWF will be back in full force.

Alan J. Wojcik: During your AWF stay you had some excellent matches with two of the best in

Florida, “the Marquee” Bruce Santee and Erick Stevens. Talk about wrestling men with on paper two totally different in-ring styles.Kenny King: One of the reasons I am thankful for the AWF is because it gave me the opportunity to face 2 of the best if not the best wrestlers in

Florida. Their styles aren’t very different. Bruce and Erick are big, strong, physical wrestlers that will smash you in the mouth. Each of my matches with Bruce and Erick were like walking into Armageddon physically. And I wrestled them both 3 times each. So I think that’s a testament to the superior physical specimen that is Kenny King.Alan J. Wojcik: Looking over the 2007 JPC roster is there someone you are facing off with if you had your choice of opening round opponent? (announced are Nooie Lee, Allison Danger, Sideshow, Chris Hero, Erick Stevens, “Unreal” Michael Elgin, Krazy K, YOU, Matt Cross, TJ Mack, Sal Rinauro, Seth Delay, Billy Roc, Adam Flash, and Trik Davis)

Kenny King: Quite honestly this is a STACKED event. I would love to test myself against national stars like Chris Hero and Matt Cross. They say to be the man you have to beat the man so kicking their asses and taking their spots is one of my goals for July.

Alan J. Wojcik: I couldn’t let you get away from an interview without asking about Tough Enough. One of the lone Tough Enough 1-4 alumnus still working for WWE is Johnny “Nitro’ Finnegan. Looking back do you think if you weren’t part of that competition, do you think you would have become a wrestler and had the success you have attained?

Kenny King: There’s no denying that if it weren’t for TE I wouldn’t even be wrestling. I’d probably be cracking heads on Sundays. I’m very thankful for Tough Enough. Because of that exposure I was able to start in the middle instead of at the bottom of this business. Honestly though, even though being on MTV and having people watch me on TV might have put me in the middle it was my own hard work and dedication that is taking me to the top. If you need further proof, you’ll see it on July 13 and 14.