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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik ONLY if used. Thank You.

Night one of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup was held on Friday July 13, 2007. The event was held at the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center, 649 W. Livingston Street in Orlando, FL. The evening was opened as usual for JPC by Jeff’s best friend Naphtali who gave a heart felt tribute to his friend before introducing the 16 competitors. Due to injuries Allison Danger, “Unreal” Michael Elgin & Kenny King had to withdraw from the event. King was on hand to assist Naphtali in the introduction of the tournament members.
Short version results: Opening Round of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup

Reckless Youth Bracket

NWA Indiana’s “Pure Dynamite” Billy Roc defeated APW-GA’s “Kool” Seth Delay

GOUGE’s “Krazy K” Kirby Mack defeated “South Florida Phenom” Scott Commodity

Justice Bracket

CZW/ROH star Chris Hero defeated NWA-FSM’s Trik Davis

FIP Florida Heritage champion Erick Stevens defeated FPWA’s Nooie Lee

Chris Sabin Bracket

YRR member Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance defeated EWA’s Chi Chi Cruz

Maryland Championship Wrestling’s Adam Flash defeated ACW’s Sideshow

Milano Collection AT Bracket

ROH’s “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross defeated YRR member Sal Rinauro

Former IPW World/NWA Florida Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated AWA’s “the Encore” TJ Mack

Non-tournament matches:

Kahagas, the Sheik and Leon Scott (w/Larry Zbyszko & MSL) defeated Pretty Fly, Ray Beez and “Irish Destroyer” Heater.

Double Deuce Inc (“Uptown” Frankie Capone & Pete Cannon) defeated Wrongful Death (Naphtali & Dagon Briggs)

Former IPW World Tag Team champions Roderick & Sedrick Strong defeated former three time NWA World Tag Team champions the New Heavenly Bodies (“Classy” Chris Nelson & “Vivacious” Vito DeNucci)

Mister Saint Laurent won Rage in the Cage IX.

Long version of the show.

(1) Matt Cross defeated Sal Rinauro in 10:22.

Before the match Rinauro seemed more focused on the ringside fans than Cross. So much so he argued and even flirted with some ladies before finally locking up with Cross. When they finally did, Rinauro complained of hair pulls, tight pulls and anything else he could think of to mess with Cross’s head. Cross used a power game to control Rinauro until Rinauro avoided a corner move and tossed Cross into a neutral corner. Rinauro went right to work on Cross’ neck with a neckbreaker and several shots to the head. Despite all those shots Cross kicked out of every pin attempt Rinauro made. Cross finally had enough and hit a suplex into a neckdrop on his knee for two. Rinauro fought back and the two men traded several two counts. Rinauro dropped Cross on the top rope for a move but Cross fought back, hitting a double stomp the back. Rinauro went to the floor for refuge but Cross followed out with a tope spear. He tossed Rinauro to the ring and hit a five star frog splash to advance.

(2) Billy Roc defeated “Kool” Seth Delay in 6:53.

Delay and Roc traded headlocks and armbars but neither man established control until Delay took Roc down to the mat with a half chicken wing arm bar looking thing. Delay hit a standing suplex that seemed to last for 5 minutes before dropping Roc for two. Delay kept on the left arm and neck with a knee drop and a submission armbar. Delay missed a corner forearm shot and that was all Roc needed to get going with a slingshot legdrop for two. Delay fought back and went for a pin but Roc countered into a counter into a counter pin for two. The two men fought for position but it was Roc who hit a double stomp to the back of Delay’s neck and followed with Sliced Bread #2 to advance.

(3) In a non tournament match; Kahagas, the Sheik and Leon Scott (w/Larry Zbyszko & MSL) defeated Pretty Fly, Ray Beez and “Irish Destroyer” Heater in 8:48.

MSL took the house mic and said he was opting out of this match so he could focus totally on Rage in the Cage. This one began as a brawl with Scott, Kahagas & Sheik retreating to the floor for a regrouping seminar with their advisors. Kahagas entered the ring and took over on Heater with chest chops and dragged him to the Sheik’s side of the ring, who tagged in and went to work on Heaters’ neck. Scott tagged in and continued the assault. Each man kept Heater from tagging out until he got some distance from his opponents and tagged in Fly. The problem was Fly went right into the wrong corner and got tossed to the floor where everyone got in a shot to Fly’s body. Fly fought back as best he could kicking out of pin attempts and hitting Scott with a lariat. That move allowed him to tag out to Beez who was well rested. He hit Kahagas with a second rope DDT like move but the move knocked both of them for a loop. Both men tagged out to Heater & Scott respectively but all hell broke loose in and around the ring. The match ended in the ring with Scott hitting Heater with a running powerslam to win via pinfall.

(4) Erick Stevens defeated Nooie Lee in 12:48.

Early on Stevens tried to use his size advantage to control Lee with shoulder blocks. Lee told Stevens to hit the ropes for a shoulder tackle but Lee hit a dropkick that sent Stevens to the floor. Lee followed out and Stevens missed a clothesline, wrapping his left arm around the ringpost. Lee brought Stevens to the ring and drew a bullseye on the injury. The bad part was Lee let Stevens get to his feet and after a rope move; Stevens hit a half nelson power bomb that folded Lee like an accordion. Stevens laid in the chest chops that echoed throughout the venue. But all that did was anger Lee who fired back with chops.  Lee went for a corner whip but Stevens blocked it and hit a shoulder block for two. Stevens kept working on the neck but Lee fired back with bodyshots. Stevens hit a front suplex like move for two and followed with an elbow for two. Stevens got cocky and kicked Lee in the head, followed by a waistlock style bearhug. Lee fought to his feet and backed Stevens to a corner where Stevens went to the second rope. But Lee caught him with an Acecrusher. Lee was unable to cover Stevens, so he went on the attack with shots to Stevens’ head. All those blows did was fire Stevens up. Stevens missed a corner lariat and it allowed Lee to hit a top rope bodyblock for two. Lee hit an STO for two but his monkey flip from the corner was blocked. Stevens went up for a superplex but Lee countered into a power bomb followed by a frog splash for two. Lee’s Dragon Bomb was blocked and Stevens’ lariat was blocked by Lee who hit a Dragon Bomb but Stevens kicked out. Lee went for crucifix for two and traded pins with Stevens who hit a release German suplex followed with a lariat into the Sarasota Screwdriver but Lee kicked out. Stevens hit a second lariat but Lee kicked out. Stevens finally finished off Lee with a third lariat and a power bomb to advance. After the match the two combatants shook hands. 

(5) Chasyn Rance defeated Chi Chi Cruz in 5:46.

Rance went to work on Cruz’s arm and neck, taking him down into a side headlock. Cruz fought to his feet and backed Rance to a corner but Rance hit the ropes to avoid contact. Rance countered out of a hiptoss and hit a sunset flip for two. Rance and Cruz traded rear chinlocks but it was Rance who went for the submission. Cruz got to his feet as Rance backed him to a corner, but when Rance went for a tackle he hit the post. Cruz went to work with a variety of moves to wear down the arm, including a backbreaker hitting the injured arm on the knee. Rance fought back and hit what looked like Sliced Bread #2. But in hitting the move Rance did damage to the arm. He went for the end by hitting a superkick for two. Rance went for a slam but Cruz slid off and hit the injured left arm with a cross armbreaker/STO for two. Cruz ended up on the ring apron and both men jockeyed for control for a suplex but Rance let go and hit what looked like a between the ropes piledriver to advance.

(6) In a non tournament match, Double Deuce Inc (“Uptown” Frankie Capone & Pete Cannon) defeated Wrongful Death (Naphtali & Dagon Briggs) in 7:30.

This rivalry goes back several years to the world famous IPW-Hardcore. Wrongful Death took over on Capone with some double team moves until Capone was able to isolate Briggs after hitting a shoulder tackle. Briggs tagged out to Cannon who went to work on Briggs with chops and a clothesline. Briggs fired back with chops but Cannon raked Briggs’ eyes to stop the momentum. DD Inc. kept Briggs in their side of the ring for several minutes but couldn’t get the pin or submission. Briggs finally got away from DD Inc. after hitting Capone with a Samoan forward roll and he tagged out to Naphtali who was hit by the dreaded K5.

(7) Chris Hero defeated Trik Davis in 12:19.

Like any Chris Hero match, it was a technical masterpiece. Hero began by trying to work the left arm but Davis countered into an armlock of his own. Davis took Hero down into a doublearm stretch but Hero countered into a pin for two. Both men went to the head but Hero had the height advantage and stood up when Davis applied his headlock. Hero countered out and hit a dropkick for two. Davis countered out of a move and got a waistlock pin for two and followed with chops that saw Hero fire back. Hero countered out a move and hit Davis with an elbow but Davis hit a headscissor. Hero went to the floor where Davis teased a plancha but Hero kicked him in the face. Hero went for another arm submission but let it go for another chest chop into a half crab submission. Davis refused to submit so Hero floated over into a pin for two. Hero went for another chinlock submission but Davis fought out to his feet and ran right into a tornado punch to the jaw that sent Davis to the floor. Hero followed Davis out and delivered several chest chops. Hero dropped Davis on the floor and went into the bleachers for a running start to a Warrior’s Way but Davis moved. Davis couldn’t follow up after Hero hit several European forearms and was carried into the ring where Hero got two. Hero’s power move was blocked by Davis so Hero dropped Davis with a chokeslam. Both men fought for position but Hero locked in an STF and advanced to the next round.

(8) In a fatal four way, The Bug defeated Jerrelle Clark, Dr. Reginald Heresy and Jack Manley in 7:20.

Bug and Heresy made a temporary alliance attacking Clark and Manley but it backfired and they retreated to the floor as Clark and Manley wrestled. When the coast seemed clear, the duo returned and dumped Clark to the floor so they could hit Manley with a double team suplex. They didn’t count on Clark being on the apron and he hit them with a bodyblock for two. There was some miscommunication between Bug & Heresy and a move intended for Clark became Heresy hitting Bug with a back suplex. Bug fought back and dumped Heresy on his head. But Clark followed with a top rope move of his own for two. Things began to get crazy in and out of the ring with each man going to work to win not aid the other competitors. The end came when Bug countered out a Manley move and hit an Emeral Frosion like move.

(9) “Krazy K” Kirby Mack defeated Scott Commodity in 10:10.

Commodity was the substitute for Danger and he didn’t disappoint. Krazy went on the attack but he messed up Commodity’s hair and only pissed off Commodity. That rage was turned against him as Krazy hit him with a shot to the head that made Commodity bail to the floor to clear the cobwebs. Commodity tried to enter the ring but got dropkicked twice. The third time he was ready and dragged Krazy to the floor and hit several chops to the chest plus drove Krazy’s face into the ring apron. Krazy fought back tossing Commodity back first to the ring apron and hit a 619 like move. Back in the ring Krazy went for a hand stand in the corner but Commodity dropkicked the defenseless Krazy in the chest. Commodity went to work on the left arm with a armwringer and dragged Krazy to the apron to drop it on the metal apron. Commodity then dragged the arm to the ring post and wrapped it around. Once back in the ring, Commodity went to work on the arm but Krazy kicked him in the left knee several times. Commodity slammed Krazy on the arm and dropped a knee to the face for two. Commodity locked in a top wristlock submission but Krazy reused to tap. So Commodity released it and went for another arm lock but Krazy fought to his feet and hit a jawbreaker, an enziguri and a double sledge to the neck. Krazy hit a Matrix like kick to the face but got two. Commodity recovered and went up top but Krazy met him and they fought for control. Commodity sent Krazy into the ring and hit a splash for two. Commodity went for a corner move but Krazy slid over the top and hit a backcracker to advance.

(10) “The Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated TJ Mack in 5:42.

Santee was the substitute for King, basically inviting himself into the tournament. Mack showed zero intimidation, going right after Santee with an aerial attack. But that stopped when a head scissor became a Santee Alabama slam. Santee hit an elbow drop for two and the trash talking began from Santee. Mack slid out of a sideslam but couldn’t avoid the second attempt by Santee which got two. Santee hit Mack with several forearms to the back but ran Santee into a boot and hit Santee with a victory roll for two. Santee grounded Mack with a rear chinlock which Mack escaped from and delivered shots to Santee’s head. Mack went up top but Santee caught him and went for the Big Dump. Mack countered out into a crucifix for two but Santee so strong he kicked out, picking up Mack and hitting the Big Dump to advance.

(11) In a non tournament match, former IPW World Tag Team champions Roderick & Sedrick Strong defeated former three time NWA World Tag Team champions the New Heavenly Bodies (“Classy” Chris Nelson & “Vivacious” Vito DeNucci) in 10:05.

This was definitely a contrast in styles, old-school vs. new-school. Roderick and Nelson began and he forced both Bodies to the floor to formulate a new plan as their attack backfired in their face. The Bodies were on the floor for a while, so the Strong’s followed out and jumped them from behind. DeNucci and Roderick came back to the ring where the chest chopping began on the Strong side. Sedrick tagged in as Nelson rejoined the party. The bad part was the position the Bodies were put into by the Strong’s, lets just say it was not normal looking. Sedrick went to work on DeNucci’s left arm and shoulder, taking the veteran to the mat. DeNucci worked his way out of the move and got in a cheap shot to turn the tide. The Bodies used their veteran experience and worked the referee into positions so they could double team Sedrick while irritating Roderick. Sedrick was finally able to tag out to Roderick who was ready to fight both Bodies as Sedrick recovered. The Bodies went for a double team move but Sedrick hit DeNucci with spear. The Strong’s pinned Nelson after a series of kicks to the head, ended by Roderick’s boot to the face.

Before the next match Sideshow hit the ring. He talked about his friendship with Jeff Peterson and demanded his match with CZW veteran Adam Flash be held inside the Rage in the Cage atmosphere.

(12) Adam Flash defeated Sideshow in 4:03.

This was a first for the JPC, a tournament bout inside a steel cage. Flash wasted not time in trying to cut open sideshow with the mesh fencing, but Sideshow fought back with a leg lariat. Sideshow kicked Flash in the back and tossed him into the mesh, but he didn’t draw blood. Sideshow went to the ropes but Flash backdropped him into the fencing. Flash rigged a folding chair into a corner and drove Sideshow’s face into it. Flash got in the blow, hitting a top of the cage legdrop to advance to the second round.
(13) Mister Saint Laurent won Rage in the Cage XI (come as you are, bring your own weapons!) Entrants included: Jay Sorrow, Snow, The Sheik, Kahagas, Ray Beez, Dagon Briggs, Shooter Storm, Naphtali, Pete Cannon, “Leon Scott, Butch Long, Bull Pain, Irish Destroyer” Heater, Dany Only, Pretty Fly, Leon Scott, Havoc, Bug, Dr. Heresy and Mister Saint Laurent. As the carnage ensued inside the ring, MSL and Larry Zbyszko enjoyed the view from the floor. It took several referees to coax MSL in the match. The final five were Kahagas, MSL, Leon Scott, the Sheik and Dagon Briggs. MSL talked his six man partners into eliminating everyone else. Once that was done, MSL told the trio to exit the cage and eliminate themselves so he could win. The Sheik walked out on his own as did Kahagas. Leon Scott contemplated the cash bribe offered by MSL but he changed his mind and went after MSL. Scott had MSL out the door when Zbyszko tossed powder into Scott’s eyes, blinding him long enough for MSL to toss Scott to the floor.

Saturday July 14, 2007
Jewish Community Center
9841 Scenic Drive
Port Richey, FL USA

Second round matches in each bracket. Semi-Finals will see Sabin Winner vs Milano Collection Winner and Justice Winner vs. Reckless Youth Winner

Reckless Youth Final

Billy Roc vs. Krazy K.

Justice Final

Chris Hero vs. Erick Stevens

Chris Sabin Final

Chasyn Rance vs. Adam Flash

Milano Collection AT Final

Matt Cross vs. “the Marquee” Bruce Santee

Tag Team RESPECT Match
“The New Heavenly Bodies” Chris Nelson and Vito DeNucci vs Lex Lovett and “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine

Plus matches involving the JPC competitors who were eliminated Friday night.

Ticket information
Night 2
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance, Day of show, all tickets $2 more

For more information:
call (727)512-0071

Please check out www.jeffpetersoncup.com plus our MySpace pages http://groups.myspace.com/JPC2007 and
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