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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik ONLY for these results, thank you.

On Saturday July 14, 2007, night two of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup was held at the Jewish Community Center,
9841 Scenic Drive

in Port Richey, FL. Jeff Peterson’s close friend Naphtali opened the evening introducing the remaining competitors in the event and said some heart felt words about the evening and the man it is named after. Former IPW Hardcore stars the Shane Twins, Jet Jaguar, Mikey Tenderfoot, Aaron Royal, Rod Steel, Eddie Edwards, “Uptown” Frankie Capone, Pete Cannon, “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine and Jeff Bradley were among the attendees. Several ACW stars were also on hand as was 2006 JPC competitor TJ Wilson. Both nights profits went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Central Florida.

Short version of the evening’s proceedings:

Second round matches:

Reckless Youth FinalGOUGE’s Krazy K. defeated NWA Indiana’s Billy Roc.

Justice FinalChikara’s Chris Hero defeated FIP/ROH’s Erick Stevens

Chris Sabin FinalYRR member Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance defeated CZW/MCW’sAdam Flash

Milano Collection AT FinalROH’s Matt Cross defeated “the Marquee” Bruce Santee

Semi-Finals:Matt Cross defeated Chasyn “Not Cocky” RanceChris Hero defeated Krazy K.

Finals:Chris Hero defeated Matt Cross

Non-Tournament matches:

Chi Chi Cruz & Sedrick Strong vs. Lex Lovett & Steve Madison

“Supermodel” Amy Love defeated Dr. Reginald Heresy

In an old-school IPW Hardcore match, Freak Foundation (Dagon Briggs & OG Scarface) defeated Anarchy Suicide Squad (Naphtali & Havok)

TJ Mack defeated Nooie Lee and “Kool” Seth Delay

Sal Rinuaro & Trik Davis defeated Shan Hill/Scott Commodity and Jaison Moore/Eddie Taurus

Long version:

(1) Krazy K. defeated Billy Roc. Krazy and Roc began with chain wrestling that let Roc hit a headlock takeover but Krazy countered out into head scissor. But Roc kipped up to his feet and Krazy locked in a full nelson into a waistlock takedown. Roc countered back into the headlock to an armlock. Krazy escaped into a hiptoss followed by an armdrag but Roc got to the ropes. Krazy sped things up, using some slight of hand to outmaneuver Roc. That stopped when Roc hit a kick to the face in a neutral corner. Roc took Krazy to the mat in a body stretch that looked like an abdominal stretch. Krazy fought to his feet but ran right into a dropkick that got Roc a two count. Roc went back to the submission hold, using a Jushin Liger like stretch to wear down Krazy. But Krazy fought back with a thousand hand chop, only to have Roc hit a thousand upper forearm shots. Roc got hit with a bulldog like move and an enziguri for two. Krazy’s corner clothesline was blocked but his DVD into a boot to the face wasn’t and he got two. Roc fought back with a lariat for two and a half. Roc went for Sliced Bread #2 but Krazy countered and went corner to corner. Roc followed hoping to get in a move but he fell to the backcracker and Krazy advanced to the semi-finals.

(2) Matt Cross defeated “the Marquee” Bruce Santee.Early on this looked like the mismatch of the decade with the 6’6”
Santee taking on the under 6 foot Cross.

Santee was so confident in his skills he offered Cross the chance to leave before he got crippled.

Santee locked in a side headlock but Cross avoided a shoulder block, hitting a series of moves that ended with a head scissor that sent

Santee to the floor. Cross went after him with a slingshot plancha. The match came back to the ring where

Santee went to the power game with a suplex that shook the ring but got only two. Cross hit a forearm shot but his rope move was stopped when he ran right into

Santee’s elbow.

Santee took Cross down with a chinlock but Cross got to his feet, but he got hit with a Samoan Drop for two. The two man traded chest chops but

Santee stopped Cross with a good old thumb to the eye.

Santee went back to the chinlock but got to his feet, countered out of the Steele Curtain into a DDT. Cross hit a series of chest chops but

Santee kicked him right in the face. Somehow Cross kicked out of the pin attempt and got his own boot the face. Cross locked in a cross armbreaker but

Santee got to the ropes to break the hold. Cross got too close to

Santee who hit a chokeslam but Cross kicked out.

Santee dropped Cross on the top corner buckle but his superplex was countered and he hit a shooting star press to get the upset win, moving on to the semi-finals. (3) In a non-tournament match, Lex Lovett & “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison defeated Chi Chi Cruz & Sedrick Strong.There apparently was some old hatred between Lovett and Strong, it came out at the opening bell with a stare down and several hard shots. The anger came out full blast and it cost Strong who ended up on the Lovett/Madison side of the ring for several minutes. Strong got his boots up into

Madison’s face and went up top but

Madison took his knees out.

Madison met Strong but his superplex was blocked and Strong sent

Madison crashing back to the mat, coming off with a bodyblock. Strong made the tag to the well rested Cruz as Lovett fought on the floor with Strong.

Madison hit Cruz with a Stun Gun and a Riki Lariat for Strong who came back to the ring.

Madison got the last move in, hitting Cruz with a powerslam for the victory. (4) Chris Hero defeated Erick Stevens.This was the second round match many internet people wished for and got thanks to the opening round action. To say this was a wrestling clinic wouldn’t do it justice as both men went hold for hold for nearly fifteen minutes. Both men tried to wear the other’s left arm and shoulder but Stevens took Hero down into an Indian Deathlock but Hero got to the ropes. Hero slid to the ring apron to check on his left ankle before coming back in to face off with Stevens. Stevens got a side headlock but when Hero tossed him to the ropes neither man gave in the shoulder to shoulder collision. Hero bitch slapped Stevens and the two ran around the ring and back into it where Stevens hit a hiptoss and a slam, followed by cross the face forearm shots. Stevens set up Hero for a running lariat to the corner but Hero bailed to the floor. Stevens went to follow but Hero tripped him up and went to work on Stevens’ upper body. Stevens got to his feet but Hero hit a discus clothesline and senton for two. Hero hit a fallaway dropkick to the face but got two and went back to chinlock with his arms across the

bridge of Stevens’ nose. Hero let the hold go and went for an Indian Deathlock of his own but couldn’t get the pin or submission as he rolled Stevens onto his back. Hero let the hold go and began to trash talk, so Stevens hit him with chest chops as his reply. Hero fired back with chops and forearms of his own but he got too close to Stevens who hit an Acecrusher. Stevens couldn’t follow up as the chest chops took the wind out of him. Hero took too long getting to his feet and it allowed Stevens to get the wind back, hitting a series of moves. Stevens went for the Sarasota Screwdriver but Hero dropped to his knees and countered into a belly to back suplex. Stevens fired back with a pump handle into a sky high slam for two. Stevens went for another move but once again Hero went dead weight. Hero went to the ropes and Stevens ran into a boot followed by a corkscrew DDT for two by Hero. Hero went up top and Stevens met him, trading forearm shots to the face. Hero sent Stevens to the mat and hit a double stomp to the gut for two and a half. Hero hit two chest chops but Stevens ducked the third, hitting a lariat followed by the Sarasota Screwdriver for two and a half. Hero countered out another Stevens move and got the win via a rolling crucifix. After the match, the fans gave both men a well deserved standing ovation. (5) Chasyn Rance defeated Adam Flash.This was an interesting clash in styles as Flash came out of a cage match last night to advance, while Rance went to work with chain wrestling moves to Flash’s upper body. Flash fought back going after Rance’s left arm and shoulder. Rance countered with armdrags of his own including the Japanese variety. Rance countered a backdrop and hit three dropkicks that sent Flash to the floor. Rance followed out and chased Flash back to the ring and avoided an elbow drop but didn’t avoid the Flash spinebuster for two. Flash hit a chokeslam also for two and he questioned the referee on the count. Rance countered a wheel barrel into a rolling pin for two but a superkick evened things up with both men fighting to clear the cobwebs. Rance went up top but flash hit him in the crotch and brought Rance off with a facebuster for two. Flash got Rance up and went up top for a superplex followed by a top rope trip but unlike last night, he missed a legdrop as Rance was not home. Flash went to the ring apron for some distance from Rance, but Rance followed and hit a between the ropes piledriver to win and advance to face Matt Cross. As Shannon Rose was telling the fans about the silent auctions items, former IPW TV champion Dr. Reginald Heresy came out to interrupt things. He said despite last night’s defeat, he is not a loser, which brought a “You’re a Loser” chant from the fans. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. The challenge was answered by “Supermodel” Amy Love who has proven herself in the ring with men in the past. After some trash talking from Heresy, he decided to take on the “Super Model.” (6) In an open challenge match, “Supermodel” Amy Love defeated Dr. Reginald Heresy.For some reason Heresy kept laughing and dropped to a knee showing hand in friendship. Love declined the hand shale and locked up with the Dr. Heresy gave her a free shot to use and she took it, but Heresy pulled her hair sending her to the mat. Heresy hit a bodyslam and boasted about his power. Love played possum and it Heresy got suckered into a small package win. After the match, Heresy decked referee “the Mullet” Richie Rich and cut his beloved mullet off with a pair of scissors. The hair was given to the Locks for Love charity as a donation. After the intermission, the trio of Wrongful Death (Naphtali, Havok and Dagon Briggs hit the ring. But before they could talk Sideshow AKA OG Scarface hit the ring. He reminded the fans before Wrongful Death, there were the famous IPW Hardcore based teams: the ASS and Freak Foundation. Sideshow asked for a old-school match and the trio decided to agree the request. (7) In an old-school IPW Hardcore match, Freak Foundation (Dagon Briggs & OG Scarface) defeated Anarchy Suicide Squad (Naphtali & Havok).Briggs and Havok began with the hard body shots but it was Briggs who helped Scarface hit a double team move for two. Naphtali got in and went for an airplane spin but Scarface blocked and hit a DVD like move. The Freak’s double team skills had zero rust on them and they used them on Naphtali for several minutes. However Naphtali slid out of a rolling Samoan Drop and kicked Briggs in the ribs, tagging in Havok who hit a questionable shot to the ribs. Naphtali went up top and came off, landing in the ring with an elbow. The ASS’s double team skills were also on display as were their cheating skills as Havok went for a pin with his legs on the ropes and using his wrist tape to choke out Briggs. With all his energy Briggs fought back and was finally able to tag out to Scarface. But OG walked right into Naphtali’s dreaded old school airplane spin that went for about 30 revolutions despite Scarface having his fingers in Naphtali’s belly button. Scarface fought back with a backitomy but Havok broke the pin up. Havok was sent to the floor and the Freak’s went to end the match as Naphtali’s double clothesline didn’t have the punch he thought it had. The Freaks ended the match with a double team move and won via pin. But the real winners were the fans and the friend of the foursome, the late Jeff Peterson, who they paid a silent tribute to in the ring. (8) Chris Hero defeated Krazy K.Both men locked a test of strength that turned into a mat game of leg takedown vs. armbars. Krazy got to his feet and took Hero off his with an armdrag into an armbar but Hero picked Krazy up with a bodyslam. Hero went to the arm and wrist but Krazy countered back into his armlock. Hero went for a slam but Krazy slid out and after several rope runs hit a K Kick (front kick and enziguri) senfing Hero near

Dream Street

. Hero caught the cross body block but Krazy sent Hero to the floor with a kick. The duo traded attempted topes to the floor before hitting them on the third attempt. Krazy went to the corner and anticipated a floatover but Hero stopped and hit what could be called an inverted jawbreaker for two. Hero took the breath out of Krazy with chest chop and an old school atomic knee drop with a running boot to the back of the head. Krazy kicked out of the pin and Hero went for a submission move only Hero could pull off. Krazy didn’t give up and fired in right hand punches and a multi spin head scissor but Hero hit a chokeslam for two. Hero went back to the submission holds, tying up Krazy’s arms and legs. Hero sized up Krazy as he went for a 619 but opted for an eye rake and a front facelock. Krazy fought out with several punches to the ribs and kicks to the body. But Hero stopped that with a sidewalk slam that took the air out of both men. Krazy got on the attack with a spinning kick and a bodypress and hit the PCP but Hero kicked out. Hero hit a spinning neckbreaker and a spinning suplex for two and a half. Both men went to end the match but neither got the win despite their power. Hero got the last move in and won via a body triangle choke move that silenced Krazy despite an excellent effort.

(9) Matt Cross defeated Chasyn Rance.Rance took control despite Cross having the advantage of wrestling earlier in the show. Both men went for the high speed offense but Rance stopped that with a forearm to the jaw and kicks to the gut and face for two. Rance locked in a rear chinlock but floated over into a modified Dragon Sleeper. Cross countered out into a Northern Lights suplex for two. Rance went for a spinning headscissor but Cross dropped him into a facebuster for two. Cross hit a corner move into a senton for two but Rance kicked out and hooked Cross in a pin for two. The forearms to the jaw were thrown and it took a toll on both men despite Cross hitting a dropkick for two. Rance recovered hitting a dropkick that sent Cross to the floor where Race followed with a between the ropes tope. Rance tossed Cross in the ring but his superkick was blocked and Cross hit a Cradle Shock for two. Cross blocked a kick but couldn’t stop a second martial arts shot from Rance who got two. Rance went for his between the ropes piledriver but Cross blocked it and hit a double boot to the chest. Cross locked in a cross armbreaker but Rance got to the ropes. Rance again went for the between the ropes piledriver and again Cross blocked it and won via a top rope frog splash.

(10) In a three way non-tournament match, TJ Mack defeated Nooie Lee and “Kool” Seth Delay.These three men put on excellent efforts last night and they took it to each other at the bell with high flying action. Delay got upset and took his armband sleeve off and tried to choke out Mack as Lee recovered on the floor. The duo kept Lee on the floor as they beat each other up. Mack nearly knocked out Delay’s teeth with a facewash kick but opted for several suplexes for a two count. Lee finally got in hitting Delay with a shoulder spear and a sunset flip for two. Lee and Delay went to the floor and Mack followed out with a somersault tope. The action came back to the ring where Delay hit Mack with a flying forearm for two. Both men took their eyes of Lee who hit them with a cross body block and several bodyshots. Lee hit Mack with an STO but his Dragon Bomb was turned into a Delay German suplex for two. Mack went up top but Delay followed and the trio came off in a neckbreaker like move. Lee went for a forearm but Delay pulled down the ropes sending Lee to the floor. Delay went for another pin Mack rolled through and got ht hard fought pin.

(11) In a three team non-tournament elimination match, Sal Rinauro & Trik
Davis (w/ an Eric Biscoff action figure as manager) defeated Shan Hill/Scott Commodity and Inner Aggression (Butch Long/Bull Pain).
This was a comedy of errors with Rinauro/Davis an island among themselves. The eliminations occurred in the following order: Hill was pinned as was Long. With both teams pinning the other Rinauro/Davis won. Not liking this outcome, both teams chased Rinauro and Davis to the locker room. (12) Chris Hero defeated Matt Cross. Like his earlier matches, Hero tried to keep the match mat based. Cross adapted and went move for move with Hero, trading wristlocks and front facelocks. Hero tried to handstand out of a front facelock but Cross forced Hero back to the mat. Hero countered out into an overhand wristlock taking Cross to the mat but Cross countered out into a hammerlock. Hero got out of the hold with a kip up to his feet and we began at square one. Hero took Cross down with a side headlock but Cross slid Hero over into a pin attempt only to have Hero roll back into the control position. Cross countered into a head scissor but Hero went for a counter. Cross fought off Hero’s counter into a pin for two and Hero rolled to a neutral corner. Cross backed Hero to a corner but Hero reversed and hit a chest chop followed by a series of forearms but Cross hit several Japanese armdrags into an armbar. Hero went to the ropes and Cross gave a clean break but Hero kicked him in the ribs. This only pissed off Cross who got Hero to the mat and hit a flip into a splash for two. Hero fought out of an armbar and sent Cross to the floor. Hero flipped to the floor but Cross moved and went back to the ring to follow out but ran right into Hero’s boot. Hero hit a double axhandle shot to Cross’ head and hit another chest chop. Hero began to use his size advantage in pin attempts, forcing Cross to kick out all Hero’s body weight on a senton. Hero hit two elbow drops but Cross kicked out of the pin. Hero and Cross began a chest chipping contest and neither man gave an inch until Cross hit some forearms and went to the ropes but got hit by a flying forearm and a Hero handstand elbow drop. Hero took Cross to the mat in a body stretch but Cross refused to submit. Hero let the hold go and propped Cross in a corner, hitting a boot to the face. Cross fought back despite the hard shots to the head from Hero. Cross avoided a splash and drove both his feet into Hero’s face followed by a move that sent Hero to the floor. Cross followed out with a corkscrew splash and the fighting kept going on the floor with chops and punches. Cross sent Hero back in the ring and hit another corkscrew splash for two. Cross went for a double stomp but Hero moved and hit a running boot. Hero locked in the STF but Cross used nearly all his energy to crawl to the ropes and cause a break. Both men went for

Oklahoma roll pins but kicked out. Both men got to their feet continuing the chest chops and forearms hoping the other would fall but neither would fall. Cross thought he had the match won with a DVD into his knee followed by a Hindu Press but got two. Cross went up top and Hero went up to fight him back down even as both men head butted each other. Hero fell to the mat and Cross went for a shooting star press but Hero caught him in mid air, hitting an Acecrusher. Hero dropped into a neck vise submission but Cross used all his weight to get Hero’s shoulder down for two. The problem was Hero had Cross worn down and locked the neckvise again, this time with a body scissor. With his body in knots, Cross had no choice but to submit. After the match, Hero spoke about meeting Jeff Peterson in 1999 and the love Peterson had for the wrestling business. He thanked the other 15 competitors for being part of the event and keeping the memory Jeff Peterson alive. Please check out www.jeffpetersoncup.com plus our MySpace pages http://groups.myspace.com/JPC2007 and
www.myspace.com/jeffpetersoncup for all things JPC related! Plus check out www.thesuperstation.net/jpc.html for words of enlightenment from Naphtali. Want to buy previous tournaments? You can buy the 2003 event on www.highspots.com, the 2004 event on www.rfvideo.com , the 2005 event on www.rohwrestling.com in their store and the 2006 event on www.pwwf.com