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Please Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if posted, thanks.

Matt Cross (formerly M-Dogg 20)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 181
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Pro Debut: August, 2001
Website/Myspace: www.MDogg20.com or www.myspace.com/dontcomehomebleeding
Tournament history: Winner of the 2007 ROE Wachau Wrestling Trophy Tournament in Vienna, Austria, NWA Upstate Tag Team tournament (September 2005), 2006 Ted Petty Invitational (lost in 2nd round to El Generico), 2006 PWG Battle of Los Angeles (lost in opening round to CIMA) 2004 Ted Petty Invitational, 2002 CZW Best of the Best Tournament, PWG Tango and Cash Tag Team Invitational, etc.
Where you have seen him: XPW, IWA-MS, CZW, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, PWG, CAPW, UWA (Canada), UIPW, JAPW, Ring of Honor (member of Resilience with Erick Stevens and formerly Austin Aries), UWF (Hermie Sadler), Wrestling Society X (w/Teddy Hart in Filth & the Fury), and MLW to name a few
Championships held: IWA Mid South Heavyweight title, XPW tag team titles (w/Josh Prohibition), Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers Heavyweight title, Cleveland All Pro Wrestling (CAPW) Tag Team titles (w/John Prohibition); CAPW Jr. Heavyweight title, UWA Hardcore Wrestling Canadian title; NWA Upstate Tag Team (w/Josh Prohibition)

Alan J. Wojcik: What does being part of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup mean to you and did you know of Jeff before you were an entrant?

Matt Cross: I never got the opportunity to meet Mr. Peterson but I’m honored to compete in a tournament bearing his name. I think it’s very special that his memory has been kept alive by such a prestigious tournament

Alan J. Wojcik: There is an X factor in this year’s event and it is the presence of Allison Danger as a competitor. If matched up with her how do you prepare for her, I mean do you wrestle her like any other competitor?

Matt Cross: As a professional wrestler you have to be prepared for anything. You’ll face people with different styles, weights, strengths, languages, cultures, etc. I had the chance to meet up with Allison in France last month and she is truly a warrior in the ring. I think her presence will help the tournament remain unique.

Alan J. Wojcik: Including Allison Danger, which of the announced competitors would you like to face in the opening round and why? (Announced are Nooie Lee, Allison Danger, Sideshow, Chris Hero, Erick Stevens, “Unreal” Michael Elgin, Krazy K, T Mack, YOU, Kenny King, Sal Rinauro, Seth Delay, Billy Roc, Adam Flash, and Trik Davis)

Matt Cross: I’m ready for anyone…….except for Hulk Hogan. I’ve been watching him for years and nobody seems to kick out of that legdrop………I fear it. I hope he’s not a last minute entrant.

Alan J. Wojcik: For fans that might be confused when did M-Dogg 20 become Matt Cross and what led to the change in persona?

Matt Cross: I’m still MDogg20 but I just prefer to go by my real name now. MDogg20 is more of a nickname. I decided to favor Matt Cross because I felt that I had improved as a professional wrestler and wanted people to give me a fresh chance with less assumptions. The MDogg20 name is closely tied with my early years and the video games I was featured in. I wanted people to see me as a sound technical wrestler with a body to back up his ability that was still able to pull off some of the most impressive high-flying moves in the world.

Alan J. Wojcik: Doing the research for this interview it showed you as partner to and an opponent to Josh Prohibition. Is that a personal choice or the promotions and how does Josh rate as partner/opponent?

Matt Cross: Josh and I got into the wrestling business together and have been through all the twists, turns, controversy, and craziness that accompany it. We’ve always had a great competitive rivalry. At times it suits us to put our differences aside and team up for a greater gain. I respect his abilities and he has a great wrestling mind.

Alan J. Wojcik: If fans tuned into MTV’s Wrestling Society X they saw you team with the always controversial Teddy Hart. What was the MTV experience like and how was Teddy compared to other partners in your career like Josh Prohibition?

Matt Cross: Teddy is a character and always entertaining. Shooting WSX for MTV was an incredible experience. We got to stay in an awesome hotel in Hollywood and live like rockstars for a week. I learned a lot and it was very surreal at times. I remember filming the main event of the season finale and checking my phone right before the match started to see what time it was. It was an exploding cage, time-bomb deathmatch and it was 2am on a Thursday night. I remember thinking about all my friends and family and how they were most likely fast asleep getting ready for another work day. I sat there questioning what choices and decisions I had made in life that had lead me to enter a cage rigged with explosives in the middle of a weekday night.

Alan J. Wojcik: Your bio online shows you and Josh wrestled once for the infamous XPW. Did you feel like WSX was trying to combine XPW and ECW in their product with the backyard craze?

Matt Cross: I feel like WSX was trying to create a truly unique, contemporary, professional wrestling product like nothing ever seen before. The set, in-ring product, and gimmicks really had their finger on the pulse of today’s youth and the product was fresh and innovative.

Alan J. Wojcik: In the past few months you have wrestled for both Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Ring of Honor. For fans that might not be able to buy their DVD’s, is there any way to compare them head on?

Matt Cross: I’ve been with PWG on and off since the very beginning even competing against Super Dragon on the promotions very first show years ago. I always have a lot of fun working PWG. Competing full-time for ROH took me years to accomplish and I’m very happy to be working with them now. It’s a great time for ROH because we just did our first PPV taping and everyone is extremely excited to get the attention we deserve.

Alan J. Wojcik: While researching other JPC entries the Cleveland All Pro Wrestling promotion has come up just like in your background. What is the Cleveland wrestling scene like?

Matt Cross: Cleveland All Pro Wrestling celebrates their 14 year anniversary this coming July. Not many, if any, promotions can say they have been consistently running shows for 14 years. Not even WCW or ECW can lay a claim like that which really says a lot. I had my JPC qualifying match with CAPW which was special to me since it’s been my home promotion since starting some 6 years ago.

Alan J. Wojcik: If things happen in the right circumstances you might end up facing your ROH-Resilience partner Erick Stevens. Is this something you look forward to and if so, do you face Erick like any of the other competitors?

Matt Cross: Erick and I are really coming together as a cohesive unit. We have to in order to compete with the No Remorse Corp. of Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, and Rocky Romero. Taking them down is our most important goal at the moment. That being said, I’d have no problem testing myself against him and seeing how skilled the man who I’ve put my trust in is. This potential match-up is just one of the many reasons I urge fans to make it to this years JPC tournament. Be sure to check me out at www.dontcomehomebleeding.com and stay up to date with all my appearances, crazy pics, merch, and random thoughts. I look forward to seeing everyone in July at the JPC!