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With new names in the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Alan J. Wojcik decided to take some time and introduce them to the fans. Some of these people you know from previous appearances in the JPC in tournament or non-tournament matches (Chris Hero in 2004, TJ Mack and Krazy K in 2006, Sideshow and Erick Stevens in 2004-2005), some currently work for Florida promotions (FIP, AWF, EWE, PWW, SCW, FPWA), while others will be making their debuts in the Sunshine State. 

Nooie Lee

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 165

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Pro Debut: 2005 CCW in Melbourne: Tag Match-w/Bam Bam Mancuso vs the Black Market (when they were the Market Crashers)

Website/Myspace: Currently don’t have either (maybe I should get one)

Tournament history:  Winner 2007 FPWA Best of Southern Juniors, 2007 MXPW Florida J-Cup

Where you have seen him: (Member of the Annihilators with Bam Bam Mancuso) ACW, FPWA, EWE, AWF, IWE (as part of Youth Gone Wild with Suicide), SCW Florida, D1PW and MXPW,USCW, and many more…

Championships held: ACW Cruiserweight champion (2x), FPWA Florida State Champion(Current), Daytona Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion (Hack Meyers show titled: Pro-Wrestling in Daytona)-Love that show name!

Alan J. Wojcik: Were you a HS or college athlete before becoming a professional wrestler and what made you want do it for a living?

Nooie Lee: Well, I played football, and mainly baseball for 10 years, wrestled in high school, and did 1 day wrestling tournaments in college.  My love for professional wrestling spawned when I moved to the United States from Thailand, I was young and knew very little of the country, I would always turn on the TV and there was pro-wrestling on, I enjoyed the athleticism and the lager than life people wrestling. At that point I wanted to be as big as those guys were, but I now know that my body type will not allow that, but then I discovered indy wrestling and they pretty much gave me hope that someday I can actually be doing this.  It wasn’t until I graduated HS that I made up my mind to officially pursue professional wrestling.  I love the fact that wrestling is like a book, each match tells a different story, and the story is played out physically and verbally, some are concluded, and some are to be continued….it’s all really suspenseful, you get comedy, action, and drama in one night.  Some people read books to before they sleep, I watch professional wrestling.  I respect every one in the business and I strive to be able to deliver a good story (match) to the people who watch it….

Alan J. Wojcik: How long have you been wrestling in Florida and what were you initial impressions of the different promotions listed above?

Nooie Lee: I have been actively wrestling in Florida for about 1 1/2 years, 2006 being my first really active year.  Each promotion offers me something different which I am thankful for.  Being a good worker requires more than just the ability to bump, it’s about being well rounded and each promotion has given me a great opportunity to grow and mature to the worker I am today.  I also like the locker room in all the different promotions, I have met some great people and have gotten a lot of advice that I take to heart, I strive to be like the Chasyn Rance’s and the Erik Stevens, etc…hopefully one day I will be able to be at their level.  It’s the diversity of the locker room in each promotion that helps you become a better worker, the boys in the back, the vets, they give you advice, ideas, and theories of what you can and need to do to be better… you just can’t get some things like that from just basic pro-wrestling training.  Although pro-wrestling as sport is competitive…it’s every promotion and every worker that makes pro-wrestling what it is to the fans…

Alan J. Wojcik: Before winning the Best of Southern Jrs. Event what did you know of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and its legacy?

Nooie Lee: To be honest I knew very little of Jeff Peterson himself, I learned about him and how he was a great asset to the wrestling world through conversations other workers, and then I decided to buy some Peterson Cup DVD’s, and wow what a great way to pay homage and respect to someone, the Peterson Cup has great prestige and is well respected to pro-wrestling and its fans, it’s an honor for me to be a part of this history making event.

Alan J. Wojcik: Do you think having already been part of a tournament this year mentally prepares you for the JPC?

Nooie Lee:  Definitely, I was a part of the MXPW Florida J-Cup and the FPWA Juniors Tournament this year, and it has helped me very much…Its prepared me to be ready for everything and anything, plus I learned that if you don’t get plenty of rest the night before a tournament, you’re going to be mentally and physically exhausted.

Alan J. Wojcik: Two of the other announced competitors are Florida based (Sideshow & Erick Stevens.) What do you know of them and would you rather face them instead of the other national competitors in the opening round? 

Nooie Lee: First let me say that I know both workers and I respect them graciously.  I know Erik Stevens is a great guy, always nice to me, offers me advice, and is one hell of a worker, I am very pleased and excited to hear of his successes and it bodes well for Florida indy wrestling to have Erik Stevens be the breakout star that he is, he’s worked really hard and is very deserving of his success.  Congrats to Erik and best of luck with everything! As far as Sideshow goes, I met him at my first ACW event, and he is completely a class act.  I respect him a lot and he has become someone I look up to and am very thankful for everything he’s done for me and ACW…I’ve been on both sides of the fence with him, and it was great he taught me a lot and pretty much became the voice of the people when it comes to opportunity.  My extreme thanks to Sideshow for everything, he gave me the chance to become a mainstay in ACW, which helped me gain ring experience to be a better worker.  Like I stated earlier, Sideshow and I worked a few times and I know that him and I can put on a great match, so I wouldn’t mind him in the first round, Erik Stevens, it would be a honor to work him in the first round as well I respect him a lot and I know he is, very knowledgeable and can teach me a lot in one match  and I feel him and I can put on a good match,  so I wouldn’t mind going against him in the first round either.  As far as the rest of the participants in the tournament, it would greatly be an honor to be against any of them really, I haven’t been around that long but I have seen many of the participants in action and I believe that I can deliver a great match with any one of them.  To sum up it’s pretty much a win-win situation for me with anyone and I know this will be a great stepping stone for me.  So thank you Peterson Cup Office…

Alan J. Wojcik: Having some time before the tournament to prepare, do you watch video of the other competitors or do you send scouts out to see them in person?

Nooie Lee: I watch everything myself, the only way to learn is by watching and doing, if I send a scout, I borrow his eyes and ears.

 Alan J. Wojcik: This year’s event makes history with Allison Danger competing. If you face her in the tournament what would you strategy be, I mean do you wrestler her different then anyone else?

 Nooie Lee: I met Allison Danger a few months ago and she is great people.  This is a tournament, I expect her to bring her “A” game and if I face her in the first round I’m pretty sure she’ll expect me to do the same.

Alan J. Wojcik: While doing research for this interview I found you listed with different tag team partners. Do you have one you prefer more than the other and why?

Nooie Lee: No not really, I don’t prefer one over the other, we all have different styles and it’s good to be able to use every arsenal you have.  Each tag partner offered something different, I like tag matches to help me become well rounded and there are different strategies you have to use in tag matches than singles.  You have 2 people to deal with, and with a good partner you can get it done.  

Alan J. Wojcik: In ACW you recently lost the Cruiserweight title to Austin Amadeus (who lost it to Jaison Moore.) You have faced him in other promotions in Florida along with Suicide and Legion “Freakin” Cage. Who is your favorite opponent and why?

Nooie Lee:  I actually like them all, I can’t really pick a favourite cause they all offered me something different, and helped me think of different ways to put on a great match.  Thank you Alan for taking the time with this interview, I look forward to the Peterson Cup and thanks to everyone for giving me the opportunity.