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Orlando Quinones returns to Wrestling-Radio.com with another intriguing audio exclusive with former Governor of Minnesota and WWE Hall of Famer, Jesse “The Body” Ventura! In this exclusive interview “The Body” discusses What “turns him off” about the wrestling business today, The White House angle that never happened?!, Adrian Adonis early death, The current Hogan family drama and so much more. You can listen to the interview by Clicking Here.

Below are some exclusive highlights from the interview:


– Orlando opens the interview by discussing Ventura’s recently released book “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!” which happens to be a New York Times best seller. Orlando goes on to ask Ventura why he walked away from politics and Venture gives an insight into America and how it has moved away from what was originally intended. Ventura also talks about the Senate Seat he recently announced not to run for and why those running will not win.

– Things move onto wrestling and Ventura discuses the The White House angle which would have had a dramatic climax at Wrestlemania and the reason it never saw the light of day. Orlando asks Venture does he follow the product today and Ventura simply responds “not a bit” , he gives his reasons for this and what turns him off about today’s wrestling product. The interview takes an interesting look at how Ventura tried to create a wrestling union “back in the day” and how it disappoints him it is not a union today. Ventura discusses the root heat between himself and Hulk Hogan.

– Jesse Ventura moves on to discuss the recent Hulk Hogan and family saga of which he sums up as “sad” and states he would never put his family on television nor do any reality television. The interview looks also at the Chris Benoit Family tragedy and the Christopher Nowinski research into concussions playing more of a role in the tragedy as opposed to steroids.

– Ventura talks about his friendship with Ric Flair and the last time they saw each other at the WWE Hall of Fame 2008. He works out that Flair would have taken an estimated 27,000 backdrops over a 30 year career span.Ventura looks back at his career and his former tag team partner Adrian Adonis. Ventura talks about the respect he had for Adonis and how he predicted an early death for him. He talks about babysitting Adonis outside the ring and how it eventually lead to a split.

All this and more in greater depth within the interview!

Wrestling-Radio.com produces exclusive interviews in association with Orlando Quinones. In March Wrestling-Radio.com interviewed TNA World Champion Kurt Angle in which he gave an insight into his DUI arrest, his thoughts on the Chris Benoit’s murder suicide, and his thoughts on Triple H. April saw a rare interview with legendary manager Paul Bearer in which he gave us an insight and his thoughts on the recent Michael Hayes racial incident, working with The Undertaker, Jake the Snake, Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon and more. Both these interviews are still available for download – Click Here