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 From his mouth to God’s ears, no one in the wrestling business has caused more waves, controversy, and commotion than one of its all-time greatest minds. Now, the man who turned shooting into an art form, the legendary Jim Cornette joins ClubWWI.com for an explosive 36 minute shoot that everyone has been waiting for.

One of the most requested guests in the history of World Wrestling Insanity, James E. Cornette does more than shoot, he reigns down with atomic blasts. From Hulk Hogan to Dixie Carter to Vince McMahon, Corny doesn’t take one step back and brings you the hard-hitting opinions like only he can.  But there’s so much more than just that.  Cornette and James Guttman talk about everything including his new role in Ring of Honor, in-depth discussions over the ever-changing wrestling business, watching OVW wrestlers quit in disgust, MMA, and tons more.  You can check out a full list of topics from Jim’s ClubWWI.com shoot at: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/newsnotes/ClubWWI_Jim_Cornette.shtml


Right off the bat, Jim Cornette tells James Guttman that his ears have been ringing lately, given his recent comments about TNA Impact that were played for Hulk Hogan on Bubba The Love Sponge’s radio show.  After hearing Corny’s critique, Hogan claimed he had a spot for Jim on TNA’s roster…but doesn’t anymore.  Hulk cites Cornette’s negativity for his absence from TNA’s backstage area.  But James E. Cornette, well, he has a different reason…


“But Hogan’s just full of sh*t because Hogan on Bubba The Love Sponge says, ‘Well, you know, I wanted to do something with Jim in TNA but I don’t need that kind of negativity.’  Cowboy, that horse left that barn a while back.  Because (TNA is) obviously – more – not the direction I want to go in with the wrestling business.  So the timing of my departure was somewhat beneficial.  But it’s not like because he offers me, (sarcastically) “Oh, a chance to work with the new regime in TNA.  I better drop my Ring of Honor project.”  No.  (laughs)  But he has to be the babyface.  I’m sure he’d love to bring me in just to put me in a polka-dot f**kin’ bikini or something on Impact and make fun of me for what I said about him.”


Jim continues to discuss the Yellow and Red Invasion of TNA including talk of the logic holes from the January 4th Impact, Hogan’s friends getting work, Dixie Carter’s spending spree, and more.  But one name that was destined to be mentioned was another former ClubWWI.com guest, Vince Russo.  The polar opposite of Jim Cornette in every way, Russo was charged with writing the shows and working with Jim, which never made any sense.  As JG points out, you’re running a wrestling company, not doing exercises in cooperation.  Cornette explains the main differences between he and Vince. 


“You know, you’re right.  We couldn’t be more opposite.  He’s a Yankee and I’m a southerner.  He’s born-again and I’m an atheist.  He wants to be a writer and I want to be a booker.  If one of us was a black lesbian nun, it would be perfect.  He hates the term “booker.”  “I hate that term,” he wrote on the Internet.  Whereas I hate the term “writer.”  He says a writer is certainly not the same thing as a booker.  Well, you’re right there, bucko. 


When analyzing what makes a match successful in wrestling, Cornette can’t help but notice that the business has gotten away from basics.  He points again to Russo’s philosophy on what builds conflict.


“What Vince Russo thinks it is is an opportunity for a great athlete, who’s not a very good actor, to go out and spout scripted lines about a convoluted personal conflict that’s lead him to this decision about who to fight and why for this week.  Well, the guy’s got A.D.D. so next week he has some other reason.  It just doesn’t work anymore.  Vince Russo is stuck in the 90s.  He needs a time machine.  The 90s are calling for their wrestling back.”


Jim then goes into detail on ClubWWI.com about how Dutch Mantel and Jeff Jarrett convinced him to work with Russo initially, how he tried to quit when Vince was brought on board, what his role was when working there and tons more.


Despite the many hard-hitting subjects that Jim could rant on, there were plenty of positives too.  Not only did he have wonderful things to say about working with Ring of Honor and the company’s future, but also the upcoming “LegendsMania” fan convention on March 13th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.  The event will feature many of wrestling’s all time greats including Demolition, The Koloffs, The Rock-n-Roll Express, The Midnight Express, and many others still to be announced.  Tickets are on sale now at: Shop.Legendsmania.com  Plus, if you enter the promo code “INSANITY” you’ll get $50 off your purchase.  The convention is exciting and not only will James Guttman be there, but Cornette will too.  He does give JG a warning though…


“Don’t come up to me and act like you know me in public.”


Guttman evokes laughter from Jim when he replies that it won’t be a problem at all:


“No.  No.  I’m actually going to be running away from you in public.  I’ve seen enough Youtube videos.  I’m good to go on you.”


Remember, the full 36 minute shoot is up at ClubWWI.com and you can check out all of Jim Cornette’s latest news, rant, and comments at JimCornette.com and all the latest treasures for sale from his amazing wrestling collection online at Cornettescollectibles.com.


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