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On this edition of CAC Radio, hosts David and Morgan are joined by two special guests!  First, CAC board member Gloria Lovell joins us to chat about the upcoming 50th reunion celebration, and then we’ll talk with legendary manager, and 1997 CAC honoree, Jim Cornette about his time in the wrestling business, and how he continues to entertain crowds to this day.

Listen to the interview here!

During his wrestling career, Jim Cornette was an innovator and entertainer of the highest order. He is one of the most influential managers of all time, as well as a world-class personality. To quote his website jimcornette.com, “If you’ve watched professional wrestling on TV or pay-per-view, seen it on a home video, or read about it in a book or magazine for the last 30 years, chances are you’ve seen something Jim Cornette did, heard something he said, or read something he wrote. For three decades, “James E.” has been a fixture in the sport.”

During this interview, Jim Cornette discusses:

  • Growing up in Louisville, KY
  • His first exposure to pro wrestling
  • Working wrestling shows at 14 years old
  • How Jerry Jarrett and Bill Dundee influenced his career
  • Becoming a wrestling manager
  • Working with the Midnight Express
  • The success of the Memphis territory
  • Why he carried a tennis racquet
  • The brilliance of Jimmy Valiant
  • Wrestling against the Road Warriors
  • Learning from Jim Ross
  • Booking professional wrestling
  • Working for WCW, WWE, TNA, and ROH
  • Managing Yokozuna at WrestleMania
  • Training John Cena
  • The “Lasting Legacy: A Tribute to Jim Cornette” event
  • and much more!

Check out Jim’s website (www.jimcornette.com) and follow him on Twitter: @TheJimCornette.

Enjoy this edition of CAC Radio, and get ready for the upcoming 50th reunion, only a few short months away!

Please note – The opinions expressed on CAC Radio do NOT necessarily express the beliefs of the Cauliflower Alley Club itself.