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Special thanks to Daniel Pena for the recap.

Kenny Bolin has been running his mouth about Jim Cornette for months now on “Who’s Slamming Who,” but finally met Cornette in “The Great Debate”. The legendary Jerry Jarrett stepped in as the special guest moderator for this epic (and entertaining) battle.

The first topic of discussion is Cornette not getting Bolin a job with Jerry Jarrett’s wrestling promotion. Bolin says Cornette shielded him from getting a job with Jarrett several years ago. Cornette says he was a nobody at the time, as he was just starting out in wrestling himself and that he had no pull. Cornette says he couldn’t get a job to every one of his friends, but Bolin argues that he was his best friend and he should have gotten him a job. Cornette says Bolin is an egomaniac and that he wouldn’t listen. Bolin says they were going to come in together as a team with Cornette as his manager. The meeting came and went with Cornette going by himself when they were supposed to go together. Cornette ended up getting a job himself, leaving Bolin high and dry.

Bolin says Cornette prevented him from getting a job for eight years because he was scared he’d invade his turf. Cornette argued that he was protecting Jarrett from Bolin.

The two then argue over a failed Ponzi scheme Bolin was angling to get Cornette involved in.

Cornette says he was eventually able to get WWE interested in possibly hiring Bolin ten years ago, but when they talked to him on the phone, Bolin made certain demands, and they passed him over. Cornette says Bolin requested two first class plane tickets on every trip he’s on, as well the hiring of his son Chris to travel with him coast to coast. Bolin says he needed a personal assistant to carry his bags, so why hire some bum or someone from WWE he doesn’t know anything about when they could hire a family member.

Cornette says not one week past Cornette’s firing from WWE, Bolin calls up John Laurinaitis trying to get a job as the new booker of Ohio Valley Wrestling. Bolin tells Laurinaitis he gave Cornette all his storyline ideas anyway, so why not hire him. Cornette says Laurinaitis had enough sense not to hire Bolin.

They then get into an hilarious argument regarding a “meat scam” Bolin did twenty years ago after Cornette brings it up. Cornette says the Kroger’s grocery chain made a drastic error in their marketing plan when they announced a “double your money back guarantee” no questions asked for an expensive kind of meat, which Bolin took advantage of. Cornette says Bolin was making $1,000 a week off of the scam. Bolin admits to taking advantage of the $99 pork loin promotion to get double his money back. Bolin would cut off one piece of meat, and return it to a Kroger’s. He’d then cut off another piece of meat, and return it to another Kroger’s. He’d then cut off a small piece in the middle to feed his family. Tax would also be refunded, so Bolin would wind up with $420 in the end. Bolin said he was in a tough state as a result of Cornette not helping him get a job with Jerry Jarrett, so he did what he had to do take care of his family. He argues Cornette doesn’t have a family and is rolling around like a millionaire, and he didn’t have the advantages he did.

Eventually, Kroger’s caught up with the scam as they asked Bolin his name one time. Bolin replied “Jim Cornette,” and bolted out the door. The authorities soon confronted Cornette himself, which still makes him upset to this day. Bolin claims he never said his name was Jim Cornette, but that he was simply a friend of his. Jarrett chimes into the debate by saying Bolin’s destroying his reputation with all this stuff about him being a meat scammer. Bolin argues he was following the policy exactly as it says, and that maybe he would have eventually found a piece of meat he liked.

Bolin brings up Ohio Valley Wrestling, saying Cornette bringing him into the company was a lie and he was in the promotion two years before he got there. The only thing Cornette did for him in OVW was fire him from the broadcast booth. Bolin brings up Cornette’s stint as a commentator in the World Wrestling Federation, and that he was eventually replaced by Shane McMahon. Bolin asks how bad do you have to be to be replaced by Shane McMahon.

Bolin says Cornette is hanging on by a thread in TNA and thinks he’s not even with them anymore as he hasn’t seen him in weeks since Mick Foley got there. Bolin says every wrestling promotion that ever hired Cornette went out of business with the exception of WWE, who got rid of him “just in time.”

Bolin says that none of this stuff should have been brought up as he was simply doing what he had to do to make a living while Cornette was rolling around like a millionaire. Bolin asks Cornette why he didn’t throw him a bone because he taught him everything he learned in the wrestling business, and that’s all he ever asked of him.

Cornette then brings up a story from last summer on how Bolin kicked his mother out of his house, who was living with him at the time. Cornette says Bolin bought his mother a ticket on a Greyhound bus to visit her own 89-year-old mother in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cornette then says Bolin e-mailed his mother to inform her that he rented her room out to a wrestling school student and to not come back. Bolin says it was a “business investment” and that “sacrifices had to be made.” Bolin didn’t want to sacrifice his own mother, but she was on a fixed income. The wrestling student paid $490 a month, whereas his mother was paying $180. Bolin asks Cornette, “What would you do?”

Cornette says now you know what kind of person Bolin is. Bolin replies he’s a family man. Cornette then rants on him more, saying he used to be his friend, but he saw him for what he is when he tried to undermine him with John Laurinaitis. Cornette calls him an egomaniac, a crook, a con-man, a shyster and other various insults. Cornette says to not to believe anything Bolin says.

Cornette brings up a thing called the Bolin Foundation where Bolin tries to help troubled teenage girls with “counseling,” which Cornette thinks is ridiculous. Bolin says he’s merely a father figure to these girls. Cornette lashes back at Bolin by calling a “Grizzly Smith.” Cornette then calls him the lowest form of life imaginable.

Jarrett concludes the debate by saying the wrestling promoter in him would love to see Cornette and Bolin get in a scuffle or a fight because both of their feelings run deep and they obviously don’t like each other. Jarrett suggests settling it in Ohio Valley Wrestling as they both live in Louisville, Kentucky. Bolin says they had hundreds of fights when they were kids and Cornette never beat him in one. Bolin says despite his health problems, he’d beat him today too. Cornette says that was 30 years and 300 pounds ago, and is afraid Bolin would fall on him and crush him. Bolin says he would fall on him and then beat his skull in until he admits he should have been more supportive of him over the years. Bolin says all he needs is three punches to knock Cornette out.

You can listen to the debate in its entirety at http://whosslammingwho.podomatic.com/.

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