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Wrestling’s most adored curmudgeon is intriguing when waxing philosophic about the sport.  But he’s downright melodic when on the attack. And who knows that better his legion of shoot fans, transfixed on the TV as Cornette acts the unweildy, recalcitrant storm trooper.
Imagine if those fans were in charge of asking the questions to Cornette?
Well, enter today’s DVD release from Kayfabe Commentaries.  “YouShoot: Jim Cornette” is a nearly 4-hour shoot-style interview wherein the entire session is comprised of fans’ submissions, and who better an inquisitor?  The fans know Cornette’s buttons, and where they are fixed.  And they are quick to push.
But Kayfabe Commentaries’ Sean Oliver says the multi-disc set is not exactly what you’d expect.  “Of course you’ll get Cornette at his best on Russo, and Laurenaitis, and WWE, and Kevin Dunn, and that whole cast of targets,” Oliver began.  “But we wanted to make this a memorable release, in many ways the ‘Ultimate Jim Cornette Shoot.’  So the format is a journey through all the wrestling federations, each chapter a new territory.”
The discs start in Cornette’s early days, and move through WCW, SMW, OVW, WWE, TNA, and ROH.  Fans’ questions are centered around those territories.  “YouShoot’s” patented games also make an appearance as Cornette plays “Stump Corny”, a wrestling trivia game, as well as “The Sh*t List”, which needs absolutely no explanation.  And he’s forced to rank them 1-5.
“The disc really has it all for the Jim Cornette fan,” Oliver said.  “You’re treated to his remakable wrestling acumen and his passion for all he loves in the sport.  And then his delicious contempt for anything, that he feels, harms it.”
The two-disc “YouShoot: Jim Cornette” went on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.