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jim-ross 2TSC News host Fred Richani interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross about the current state of professional wrestling and MMA, his NJPW experience, the “Evening with Jim Ross” shows this weekend, WrestleMania, rumors of joining Lucha Underground, and much more:

Jim Ross Interview Time Codes:

00:34 Life after WWE
03:00 Adjusting from wrestling to boxing to MMA to podcasting to one-man shows!
04:15 New Japan Pro Wrestling, Tanahashi, Nakamura
07:12 Using foreign stars in boxing, MMA, pro wrestling
09:30 Kazuchika Okada
10:50 Why Ring of Honor, TNA Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Underground should work together.
12:00 Territory Era
12:46 Jim Ross to Lucha Underground rumors, Konnan
17:05 Roman Reigns, WWE Creative
21:00 Triple H, WWE NXT
24:20 UFC, Bellator MMA signing big names, creating new stars, CM Punk
27:35 Brock Lesnar returning to MMA: UFC or Bellator?
28:52 Conor McGregor, Signing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
31:10 An Evening/Afternoon with Jim Ross show
32:35 Anderson Silva, CM Punk in UFC