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Online World of Wrestling presents OWW Radio Episode #2 with your host Nick Anthony (joined by OWW producer Dave “Kaveman” Kave and Daniel “The Truth” Wade).   Nick and the producers started the show and talked about Valentine’s Day and John Cena’s controversial opinions on A-Rod. The guys then went into what went on this week including a No Way Out discussion.  Nick, Dave and Daniel went over the matches at WWE Pay-Per-View Now Way Out. They had a few different call-ins to hear what the fans had to say about the PPV.

Jimmy Valiant Interview
WWE Hall of Famer, WWWF Tag Team Champion with Johnny Valiant and much, much more. The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant joins our guys on OWW Radio.

Some key notes:
– Jimmy talked about the WWWF Tag Team Titles that were won with Johnny Valiant.
– Jimmy talked about being managed by Lord Alfred Hayes.
– Jimmy talked about working in Memphis and North Carolina.
– Jimmy mentioned about his website and his book.
– Jimmy went over his feud with Jerry “The King” Lawler.
– Jimmy went over his first time using the music, which he was the first to do so.
– Jimmy introduced us to his wife Ms. Angel Valiant, who has her own children’s book as well as her wrestling gear business
– Jimmy let us all now about his wrestling school, that is open every Sunday 12-4 that was founded in 1992, and this September will be 18 years that it was open.
– Jimmy has a Hall Of Fame museum that is also open along with his wrestling school BWC (Boogie’s Wrestling Camp).
– Jimmy talked about him and Johnny Valiant being the first Tag Team inducted the WWE Hall of Fame. He also talks about his new WWE Hall of Fame ring
– Jimmy let us know about his training days.
– We were given the privilege to talk with Jimmy’s Wife Angel and we learned about their children and if they went into the wrestling business.
– Angel told us the she is proud of Jimmy’s pride in his wrestling camp and his Hall of Fame museum.
– Jimmy talked about his amazing marriage with his wife Angel.

As the show came to a close, the guys talked about the game company Midway going bankrupt, as well as TNA cutting a few of their superstars. Nick also mentioned going to a Pro Wrestling Revolution event this weekend. We want to thank all of our Radio Producers who make these shows happen every week, and a special heartfelt thanks to Jimmy and Angel Valiant for joining us this week.

Recap by Ashlen Fyreheart (JHG), OWW Radio Junior Producer

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