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JJ's bookThe following was transcribed by Andy J of www.wrestlingweekly.com: On November 20th, ‘Wrestling Weekly’ hosts Doc Young and Les Thatcher were joined this week by PW Torch’s Bruce Mitchell, talking about the potential wrestling regulations for Georgia & by their featured guest, J.J. Dillon. Wrestling Weekly airs every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern at http://www.wrestlingweekly.com – Doc & Les discussed the following with James J Dillon:

JJ Dillon spoke about the Kayfabe Commentaries project, which he said was something different from the existing shoot interviews. Dillon talked about the booking aspect of wrestling, which he highlighted was a 24/7 job and that if you step away from the wrestling business, then go back to it, it’s more difficult. “When you’re booking, you’re so focused on the roster that you have, storylines, it’s 24/7…the great bookers I’ve known have always approached it the same way, which is why they were successful”. Names which JJ noted who were 24/7 dedicated to their roles were Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson. The next topic discussed was JJ Dillon speaking about the creative side of the wrestling business, with JJ highlighting that it fascinated him. Dillon then pointed out that “Anytime you are doing booking…you need to have a long term plan” and that stepping back and returning to the role of a booker, which he did for the Kayfabe Commentaries DVD, was an ‘eye opening experience’.

Les talked about the new concept for the DVD & JJ Dillon talked about building to PPV’s and running house shows, which he said was different back when there was five pay-per-views a year. Doc said he found interesting that finding Arenas for taping TV for wrestling. Dillon discussed booking arena’s and that arenas have to be a certain size in regards to the aspects relating to filming and positioning of cameras. JJ continued by noting that they needed dressing room facilites and rooms for catering & production and sufficient hotel rooms to house everyone involded. Doc asked if JJ Dillon knew what the card for the PPV was going to look like before he talked about it on the DVD & Dillon spoke about adding additional matches to the pay-per-view he planned.

JJ Dillon then gave his theory on pay-per-views, where he highlighted, they should have winners & losers. Dillon then talked with Les about today’s wrestling & noted he enjoyed the experience working with Sean Oliver & Kayfabe Commentaries and stated they were innovative. Les states it if there’s any young person working in creative today & they buy the JJ Dillon, Gabe Sapolsky & Kevin Sullivan guest booker DVDs they would assist in gaining them an education about pro-wrestling. JJ noted he hopes there would be something there to be learned and then highlighted that Jerry Jarrett & Jerry Lawler booking Memphis six months each of the year, with their being a contrast as each had their own distinctive styles but both worked and the Memphis promotion had a successful run.JJ Dillon called pro-wrestling “the greatest business in the world” & he likes reminiscing about old times with other wrestlers/managers and discussed with Les about the Wrestling Hall of Fame, which is in New York.

Doc & Les then thank JJ Dillon for being a guest and fans can check out the new “Guest Booker with JJ Dillon “DVD at: http://www.kayfabecommentaries.com/DVD_GB_Dillon.html & also JJ’s autobiography “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls: From McMahon to McMahon”.

For more on James J. Dillon, visit his official website at: http://www.jjdillon.com and you can buy a signed book from his website at the same price.

Next week’s guests will be Kevin Kleinrock (Wrestling Society X producer) & former WWE Superstar, Chris Masters

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