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            Wrestlers Rescue (http://www.wrestlersrescue.org) would like to invite you to join in our efforts in providing healthcare for professional wrestlers by going to wrestling shows, conventions, etc. and help in spreading the word of our mission! This request is for you: fan, promoter, wrestlers, passer-by, and any and all around and in between!

            By joining the Official Wrestlers Rescue Street Team, you will be helping us spread the word of our causes all over the world. You will also be lending a hand in creating a much-needed awareness to the pains our squared circle entertainers have endured, while keeping us on the edge of our seats nightly. Posting flyers at local events, banners on message boards and websites, visiting events to inform the fans, entertainers, and promoters, which all sums up to be a network for the Wrestlers Rescue cause. You will also have the unique opportunity to earn Wrestlers Rescue items, including a free cruise!


What Is a Street Team?
A street team is a group of volunteers, who commit to help spread the word of Wrestlers Rescue’s cause and promote specific events/campaigns. By joining the Wrestlers Rescue Street Team, you have a direct opportunity to ensure that our voice is heard by as many people as possible.

What does a Wrestlers Rescue Street Team Member do?
Specific duties include but are not limited to the following:
Post Wrestlers Rescue News Around The Internet
Hand Out Flyers At Wrestling Events In Your Area
Volunteer At A Wrestlers Rescue Event In Your Area

How Can I Join?
To join the Wrestlers Rescue Street Team, visit www.wrestlersrescue.org