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On May 22nd, Wrestling Weekly hosts, Doc Young and Les Thatcher, were joined by featured guest, Jonny Fairplay.

Wrestling Weekly airs every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern at www.wrestlingweekly.com.

Jonny Fairplay joined Doc & Les as their featured guest and they discussed:

– Jonny’s appearance on “Judge Mathis” & VH-1‘s “Where Are They Now”, which featured Ring of Honor and Larry Sweeney

– Jonny getting a concussion after being hit by Nigel McGuiness and more about the “Where Are They Now” episode he was on.

– Jonny Fairplay getting paid to make personal appearances at nightclubs and parties

– Hanging out with other reality TV show contestants

– “The Miz”, who he says was a really good friend of his and Fairplay says that he attended “WrestleMania”

– Has friends who work for WWE and attended the private after-party

– Celebrity Poker Showdown

– ‘WCWA Dream Reunion’, where he was defeated by Molly Holly

– Trained by Manny Fernandez in the Carolinas, Axl Rotten in Maryland and worked with ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper as his personal assistant

– Jonny Fairplay’s new show

– Shark Boy, who he says is “doing really good this days” and whom he has managed

– Meeting Jim Ross, whom he talked about TNA and what he’d like to do in the future

– Fairplay stated he would love to come into WWE as a manager, with his goal in pro-wrestling to be the “next Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan and Jim Cornette”.

– “Survivor”, which Jonny said he appeared on not to play the game but create the character Jonny Fairplay. He continued by saying he wanted to be the “greatest bad guy not only in reality television, but on television in general. I wanted to keep the character on television as long as possible and I wanted to have creative control over that character…I look it as more as a wrestling storyline…”.

– Most of his material is recycled, saying his anti-women rant on “Survivor” was line by line from Andy Kaufman.

– Jonny’s official Myspace, which you can visit at www.myspace.com/dqfairplay

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Transcribed by Andy J. of www.wrestlingweekly.com: