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Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik and http://alanwojcik.com 
In May 2003 IPW Hardcore promoters created the JEFF PETERSON MEMORIAL CUP in tribute to the fallen cruiserweight star who passed in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. Since then the event has garnered a list of international stars who supported the event and honored Jeff’s memory by putting on five star caliber bouts. The previous winners were “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter, Justice, Chris Sabin, Milano Collection AT, Chris Hero & Erick Stevens. On November 20-21 sixteen men will come to Brooksville & Crystal River, Florida to try and join those names. Could this year’s winner be:

“Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger
Height: 5 Ft 9 In
Weight: 210 Lbs
Hometown: Indianapolis, IA
Pro Debut: 2002
Website/Myspace/Facebook: www.DrakeYounger.com or www.myspace.com/drakeyounger
Tournament History: 2009 WXW 16 Carat Tournament (lost to Singo in the finals), Winner 2008 Ted Petty Invitational, Winner 2007 CZW Tournament of Death VI.
Where you have seen him: Combat Zone Wrestling, Insanity Pro, IWA-MS, Heartland Wrestling Association, IWA-Deep South, WXW (Germany), Chikara, Insane Championship Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, IWA East Coast, VIP Wrestling.
Championship held: Current CZW World Heavyweight champion, Insanity Pro World champion, 2x CZW Underground Ultraviolent champion, Insanity Pro Jr. Heavyweight champion, 1st ever IWA Death Match champion, FUCK World Superfight champion.
Alan Wojcik: All sixteen men involved will be asked this question: what were your feelings when you were told you’re going to be part of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup?
Drake Younger: I felt glad to be asked to participate in such a ditinguished tournament. JPC has always been a great event for the wrestlers to give it their all and honor the memory of Jeff Peterson.
Alan Wojcik: Your Myspace lists you being a member of the R.A.A.G.E Dojo. Could you please elaborate and how did you come to be trained by American Kickboxer & Ian Rotten?
Drake Younger: Kickboxer was brought into IPW in Indianapolis in 2002 to help train the young guys that were around the promotion. We quickly got a very good hands-on education in Wrestling as KB took us around the country and treated us like children of his own. He then took us down to Louisville to further our training with Ian which led us to IWA Mid-South.
Alan Wojcik: It also lists being part of seminars run by 2007 JPC winner Chris Hero, Low-Ki, 2 Cold Scorpio and KENTA. Could you tell us something you took away from each person’s event that helped you in and out of the ring.
Drake Younger: The great thing about this business is that you never quit learning. You are always trying to evolve and learn new things. Getting to spend a few hours with these men at seminars and at shows is something very valuable that I needed and appreciated very much. One thing I definitely learned and took away is that “less is more”.
Alan Wojcik: You are one of the few wrestlers who have worked for IWA Mid-South and CZW. If possible can you compare the way the promotions operated (IWA MS folded last month.)
Drake Younger: The current state of CZW is a very good one. With a united locker room, new management, and production, CZW is definitely rockin’. IWA was very good to me and I will always appreciate the things I did in that promotion. I hope they start back up again someday. I think a few bad business decisions might have contributed to the down fall of IWA.
Alan Wojcik: Your website lists you working for a German based promotion called Westside Xtreme Wrestling. How did you come to work for them and talk about the European wrestling experience.
Drake Younger: The wXw office contacted me in 2007 and it’s been a beautiful thing ever since. The atmosphere at wXw shows is simply like no other. It’s like a rock concert crowd right up on the ring giving you back everything that you give to them energy wise. A great promotion with a great future.
Alan Wojcik: You have the interesting experience of winning the CZW Tournament of Death. In one evening you won a Tables, Light Tubes & chairs match, a Weedwhacker match and finally a 200 Light Tube Deathmatch. You can address each match or summarize the night for fans that have never seen the TOD in person or on DVD (onsale at www.smartmarkvideo.com).
Drake Younger: It was definitely a rough night at the office to say the least. I’m glad I didn’t get the receiving end of the weedwhacker(poor DJ). In the finals, I got a pretty bad cut on my chest pretty early on. It was a bit of a nervewrecking situation. I was able to pull through though and even though I was knocked off of a Ryder Truck onto a gigantic light tube log-cabin on a table, I still took home the trophy.
Alan Wojcik: In addition you have also competed in the dreaded Cage of Death. Which is the worst situation to be in, the Cage of Death or any other death match you have wrestled in your entire career and why?
Drake Younger: Being in the Cage of Death is a great honor and I am proud to have done so on a couple of occasions. Without a doubt, the absolute worst match to be in is the 200 Light Tube match…it’s just so many chances to get hurt and so much unpredictibility.
Alan Wojcik: On July 12, 2008 you defeated Nick Gage in a “Tangled Web” Deathmatch to win the CZW World Heavyweight championship. Talk about that night and the honor of winning the championship.
Drake Younger: That was a huge night for me. Nick Gage is the man in CZW. He has been with the company since day 1 and has wrestled at more CZW shows than anyone. It was a very celebratory night. Being the CZW champ is something I take seriously and with pride. It has been a marvelous ride so far.
Alan Wojcik: Time to help you sell some merchandise, talk about the unique shirts and DVD collection I saw on your site. Looks like one is exclusively for your German fans.
Drake Younger: You can get my shirts and other fine attire at myspace.com/Brutalbutchershoppe and at Smartmarkvideo.com Thank you for allowing me the time to do this interview and I am very excited about making my Florida debut and representing CZW at the 2009 JPC…See you there!!
For full event and ticket options including a VIP Package, log onto www.JPC2009.com or www.floridawrestlingfans.com. CZW info can be found at www.czwrestling.com