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Interview Recap – Juventud Guerrera“The Juice” Juventud Guerrera joined the In Your Head Wrestling Radio crew, Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards for a return edition to In Your Head this week on April 8, 2009. Here are the highlights, be sure to check out http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com for the full interview.

Juvi starts right in on his side of the story from AAA recently in Mexico. Juvi says he wants to tell his side because there are so many rumors and speculations.

Juvi says he had a good comeback on the 15th for AAA, and everyone was cool with them and he had a good relation with everyone unlike Konnan tells everyone. Juvi says Konnan got there late and ignored Juvi when he tried to talk to him.

On the next date there was a cruiserweight tournament and Juvi was the last guy into the ring. The spot was everyone starts beating up Juvi when he got into the ring, but he didn’t expect Jack Evans and Pyschosis to really be hitting him. Juvi says when you are a wrestler you know the difference between being stiff and not.

In the back Juvi said thanks to everyone, and Jack said sorry for kicking him the face. Juvi went to open his bag and saw a big piece of sh*t. Juvi said he had no doubt it was Konnan, no one else could get away with doing it. Juvi says this is just wrong. Juvi was waiting for the owner of AAA Dorian, who never showed up.

Juvi went into the locker room to confront Konnan. Juvi says Konnan went between other wrestlers like a coward. Juvi says he told Konnan he busted his ass to help Konnan get back in AAA, after no one in Mexico wanted him to bring him back. He talked to Antonio Pena to get Konnan back.

Juvi then felt Jack Evans attacking him from behind and holding him down and hitting him. Konnan joined in and held Juvi down and punched and kicked him while saying let him up, yet he still punched and kicked Juvi. Juvi says no one helped him, because they feared for their job, because Konnan runs AAA like a mafia.

Juvi was bleeding through his nose, mouth and eyes and was really f’d up. When Dorian showed up an hour later Juvi told him he needed his help and this was no way to run the company and locker room. Juvi was bleeding big time and was taken to the hospital and received stitches, he will have a permanent scar on his eye.

Juvi says he is very frustrated over this. He never expected this from Konnan who he felt was his friend. Juvi says Konnan was never his friend, and never will be. Konnan uses people with talent to get ahead, he doesn’t have the talent himself. Juvi says Konnan used talented guys to get to USA, and burned his bridges in Mexico. Juvi says whil he was getting Konnan back in Mexico and talking to people for him, Konnan said he was trying to get Juvi back into TNA. Juvi later found out Konnan was talking bad behind his back to the people in TNA instead.

Juvi tells a story about working for All Star Wrestling in 2002 or 2003 in Australia and UK. Juvi was paid through Konnan’s account because Juvi was a Mexican citizen. On the first tour Konnan paid him then on the 2nd tour Konnan kept the money. Juvi says it was over $5000 that were paid to Konnan by the company to give to Juvi, but Konnan stole it and never paid him. Juvi says when he confronted Konnan about the money, “Konnan tried to wrestle me and put me down, and like submit me, and he couldn‘t do nothing”. Juvi says Konnan was never a wrestler and was frustrated because Juvi just kept pushing him away, and Juvi just left.

Juvi says he offered to help Konnan with money when Konnan was sick and needed medical help. Juvi says he feels really disappointed that Konnan would talk bad about him. Juvi says Konnan told Jack Evans that Juvi was trying to take his place, to get him going.

Juvi says Konnan is trying to have a mafia in Mexico. He says what is next, breaking someone’s neck or killing someone Konnan doesn’t like. This shouldn’t happen. Juvi says if they did this in the States you’d go to jail or be deported. Juvi says it was a criminal offense. Juvi says this is a beautiful business, and he wants to stop Konnan from doing this to the wrestling business.

Jack says the Lucha Libre commission has suspended Konnan. Juvi says he has had a lot of support from other luchadores. He is really happy that people see this was wrong and that is against the name of lucha libre. Juvi says many wrestlers believe Konnan is not good for wrestling in Mexico, the ones who back Konnan only do so because Konnan is the booker and he promises them jobs.

OIB asks what does Konnan’s problems with Juvi stem from. Juvi says Konnan is an egomaniac and jealous of Juvi and other guys like El Hijo Del Santo. Konnan doesn’t want any competition, and wants total control over everything.

Juvi says he is working on a big project in Mexico. If American workers want to be part of this project they can contact Juvi at his myspace or email address.


Or email [email protected] (Tell him IYH sent you).

Juvi would also be up for working in the United States if any bookers would like to book him. Juvi is putting his school off for now since this incident.

Juvi says he had to have nose surgery because he couldn’t breath or sleep. Juvi says the surgery was really painful, and couldn’t sleep for 3 or 4 days after. Juvi will have the x-rays on his myspace soon.

Jack asks if Juvi ever had problems with Jack Evans before. Juvi says he thinks Jack is great and enjoyed working with him in TNA. He saw his attitude had changed in Mexico. Juvi says Jack Evans and Konnan have connections with Dave Meltzer and other websites who will just report that Juvi has a bad attitude . Juvi said he sees these guys trashing him all over the net so he wanted to speak out.

Juvi says he had a great time working for NEW overseas with Rikishi.

Juvi says he’d like to work for ROH. He has been contacted but his working visa wasn’t ready at the time, but he will have it soon.

A fan caller asks about Juvi’s incident in Australia in WCW. Juvi says it was bad and paid the consequences. Juvi says he knew he was smoking weed, but didn’t know that it was laced with LCD. Konnan knew about it but never told him. Juvi says he is no angel and he should have known better.

Juvi says he just wants to tell the truth, and is happy he is still alive and well. Juvi hopes AAA is run better. Juvi says everyone will hear more from the juice in wrestling and music.

For promoters in the USA looking to book Juvi in the States please visit:

Or email [email protected] (Tell him IYH sent you).

These are just highlights please head on over to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com to hear the full interview, upcoming guests include this week with “The Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez, “The Perfect 10” Baby Doll and Magnum TA on April 15, 2009. Alex “The Pug” Porteau on April 22, 2009, head to InYourHeadOnline.com for all the upcoming details on forthcoming guests. You can also check out In Your Head’s 4 Year Archive at InYourHeadOnline.com which includes guests such as Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Bill Goldberg, Elijah Burke, Danny Bonaduce, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash and many more. Don’t forget you can also leave questions for upcoming guests on the Official In Your Head Message Board at http://www.inyourheadboard.proboards27.com/index.cgi and you can also subscribe to the latest In Your Head Podcasts at http://iyh.blogspot.com.