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Funk’s Corner – Karl Von Brauner
In San Angelo Texas, the ring announcer tried to speak then waited for the crowd to calm down. The noise only grew louder as the heels stood at attention in the ring opposite of my brother Terry and myself.
The ring announcer tried but could not be heard above the roar of the sold out crowd at the San Angelo Coliseum. It seemed a riot was about to begin even before the match got started.
When your Heels have so much heat you cannot introduce them, you have the kind of heat that draws money. A tribute to The Von Brauners, Karl, Kurt and their manager Saul Weingroff..
Not only in San Angelo, but throughout the Amarillo Territory, the Von Brauners drew capacity crowds.
The first time I saw Karl Von Brauner was in my high school days. I will not forget the great match between Karl Von Brauner, (Doug Donavan at the time) and another great worker and high flyer, Larry Chene.
Karl Von Brauner was also an excellent pilot and along with Eddie Graham got me interested in flying airplanes. The Amarillo Territory had some long trips and often we would fly the long shots in private rental planes. Karl would fly the bad guys and I would fly the good guys.
I spent many hours talking to Karl about safety in flying airplanes especially, single engine at night.
I was surprised and saddened to hear of the passing of Karl Von Brauner. Karl spent the last years of his life away from the wrestling business, but his contributions to my learning the wrestling business and aviation are much appreciated.
My condolences to the family of Karl Von Brauner.
Dory Funk Jr. – Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School – http://www.dory-funk.com.