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The Katz Files – Arnie Katz

My Genesis Recap & Analysis

The Kingfish Arnie Katz reports on what happened at TNA’s January pay per view and delves into the Meaning of It All!.

Genesis turned out to be exactly what it looked like: a transitional card that settled little, if anything. There were a couple of excellent matches and several that didn’t seem worthy of a pay per view.

Let’s look at the card match by match…

The pre-show concentrated on the Jeff Jarrett-Kurt Angle rematch, but video clips pushed just about all of the scheduled contests.

The Kingfish comments: Although TNA billed Genesis as a show with a triple main event, only the Jarrett-Angle match really had marquee value. The six-man match was treated like what it was, a “let’s use ‘em all” after-thought.

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” was the theme of the open video for Genesis from Charlotte, NC. The opening subtly suggests that the Main Event Mafia has degenerated into a group of selfish, bullying heels since their original demand for respect.

The Kingfish comments: This served as a good lead-in for the event. It would’ve been even better if announcers Mike Tenay and Don West had picked up the concept instead of clinging to “war for respect.”

The announcers reported that Christy Hemme sprained her neck during a practice session and could not compete in the scheduled match against Awesome Kong. A six-woman tag team match with the woman scoring the pin to get a title shot, replaced the one-on-one championship contest.

Tenay and West also announced that Rhino appeared to be missing. He could not be contacted at his hotel. The search for Rhino and an explanation for his absence was underway.

The Kingfish comments: I assumed that the Hemme injury is a shoot and that the Rhino disappearance is a work. Subsequent events tended to support that perception.

TNA deserves credit for knowing that Rhino-Sting needed some help. They’d get even more praise if they had done a solid build-up to the title match instead of waiting until the actual show to do something to make it seem more exciting and important.

TNA really needs to give more thought to replacement and extra-added matches. Just shoving a bunch of people into the ring doesn’t do the job properly.>B>

Hernandez, Homicide & Eric Young d. Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave & Kioshi
Tag Team Elimination Match

This match was added at the last minute, so there were no predictions.

The Actual Match: Sonjay Dutt used the rope to catapult himself onto Eric Young and eliminated the popular blond with a rope-assisted cover.

Homicide attacked Jimmy Rave. The rocker was having a hot night, though, and rolled up the LAX member to remove him from the match,

That left Hernandez alone to face the three heels.

Hernandez eliminated Kioshi with a Border Toss.

Hernandez then employed a Sit-out Powerbomb to dispatch Sonjay Dutt.

Super Mex threw Jimmy Rave off the top turnbuckle and then buried him with a Cross-Body splash from the top rope.

The Actual Grade: B

The Kingfish comments: The point of this late starter was to showcase Hernandez in preparation for the TNA World Championship match that he won in “Feast or Fired.”

During the match, the camera cut to the back a couple of times to show Jim Cornette and Jeremy Borash knocked at the door of the Main Event Mafia’s dressing room.

After Hernandez finished off the heels, the camera returned to that scene to show Scott Steiner pretty much telling Cornette to get lost,.

The Kingfish comments: This scene tipped the fact that Rhino’s disappearance was part of the plot and not a real-world situation, but that was inevitable. After all, once the show began to build up the case against the MEM, any intelligent fan would have to realize that it was part of the show.

After a quick review of the X Division Tournament and a short introduction by Mike Tenay, it was time for the much-anticipated clash between the two members of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Alex Shelley d. Chris Sabin
X-Division Tournament Finals

The Story: The title, held up as a result of events in the Eric Young-Sheik Abdul Bashir match, will go to the winner of this match between members of The Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin and Shelley both survived the ladder leading to this showdown. The question is, will the team and their friendship survive this match?

My Prediction: Expect a very heavily booked match. Remember, these two guys didn’t win the tournament by skill or accident; this is a storyline. The Guns could well come to the ring with the intention of having one simply lay down for the other. The problem is, both will want to be the one who makes the pin and get the championship win. Alex Shelley will let his desire for fame and glory overwhelm him and he will open hostilities with an underhanded attack. The two will then go all out in an effort to prove their superiority. Chris Sabin will overcome the early disadvantage to once again win the X Division Championship.

A significant alternative possibility is that Suicide will hit the ring and destroy both men when they refuse to fight a decent match.

Predicted Grade: B+

The Actual Match: After shaking hands, they engaged in an extended run of chain wrestling, all without the hint of underhanded tactics.

Shelley tried to blast his buddy with an out-of-ring Suicide Dive. Sabin was too quick. He not only got out of the way in time, but he rushed into the ring and showed Shelley how it’s done with a Five of his own! Alex careened into the outer guardrail.

With Sabin caught in the Tree of Woe, Shelley uncorked a Somersault Splash that was definitely worth the replays the announcers ordered/

Shelley hit a Moonsault and then clamped on the Abdominal Stretch. Sabin elbowed free before he took too much damage.

Sabin came off the top with a DDT that smashed Shelley’s face into the mat at high speed! The count stopped at “two.”

Sabin used the top rope to vault back into the ring. Shelley immediately caught him in an Armbar submission. Sabin broke free out and they swapped Double Underhook Takedowns.

Shelley disrupted an attempted Huracanrana from the top turnbuckle and responded almost instantly with a Powerbomb! When Alex came off the top, Chris got his knees up in time to make it a very unpleasant landing. When Sabin missed a top-rope move, Shelley made him pay with two successful Frogsplashes.

Sabin roared back with a Decapitation Clothesline and Cradle Shock, but Shelley somehow beat the referee’s count. When Sabin tried for a Cradle Shock from the middle rope, Shelley scored with a Suplex, but it didn’t pave the way for a pin. Sabin fought back with chops, but Shelley disrupted an attempted Cradle Shock!

Suddenly, Alex Shelley began rolling around on the mat in agony, clutching his leg. When Sabin went to check on his sidekick, Alex came to life and rolled up Chris for the win.

The Actual Grade: A

The Kingfish comments: This could’ve been a complete waste of time, but TNA let these two talented young wrestlers do their all-out best. The result was an exceptional undercard match in which both men looked strong and capable.

After the match, Alex Shelley extended his hand to Chris Sabin and then gave him a brotherly hug. Sabin didn’t look especially thrilled.

The Kingfish comments: During the match, the announcers both observed that it would be very hard for the Machine Guns to go back to their previous relationship after such a grueling, hard-fought contest. That could be an indication that the Machine Guns will now move into a feud over the X Division Championship.

Jim Cornette told Jeremy Borash that Rhino wasn’t his only worry. Kevin Nash had reportedly picked up a staph infection in a match in Japan and had checked into the hospital.

Mick Foley told Cornette to tell the Main Event Mafia that they would either have to find a replacement for Nash or compete two-against-three.

After a video came the Sheik Abdul Bashir-Shane Sewell match.

Shane Sewell d. Sheik Abdul Bashir

TNA added this match on the iMPACT before the pay per view.>/I>

The Actual Match: Sewell went right for Bashir at the opening bell and soon had the Middle Eastern Nightmare at his mercy in the corner.

The outraged former referee pursued the Sheik into the ringside area. He bashed his tormenter against the guardrail and the edge of the ring.

A Sewell Cross Body Block convinced Bashir that it would be a good idea to go home early. He started up the ramp, but Sewell caught up with him and delivered a Clothesline to the back of the neck! He forced Bashir to return to the ring.

Bashir made every man in the audience wince when he Front Suplexed Sewell so that he got crotched on the top rope! Earl Hebner gave his former colleague a little help getting back in the ring, but the Sheik’s Neckbreaker nearly gave him the decision.

Bashir’s barrage of chops seemed to motivate, more than hurt, Shane Sewell. Bashir landed a Cross Body that almost got the one, two, three.

Shane hit the ropes and clobbered Bashir with a leaping Forearm Smash. Both men went down as a result of the impact. Sewell scored with a couple of right hands that paved the way to a Back Body Drop and a Clothesline. Shane hit a Kneedrop and then a Bulldog, but it still wasn’t enough.

To the delight of the Charlotte crowd, Sewell trapped Bashir in the Figure-Four Leglock. The Sheik made the ropes fairly quickly.,

Bashir started to punch Sewell relentlessly. Hebner ordered him to break, but he refused. He turned on the official, who ducked his swipe and slapped him in the face! Bashir became so fixated on Hebner that he failed to detect Sewell’s powerful Left-hand Lariat!

Sewell fired Bashir into the ropes and caught him with a Sunset Flip on the rebound. Earl Hebner made a rapid count that gave Sewell his victory.

Actual Grade: B

The Kingfish comments: The action between Sheik Abdul Bashir and Earl Hebner didn’t look good. The spot where he chased the ref around the ring looked terrible, because Hebner ran in such a tight circle that Bashir should’ve been able to catch him quite easily. This wasn’t the right place for comedy.

The loss doesn’t hurt Bashir, because it was a screwjob finish. Earle Hebner’s count was ridiculously fast, which will allow Bashir to claim that he is again being persecuted by America. They might even get a rematch out of this, though Sewell would have to lose that one unless TNA plans to put him in the main event class. That’s not very likely.

Sharmell told Jim Cornette that her husband would not answer questions about Rhino. When Booker laid hands on TNA’s General Manager, Shane Sewell sprang to his defense.

The Kingfish comments: This may mean that Shane Sewell will, in fact, continue to wrestle. If so, his next match is likely to be against Booker T. I wonder if Sewell will become a member of TNA Frontline to keep the focus on the war between the factions.
After the video and “tag lines” bullet points, it was time for the tag team title match.

Beer Money d. Abyss & Matt Morgan & Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed
TNA World Tag Team Championship
Triple Threat Match

The Story: Beer Money has attacked Abyss and Morgan at the team’s weakest point, the masked monster’s unstable mental condition. The champs have turned Abyss inside out with their mind games. Adding even more uncertainty to the situation is the inclusion of Lethal Consequences, who won a title shot in “Feast or Fired” and cashed it in successfully on the iMPACT before Genesis.

My Prediction: Matt Morgan and Abyss appear headed for a feud, which is probably ill-advised from several standpoints. To make that storyline fly, though, it would be best if they had the titles when their friendship shatters. The best way to achieve it would be for Abyss and Morgan to get a lot of revenge against Beer Money, but actually have Morgan pin Creed. That would set up a rematch against Beer Money.

Predicted Grade: B

The Actual Match: Just before the bell rang, the camera caught Matt Morgan and Abyss talking at ringside. The mic didn’t pick up what they said, but it looked like they agreed to set aside recent differences and cooperate as they have often done in the past.

Jay Lethal dominated Robert Roode and wobbled him with a Two-Handed Sledge off the top turnbuckle. He couldn’t keep him there for the three-count, though.

When Jacqueline jumped into the ring to shield Roode, they slung James Storm into the same corner to set up a Group Splash by abyss!

A series of Suicide Dives set up some frantic out-of-ring action. First Lethal and Creed took out Beer Money with Dives and then Matt Morgan leveled everyone with a might leap over the ropes into the ringside area.

Abyss wanted to Chokeslam both members of Beer Money simultaneously, but they overpowered him and then steamrollered the Masked Monster with a Stereo Clothesline.

Consequences Creed took a tag from Abyss, which precipitated an argument between Abyss and Morgan. Creed ignored them as he worked over Storm and Roode. Beer Money’s cohesive teamwork soon reversed the situation and Consequences might well have been pinned if Black Machismo hadn’t made the save.

Jay Lethal rushed into the ring after getting the tag and had Roode covered for a pin in no time, but he saw James Storm launch an Elbow Drop to break up the attempt. He moved out of the way just in time to let Storm connected with his teammate.

Matt Morgan focused his might on Jay Lethal, hoping to take the title with a quick pin. James Storm attacked from behind with a Back Stabber to end that bid. Roode pulled off a Neck Snapper from the middle rope on Morgan, but the Blueprint burst free.

One of the tag belts came into the ring, but Abyss got possession. When he tried to use it, he accidentally clocked Matt Morgan instead of Robert Roode! Roode covered, but Lethal knocked him off with a Splash from the top! Black Machismo covered, but referee Rudy Charles was busy with Jacqueline in the ringside area and couldn’t count the pin.

James Storm hit Jay Lethal with the Last Call and draped Roode’s arm over him. Rudy Charles, back in position, counted the pin that gave Beer Money the tag team title again!

The Actual Grade: B+

The Kingfish comments: Coming out of this match, it looks like Beer Money will feud with Lethal Consequences while Abyss and Matt Morgan work out their misunderstanding.

That will give TNA a chance to fix the mistake they made with Creed and Black Machismo on iMPACT. Unless they plan to turn the duo, TNA bookers need to keep them acting heroically. Pouncing on an injured man after a tough match makes them seem cowardly and mean.

If TNA insists on having these multi-team matches, why not try having one man from each team in the ring and allow them to tag their teammate in the usual manner? That still wouldn’t be as good as having one team face another in a straight tag team match, but it would eliminate the logical absurdity of someone tagging anyone except his partner.

Abyss tried to help Matt Morgan to his feet, but the Blueprint pushed him away. That led to an argument we couldn’t hear, but everyone saw the two get nose to nose.

An irate Kurt Angle barged into Jim Cornette’s backstage office to tell him to stop pestering members of the Main Event Mafia.

He admitted that they had gone to Rhino’s hotel and forced him into their vehicle. The Main Event Mafia had then beaten him to a pulp and dumped him in a vacant lot. Angle said they left him cab fare.

The Kingfish comments: Revealing the plot was one step above having the announcers tell you that it happened during a commercial break. Couldn’t they have come up with something better than just having Angle spontaneously confess? And once Angle confessed, wouldn’t you have expected Cornette to level sanctions against the group and its members?

ODB, Roxxi & Taylor Wild d. Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt & Rhaka Khan
Six-Woman Tag Team Match

This was the match that substituted for the title contest that had to be canceled due to Christy Hemme’s injury.

The Actual Match: Taylor Wild looked great during an early section of the match, but Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan took her apart in the ringside area. When Taylor got back in the ring, Raisha Saeed Bodyslammed her and added an Elbow Drop. It wasn’t enough for a pinfall.

Saeed punished Taylor Wild with a Surfboard-type maneuver. Sojo came off the top with a Splash that nearly turned in a three count.

Roxxi took a turn doling out the damage to the heels. She Clotheslined each of them and then Bodyslammed Khan and Bolt!

ODB got into it with Rhaka Khan. The African-American Bodybuilder blocked an attempted Bodyslam, but ODB abruptly changed tactics and nailed her with a Fallaway Slam! ODB Powerslammed Saeed, but Sojourner Bolt foiled the attempted pin.

While the other four women tangled in the ringside area, it isolated ODB and Saeed inside the six-sided ring. ODB quickly executed a Poll Up and pin to earn the title shot against Awesome Kong.

The Actual Grade: B

The Kingfish comments: This was yet another example of what you might call “Quantity Booking.” The theory seems to be that, if they can’t give fans a good match, they should fill the ring with people and let them whale away at each other.

The stipulation was an unnecessary addition to this hastily conceived match. No one really cared about the title shot, and, if they did, the post-match scene would’ve cured them.

Awesome Kong came to the ring. ODB wanted to fight right then, but it turned into a giant melee instead of an actual match.

Awesome Kong Chokeslammed ODB

The Kingfish comments: I am not privy to TNA’s creative process, but I wonder why someone didn’t say that having Kong Chokeslam ODB would totally negate her not-very-impressive win – and then some.

Jim Cornette confronted Sting. Steve Borden bristled at the allegation. He said that he didn’t have anything to do with the attack on Rhino.

The Kingfish comments: I think we’ll look back at this short scene as the turning point for Sting. Unless he’s going to radically change his character, he doesn’t belong in the Main Event Mafia, so he will have to turn away in disgust at some point. It’s coming.

Kurt Angle d. Jeff Jarrett

The Story: Kurt Angle has put Jeff Jarrett at the top of his personal agenda ever since the TNA founder returned from two years of self-imposed exile. Kurt has used mind games and relentless savagery to force Double J to get back in the ring with him.

My Prediction: Since Kurt lost to Jarrett in their first encounter, it figures that Angle will come out on top in this one to set up a “tie-breaker” match at the next, somewhat more important pay per view. It is going to have to be a tainted victory for the former Olympian, though, because a bad Jarrett loss would kill the program.

Predicted Grade: B+

The Actual Match: They stared in high gear with an exchange of punches. Jarrett threw Angle into a couple of turnbuckles. When he banged against the ropes for some extra momentum, Angle stepped around him and seized a Sleeper Hold. Double J took Angle on his shoulder and rocked him with an Electric Chair!

The camera cut to the back where Rhino had arrived at the arena! The War Machine looked ready to explode.

Jarrett beat up Angle in the ringside area, throwing him back and forth against the guard rails! He threw a 20-oz. beer in Angle’s face. He took too much time deciding what to do, which allowed Kurt to get back in the ring and knock Double J clear across the ringside area!

Angle smashed Jarrett’s head against the ring steps and dragged him back inside the ropes. He executed a Suplex, but he couldn’t convert it into a pinfall. The former Olympian hit an Over-the-Knee Backbreaker, but he couldn’t make the cover stick.

When Kurt tried for an Angleslam, Jarrett turned it into an Armdrag. When Kurt charged at him across the ring, Jarrett calmly Backdropped him all the way to the arena floor. Jarrett flew over the top with a Cross Body Block. Their heads collided and both went down heavily. Kurt threw Jeff over the announce table, picked up the timer’s bell and clouted JJ in the head with it!

Jarrett bled copiously. Angle fired shot after shot into the bleeding wound!

Angle battered Jarrett as the pair worked their way up the ramp. Jarrett’s DDT stopped the onslaught. Jarrett and Angel reached the upper stage, where it looked like the King of the Mountain would force his foe to take a long leap off the edge. Angle suddenly turned the tables and Olympic Slammed him into the pyro board!

Both men crawled toward the ring on hands and knees. Both men reached the ring and struggled to their feet. They immediately began to exchange haymakers. They just kept hitting each other, neither man willing to fall.

Jeff hit a trio of Clotheslines and his version of the Pedigree. Angle raised his shoulder before the third count.

Jarrett went for the Stroke, but Kurt turned it into the Anklelock! Angle kept his victim from breaking the hold by reaching the ropes, but the King of the Mountain snapped his legs and rolled through. Angle went all the way out of the ring!

Angle returned to the ring with a chair. Jarrett ducked and nailed the former Olympian with a Dropkick! Jarrett executed the Stroke, but Angle got up at “two.”

Kurt fought off a Superplex and did a Missile Dropkick that only got part of the target. Kurt added an Olympic Slam, but it wasn’t enough to finish the match.

Angle plowed into the ring post on a corner charge. Jarrett wanted to end it with a guitar shot, but Kurt froze him in his tracks with a low blow! Double J crumpled to the canvas.

Kurt Angle grabbed the chair in one hand and the guitar in the other. He asked the fans to decide which he should use on Jarrett. The fans picked the chair, so Angle obligingly tossed away the instrument.

Angle connected with a jolting chairshot to the head. When he didn’t get the desired three-count, he actually attacked the referee!

When Jarrett missed an Enzuiguiri, it gave Angle the chance to clamp on the Anklelock. Jarrett rolled through to escape before he had to submit.

Jarrett turned an attempted Olympic Slam into a DDT. When he fetched the guitar, he found it was broken and, with some reluctance, decided to use the chair. He gave Angle a terrific Chairshot, but his cover was much too slow to work.

When Jarrett finally did crawl over to try for a cover, Kurt Angle rolled him up and got the pin to knot their series at one apiece.

The Actual Grade: A

The Kingfish comments: The timing may not have been ideal, in terms of the overall Respect War, but Kurt Angle needed to win this match. Otherwise, that would’ve even two straight wins for Jeff Jarrett – and that would’ve ended the program prematurely.

The quickie finish was weak, but the rest of the match was so exciting that it earned the high grade despite that flaw.

After the match, Kurt Angle attacked Jarrett again. He wedged Double J’s ankle in a share and stomped on it.

Jarrett left the ring on a stretcher.

The Kingfish comments: The post-match was a little unusual. Normally, the just-defeated heel would come back to get a measure of revenge, but this time the heel just piled another beatdown onto the one that ended the match.

Obviously, there will be another match, a toe-breaker with a major stipulation like a cage. The attack on Jarrett’s ankle, though, raises the possibility that the King of the Mountain plans to hold off that rematch for a little while. The announcers made such a point of dwelling on the injury that we could see it mentioned as a reason to postpone the rematch for a month or two.

In the back, Jim Cornette begged a battered Rhino to give up the idea of wrestling on Genesis. The War Machine refused to give up his chance for payback and golden glory.

The Kingfish comments: What a build-up for what turned out to be a perfunctory match.

After a recap video and “the tale of the tape,” it was time for the world championship match.

Jeremy Borash introduced referee Earle Hebner and the combatants.

Sting d Rhino
TNA World Championship

The Story: The War Machine has become one of TNA Frontline’s most fiery leaders. In the absence of Samoa Joe, it is his task to challenge the Main Event Mafia’s Sting.

MY Prediction: This seems so absolutely cut-and-dried, so definitely a Sting victory, that I almost doubt it. A win for the Man-Beast would be a major shock. So it looks like a ho-hum match – unless the Main Event Mafia meddles in the match and gets Sting disqualified. Then they can get down to the real business, a five-on-one beatdown of Rhino.

Predicted Grade</B?: B

The Actual Match: Rhino rushed Sting at the bell and pounded him both inside and outside the ring. The MEM member met the guardrail several times at high speed. When Rhino missed a charge, it was Sting’s turn to dish out some pain using the same guardrails. Sting smashed Rhino’s head against the announce table so hard that his bandage popped off!

Sting kicked Rhino several times right in the wound on his forehead, which made the blood flow even more freely. The red etched every line in the War Machine’s face.

Sting clamped on a Bearhug and worked it for quite a while. Rhino finally broke free. He floored the champion with a couple of Clotheslines. He Shoulder Blocked Sting in the midsection and added a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. It wasn’t nearly enough to force a winning cover.

Rhino Gored Sting, who showed his veteran savvy by rolling out of the ring. By the time the Man-Beast had his quarry back inside the ropes, the window of opportunity for a pinfall had closed.

The War Machine went to the top, but Sting rolled out of the way of his splash. Sting applied the Scorpion Deathlock. The first time Rhino made the rope, Sting dragged him back before Hebner could break up the hold. The big man from Detroit tried again and this time held the rope long enough for Hebner to get him out of the predicament.

When Rhino missed a Gore, Sting capitalized with a Scorpion Death Drop to a pinning cover. Sting retained the TNA World Championship.

The Actual Grade: B-

The Kingfish comments: Even by my modest expectations for this match, it was a disappointment. It was short and not very exciting, despite all the hoo-hah that preceded it.

The doubts that Sting has recently expressed did not have any bearing on the match. They wrestled as if there was nothing at stake beyond the actual title in either a personal or faction sense.

When Jeremy Borash interviewed the TNA Frontline prior to the match, AJ Styles scolded the announcer for giving up on them too soon.

After am introductory video, Booker T introduced the mystery replacement for the injured Kevin Nash. It turned out to be Cute Kip, who claimed he was really a rough and tough fighter.

The Kingfish comments: Things must’ve been pretty dire backstage for TNA to use Cute Kip in this role. Never mind the fact that it destroyed his character; he currently has no credibility with the fans due to the Cute Kip character.

It’s not always possible to get a major guest star such as Ric Flair, but just about anybody would’ve been a better option than Kip James.

Mick Foley, AJ Styles & Brother Devon d. Booker T, Cute Kip & Scott Steiner

The Story: Mick Foley will get back in the ring for this mini-war between major elements of the two factions in the Respect War. Injuries have taken out Samoa Joe and Brother Ray and fans have to wonder if a rusty Foley can make up for their absence.

My Prediction: Mick Foley will perform a compilation of some of his greatest hits, including a cameo by Mr. Socko, but the heels will pin Devon to take the victory. I see Booker T striking the telling blow and making the winning cover.

Predicted Grade: B

The Actual Match: The teams milled around in the ring for a while and then, suddenly, sprang into action. The resulting melee had all of them in action, some inside and some outside the ring.

Mick Foley brought out Mr. Socko, but it took a DDT of Cute Kip onto a chair to give the Frontline the victory.

The Actual Grade: B-

The Kingfish comments: Why not just put Cute Kip in one of those red polo shirts the designated victim always wore on Star Trek? This was a disappointing match at the climax of a disappointing card.

Despite the announcers’ exclamations, winning this typical TNA cluster schmazz really didn’t make up for the fact that Frontline was completely out of the X Division picture, surrendered the tag team title and failed to win the heavyweight championship. And that doesn’t even count Angle’s win over Jarrett.

Predicted Grade for Genesis: B

Actual Grade for Genesis: B-

The Kingfish’s final comment: A blah title match and too many matches with a crowd of people in the ring hurt this card a lot. The next pay per view will surely be better. In the current economic climate, it had better be.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising daily wrestling column. I hope you’ll all come back and join me – and, please, bring your friends.

— Arnie Katz
[email protected]