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The Katz Files – Arnie Katz

Nobody Asked Me about TNA, But…

The Kingfish Arnie Katz continues a “Katz Files” tradition with answers to some ticklish questions that no one asked him. This t time, in celebration of the pay per view, it’s all about TNA,

I was watching iMPACT and Smackdown this week and…

Nobody asked me, but…

… Isn’t Booker T’s roving accent gimmick about the strangest thing you’ve seen in pro wrestling? Booker ha always been terrible about phony accents; this is the first time it is working for him in any sense.

… Isn’t it interesting the way Sting now appears without his make0up when giving out-of-the-ring interviews? If Steve Borden is tired is this highly derivative character, perhaps they could work it into a mask versus paint showdown with Suicide or maybe Curry Man.

… Is Matt Morgan getting ready to turn heel> His attempts to manipulate Abyss into reverting to his old, violence-prone self certainly don’t seem to be in his partner’s best interests.

… Wasn’t Double J returning the medal to Kurt Angle a classy gesture? Anti-climax though it was, the gesture also saved us from a lengthy repetition of the Benoit-Angle feud over his medal in WWE.

… Wouldn’t it be great, when Booker T finally opens that dam briefcase, if it contained a WWE contract? Well, at least it would be something different.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising wrestling column. I hope you’ll join me – and I’d be especially grateful if you tell your friends about it.

— Arnie Katz
[email protected]