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Kevin Sullivan, the legendary booker/wrestler, is the first booker to showcase his talent on Guest Booker, an innovative DVD series pioneered by KayfabeCommentaries.  The 105 minute DVD is currently available at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.


The series features former pro wrestling bookers being given actual real world scenarios from wrestling’s past, and being challenged to book an entire year in that particular federation to generate an different outcome.  In this inaugural edition, Kevin Sullivan re-books the WWE in 1984 if Hulk Hogan were to call and cancel his arrival.  Sullivan proceeds to book the entire year of 1984 without Hogan, and culminates the year with a Christmas Day Supercard.


KayfabeCommentaries co-owner Sean Oliver says to his knowledge, this DVD is a first of its kind.  “Similar to our audio DVD commentaries, the Guest Booker DVD concept is completely innovative.  The shoot interview opened an interesting door when it hit the market, but ten years later it has not grown very much.  This series is the answer to ‘how can we take this concept to the next generation?’  This is the shoot-style DVD, all grown up.”


The DVD features on-screen graphics to guide the viewer through the process, an element Oliver said was a must.  “I absolutely wanted this to be as much of an interactive experience as possible.  So that’s partially why all the graphics are there.


“But from a more practical standpoint, we want the viewer to easily follow the booking lineage.  As Kevin might jump from December back to June for an angle, I want that calendar to appear at the bottom of the screen.  The booker’s mind may not always function chronologically.  But the calendar will keep order of all that.”


Guest Booker is now on sale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.