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Pro Wrestling production company Kayfabe Commentaries and digital content provider HybridENT.tv have today announced and launched an exclusive agreement.  The deal places Kayfabe Commentaries’ premium shoot-style programs on HybridENT’s network of streaming video.  HybridENT’s channels can be viewed at www.HybridEnt.tv.
HybridENT offers streaming content for a fee for a fixed rental period.  Kayfabe Commentaries’ programming launched on the site today, starting with 5 titles which are available to stream for $9.99 each.  KC co-owner Sean Oliver says it’s the immediacy of the process that was most attractive to the company.

“In today’s marketplace, content delivery has a ‘right now’ relationship with customers,” Oliver began.  “And as progressive as we have been at Kayfabe Commentaries with our programming, the one element we sought to add was the option for fans to view content right away.  This truly adds the next generation element to our product.”
Via a company statement, Michael Pancoast of Pancoast Productions, HybridENT’s parent company, added that this deal is unique as it pairs two innovators in their respective industries.  “Kayfabe Commentaries represents the new standard in shoot-style interviews through its innovative and unique visual media experience, bridging the past, present, and future of sports entertainment,” Pancoast stated.  “Thus, it is only fitting that Kayfabe Commentaries and HybridEnt.TV establish a working relationship that seeks to expand the reach of the Kayfabe Commentaries brand via the unparalleled on-demand visual experience of HybridEnt.TV.”
Beyond the initial 5 full length programs that debuted today, HybridENT will be adding new KC programs on a monthly basis.  KC’s Oliver noted the company was careful in choosing their partner for this venture.  “Digital content delivery is immensely important to the survival and development of any production company today,” Oliver stated. 
“So we had to choose the right platform.  We didn’t want to lock our fans into a subscription deal where they couldn’t pick and choose what they wanted to watch.  We wanted a platform that put the power into the hands of the fans, as far as what they wanted to spend and on which program.  And with HybridENT’s catalogue of wrestling programs, and impressive commitment to the customer experience, they became the obvious choice for us.”
To view HybridENT’s streaming video go to www.HybridENT.tv and for more on Kayfabe Commentaries programs and a company statement visit www.KayfabeCommentaries.com.