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By Simon McCallIn Your Head Wrestling Radio interview hosted by Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards with guest Kenny Dykstra, Wednesday November 26th 2008.


The guys welcome Kenny to the show its his second appearance, Kenny tells the guys he is having a huge thanksgiving party at his house.


A call comes in asking Kenny what was it like working with Victoria and what female wrestler would he like to work with, Kenny says Victoria was cool to work with, she was crazy and they were always playing pranks on each other, Kenny would love to work with Awesome Kong and that she could kick his ass in a fight.


Staypuft asks Kenny what was it like in the Spirit Squad, Kenny says when they were first told about the gimmick by Vince he thought it was a rib, he eventually liked it and wanted to turn them babyface but DX was on Raw too and they didn’t want 2 babyface groups on one show. But it was a great time for him working with Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Ric Flair.


Kenny is asked what was it like being on the road in WWE, he says he loved it he had a fun time he never really got lost much because he has a gps on his phone that helps him out.


Jack asks what it was like working with DX, Kenny says everyone in Spirit Squad loved the opportunity they would argue over who got to take sweet chin music because they all wanted to take it, Kenny says it was a good life experience being in WWE at such a young age.


Kenny also talks about OVW and how he thinks it over prepares guys in a way, but it’s the best place to learn to wrestle, Joey Mercury though him a lot while he was there


A call asks him who his favourite wrestler was growing up, Kenny says Mr Perfect because he had it all he was the best all rounder, Kenny also mentioned he was a big fan of the Harts and Owen in particular and a lot of people in WWE told him he looked and acted just like Owen including Natalya who told him he really looked liked her uncle Owen.


A caller asks Kenny about the incident in 2006 where a fan try to sue him, Kenny tells the story of how he is sitting in his car at a red light when a fan taps on his window looking for an autograph, Kenny rolls down his window and takes a poster from the fan when he opens it to sign it it’s a DX poster, Kenny just wrestled them and didn’t want to sign it so he threw it out the window and drove off, He got a call from the office telling him he was being sued by the fan and would have to go to court, the fan told WWE that Kenny had punched him in the face which Kenny said wasn’t true, it was eventually thrown out of court, while outside the courthouse the same fan wanted Kenny to sign a DVD.


Kenny is asked by Jack for a rib story, Kenny says while in the Spirit Squad they played a rib on the Big Show where they put a sandwich in the middle of the ring before the match and a lasso around it so when Show went to get it they would catch him but it didn’t work and Show got pissed and chased them around the ring 3 times, when the match started Show kicked the crap out of them for the entire match.


Kenny also tells a story about him when he was 13, he went to WWE headquarters in Stamford because he wanted to be a wrestler, he asked at the desk for a job application but was told that’s not how it works, he eventually found Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school and started training aged just 13.


Jack asks Kenny about Jim Ross calling the Spirit Squad the worst group of all time. Kenny tells him he didn’t take much notice of it because they were successful that’s all that mattered to him.


Kenny is asked if he was surprised WWE let him go, Kenny says he was , he knew he was getting fired when WWE called him on a Monday morning.


Kenny says he will see what happens with his career whether he will go to TNA or Japan is uncertain but he is open to the idea, he is a fan of TNA and watches it every week he would love to wrestle Sting and Kurt Angle and loves the 6 sided ring


You can contact Kenny at myspace.com/Dykstra08

Or bookings at [email protected]
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