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Chris Kelly and The Trey Dawg were joined by former WWE Champion Kevin Nash for a special interview on this week’s Running The Ropes found over at www.facebook.com/runningtheropes.radio.

Thanks to LordsofPain.net for the following highlights from the interview are as follows:

How the idea of his WWE return came about: “I was actually on my way to go to the gathering with the Insane Clown Posse and I got a phone call three or four days before that and they said “Hey, do you want to come to SummerSlam and stick Punk and make him lose the title to Del Rio?” I said, “Yeah sure, why not.”

Thoughts on CM Punk: “I would have liked to put the kid (CM Punk) over as I think he is a good talent and I enjoy watching him and he could definitely carry me to having a good match. I have enough left in me and I need somebody with his ability to have that stellar match.”

Thoughts on his last WWE match: “To me, me and Paul didnt have my last match (as) I think I deserve to have a last match and if I could put someone over, I would be happy to do so. I have a few movies coming up so I’m enjoying working on the Indies as I can work when I want to work.”

The difference between being on a WWE Legends contract as opposed to a TNA contract: “The money (being offered in TNA) was becoming almost global wrestling proportion. My whole thing is, you can offer me $200,000,00 for 10 dates but you own my brand, my name and my name is worth more than $200,000,00 whether I step in the ring or not.”

Stating on Twitter that the WWE Hall Of Fame means “nothing to me”: “I was just emotional as a really close friend of mine got released and then you get this people on Twitter who go on a rant taking about the WWE Hall Of Fame and it’s like, you know what, Randy Savage isn’t in the Hall Of Fame, Rick Rude isn’t in the Hall Of Fame and there is a lot of cash cows that where mentors to me that I wouldn’t comfortable being in the Hall Of Fame in front of them.”