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Kevin Sullivan Answers the Public

Kevin Sullivan’s storied and controversial career makes him a great interview guest. Besides all that has passed before his eyes, Sullivan keeps a mysterious front, seldom opening up. Well all that changes with Kayfabe Commentaries’ release of “YouShoot: Kevin Sullivan,” available today.

The DVD series allows the general wrestling public to ask questions to the more provocative figures of the business. And in turn, the guests agree to answer everything. The formula has made the series unpredictable and wild at times. And this edition debuts a new wrinkle to the series…fellow wrestlers have also submitted videos for Kevin to answer.

The DVD runs 2:20 and features Kevin answering questions ranging from his booking, the WCW, a myriad of wrestlers including The Iron Sheik, Brian Pillman, Hulk Hogan, Eddie Gilbert, Chris Beniot and more. Sullivan also speaks candidly of Nancy Sullivan. Sullivan is drawn into discussions about Satanism, drugs and alcohol, booking difficult talent, and the his take on the horrific tragedy in Atlanta.

“YouShoot: Kevin Sullivan” is available at www.kayfabecommentaries.com, as a Standard Edition and also as a limited KC Signature Edition, suitable for the collector’s framing with Sullivan’s personal signature.