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Superman don’t bleed.

After an exchange of punches, Jay Briscoe plummeted to the canvas in a heap of bloodied flesh leaving Kenny King to claim what was certainly and rightfully his – a guaranteed World Tag Tea Championship match for him and his partner, Rhett Titus, collectively known as the All Night Express. It was a surreal sight to see as Titus smiling triumphantly while he donned the “crimson mask”. Before the partners’ gave each other a congratulatory embrace, King made sure to carve this night to memory by “signing” the contract’s envelope in Jay Briscoe’s blood. At long last, ANX would get their title shot. King’s climb of the ladder not only won ANX the match, but served as a turning point in their career and forever changed their image as we know it. Kenny King and Rhett Titus have reached the main event. They are ready to become champions.

Hello I am Eric Atreides and this is From the Top Rope.

This shit started at Final Battle in New York and it’s gonna end at Final Battle in New York.

Kevin Steen’s crusade is coming to a grand finale. From what started nearly two years ago has culminated into one of the most important events in Ring of Honor’s existence. What you may not have realized is that Kevin Steen is more over than any other wrestler in the company and he has not wrestled with ROH for NINE MONTHS. After the powerful feud with El Generico between ’09 and ’10, Steen was forced to leave ROH and has only appeared twice since. Take note, WWE.

Where’s the Steve Corino that would take a fork and cut people open? Where’s the Steve Corino who pushed me to get more sadistic and evil than I ever even knew I could? Where’s Steve Corino, King of Old School?

Jimmy Jacobs can’t possibly stand in the way of Kevin Steen alone. Will those on the ROH roster think that Corino is worth saving or will they let Steen corrupt a man in recovery? Steve Corino is teetering on both sides and Jacobs is the only one who is keeping him from straying. Weeks prior, the thought of wrestling El Generico almost sent Corino into an incapacitating panic attack. What would happen if confronted by Generico or Steen? In the months leading up the Final Battle, our speculations will be realized.

Don’t forget to check out the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show at sunsetflipwrestling.podomatic.com for the perfect perspective on professional wrestling. I will leave you with a final warning from Kevin Steen:

Jim Cornette, please remember this:

You cannot keep me out of ROH. You can swear on your mother’s grave all you want…your mother’s grave doesn’t mean shit to me. I will show up in ROH again, sooner or later. And when I do, it’ll be with one goal in mind…

To bring the whole f*cking company down, for good.

See you soon…