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Sunset Flip Presents
King of the Ring 2010
By Jim Boy Star

This coming Monday the WWE is returning with its King of the Ring. During this column, I will take a look at each competitor that has been confirmed and their chances of winning.

My ultimate prediction for this year’s King of the Ring is that Daniel Bryan will go to the finals, and whomever he fights he will lose. I do not really have any reason to think this, but I have a gut feeling that situation will come to play.

Let’s start with Alberto Del Rio. A young star that has lots of momentum going his way. Unlike another person in the tournament, which I’ll get to later, Del Rio doesn’t need the win. However, it can’t hurt at all for him to the win the tournament. I think Del Rio is one of the top three picks to win the whole tournament.

Alberto Del Rio’s Chances: Very good

Cody Rhodes is another star that is beginning to get a fair share of a push. However, I do not see it likely that he is winning. Cody’s gimmick does not fit the “crown” of King of the Ring. I definitely see him going past the first round,

Cody Rhodes’ Chances: Unlikely

As mentioned before, Daniel Bryan I see going to the finals but ultimately loses in the finals. However, Bryan does have lots of momentum and since he is holding a title belt, this could put him over the top.

Daniel Bryan’s Chances: Unlikely, but WWE could surprise us

How many times have we heard before, “Drew McIntyre is the chosen one”, “Drew McIntyre is Vince McMahon’s guy”, and “Drew McIntyre is the future”. Despite all these high claims, he has not done anything memorable. Well McIntyre fans, get your flags ready because I think McIntyre definitely has a great chance of winning the 2010 King of the Ring. Drew needs something and this might exactly what he needs. Plus, I can picture the finals being “Mr. McMahon’s chosen one” vs “The indy wrestling cult icon” and McIntyre with the win.

Drew McIntyre’s Chances: Very likely

If I were booking the King of the Ring, I would have Ezekiel Jackson win the tournament. I am a huge Big Zeke fan and feels he should get a push. Unfortunately, I’m not booking WWE (which is a shame cause I could do a hell of a better job as I have proven before) so I don’t think Ezekiel will win. I’ll be happy if I see him destroy Cody Rhodes in the first round and at least get to the 2nd round.

Ezekiel Jackson’s Chances: Unlikely

John Morrison has no chance of winning this. Probaby the worst chance out of the eight.

John Morrison’s Chances: Highly unlikely

Kofi Kingston has no chance of winning this tournament, but at the same time, he has more of a chance than John Morrison.

Kofi Kingston’s Chances: Unlikely

Sheamus is the last participant I will discuss and he has an excellent chance of winning the King of the Ring tournament. If only for one reason, out of all eight participants he needs it the most. He has lost to the lowest of the low on the WWE totem pole, Santino Marella and then lost to John Morrison. Losing to John Morrison it itself isn’t that bad, but when you come off a loss to the man that loses to women, it looks bad. So I think Sheamus has a great chance. Plus, if he becomes king, this could lead to the Triple H return since he is “The King of Kings”.

I hate Triple H. I don’t want to see him back but this would make sense. Then again, I think it makes sense for him to never come back on television.

Sheamus’s Chances: Very likely

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