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Former WCW United States Champion, former WCW/TNA World Tag Team Champion, & one of the former members of The LAX, Konnan, was one of the special guests on this past week’s live edition of Monday Night Mayhem (09/10/07), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade, and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, www.ProWrestlingPress.com, www.AllWNYRadio.com, www.Showdown,net, & www.AudioWrestling.com).

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Konnan’s third-ever interview on The Mayhem can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview provided by Mayhem listener, Daniel1991.
The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed the “K-Dawg” back to the program for some of his first comments since his kidney transplant surgery. Konnan is feeling better day-by-day after spending over 20+ days in the hospital.
Since Konnan was last on The Mayhem, things have definitely changed in the wrestling business. With regards to the Wellness Policy in the WWE & the federal government wanting to step in to look at the business with a microscope, Konnan said it’s pretty hard to any business to “police themselves” the right way, because they will try to protect their top guys. He hopes that, for the sake of the younger guys in the business, that something can be done (whether it be health benefits, a union, better monitoring for concussions, etc) to protect their future & their own well-being.
In response to The Sports Legacy Institute’s findings on the brain tissue from Chris Benoit & the WWE’s response to those findings, Konnan believes that the company was indeed hypocritical & callous in their corporate/company response (Konnan’s take on Benoit’s medical condition: “it did not happen over natural progression”). He thinks that the WWE will be forced by Congress to change some of their ways.
Konnan did give some testimony to Congress over the past few weeks, and he was very surprised to say the least how well-informed they were in their research & what they have found. His initial thoughts were that Congress would be naive about the subject & what was/has been going on. Without a shadow of a doubt, he thinks the wrestling business will change & that hearings could very well happen.

Blade & Mosh brought up two names on the current WWE roster: the current ECW World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, & “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Would it be smart for the WWE to have both superstars testify in front of Congress to showcase what the positive side of the wrestling business is? Konnan said that two or three guys will not change the mindset of Congress, and it will take more than that — simply because a lot of people were caught with steroids & HGH. “Their credibility was tarnished.”

Konnan is disappointed with the way things went down with himself & TNA, and there is “irreparable damage.” He said that he cannot work for a company that is racist & lied to him for several years. Konnan continued on by saying that Jeff Jarrett runs the company “sub-standard-ly.” At the end of his run with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, he went out there very sick (on dialysis), and in the long run, could not even get a raise, when he needed it. He blames himself though, because he “prostituted himself for a long time at a very cheap price…Enough was enough.”
Konnan told Mosh & Blade that the WWE will never have a problem getting on good talent & developing younger stars because of their feeder system, and he would not be surprised to see some the “under-utilized” guys in TNA that are not very happy leave and go to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Konnan hopes that The LAZ (Homicide & Hernandez) stick together, because they are the future of the business — just like a large amount of the under-utilized TNA talent — such as Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, Kazarian, & others. He believes that TNA feels they have to push the “big” guys & the former WWE stars on their roster. But based on this mentality, “the business has passed them by.” Konnan does think it is unfortunate that TNA has “not really done anything” with The LAX since he left.

Konnan thinks that the TNA television product could be a lot better in different ways, especially when it comes to the writing of the shows. Konnan is hoping that they can take ideas from hit shows like 24, CSI, & South Park and integrate it into the current product. But, “all they watch are westerns & Nascar.” He believes that those higher-up in the company do not really listen to the fans, let alone some of their own talent.

Two names that were rumored to have been suspended by the WWE were William Regal & Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Mosh asked Konnan if he thinks both gentlemen will learn from their mistakes & if they will see this as a wake-up call. “It just goes to show how sad this business really is, that despite the loss of family & close friends that you continue to do what they did.” Konnan went on to say that when you lose someone in the business, that it’s hard to cope with it — and if they did the same things as the person who died, then that’s putting pressure on themselves.
To round the interview, Mosh & Blade mentioned Ring Of Honor going on the road to Las Vegas & California in the coming months, and asked if promotions like ROH are the future of the business. Konnan said that “people don’t watch the TNA PPV’s…and they have big names on there.” Fans will try to watch something that has a big star on the particular product, but it also helps that the ROH product is good enough, cheap enough, & fresh enough for the fans to follow.
*All of this goodness & more can be found in this spectacular 40+ minute interview on The Mayhem: including Konnan’s uncensored takes on Mr. Kennedy “kissing the company’s ass,” some insightful passages into the biography of Eddie Guerrero, what he sees out of Rey Mysterio’s WWE comeback & his new DVD, more thoughts on TNA management, the new two-hour timeslot for iMPACT & whether or not it will be a good or bad thing for the company (and who he thinks we will see more of), why TNA is the “Jeff & Dutch” show & why the X-Division is “not being taken seriously” by TNA. Plus, Konnan let the fans know what AAA has planned for the United States in the weeks & months to come — something to stay tuned for! And in closing, Konnan has a very special message to the fans who have helped him throughout his entire career, and especially in his time of need.
*A special Paypal account & e-mail address ([email protected]) has been set up (by Georgiann Makropoulos & Anthony DeBlasi), so everyone can send their continued donations for Konnan’s recovery from kidney transplant surgery. We invite everyone to donate what they can to Konnan’s cause. Also, check out Konnan’s official MySpace page (located at www.MySpace.com/Konnan619), and wish him your own get-well wishes.

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