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Konnan 5

Former WWE and WCW star Konnan has been tweeting about Alberto Del Rio‘s WWE departure and how Rey Mysterio is currently tied up in a contract dispute with the company. Konnan says they would love to have Del Rio in Mexico’s AAA promotion and want to talk with him after he’s completely free from WWE.

Here are some of Konnan’s tweets:

“Should be no surprise what happened to Del Rio..There has always been rampant racism in the industry from subtle to obvious..#Putos”

“@WWE released @RRWWE???? @VivaDelRio now #Free @reymysterio #Putos #NoValenVergs”

“Ray deserves more respect, he’s given WWE everything bar the kitchen sink #FreeRey”

Konnan also tweeted Cody Barbierri, the WWE.com social media worker that reportedly made a racist remark to Del Rio, leading to Del Rio assaulting him and then being released. Konnan wrote:

“@CodyBarbierri don’t even think by a longshot this is over..#RazaIsWatching #Cuidate”

Another fan asked Konnan how does he know that the whole Del Rio incident isn’t a work. He replied:

“because i talked to ADR and racism is still rampant in the industry”