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Lacey Von ErichThe following was transcribed by Andy J of http://www.wrestlingweekly.com:On Tuesday February 5th, Wrestling Weekly’s live broadcast was interrupted in the first hour by a tornado warning and power outage at the studio, but after the “all-clear” signal, hosts Doc Young and Les Thatcher picked up right where they left off and were joined by their featured guest, Lacey Von Erich. Here are just some of the highlights:

Les began the interview by saying he wrestled Lacey’s grandfather, Fritz Von Erich. Lacey jokingly blurted out “So you’re really old!”

Lacey said that it was a surprise for her family that she got into pro-wrestling as she had a advertising company. She noted that she’s interested in extreme sports and said wrestling was the “next step”.

Lacey highlighted that WWE called her and asked her to work in developmental & that she was skeptical when asked if she wanted to either wrestle or be a valet. She continued by saying that WWE contacted her through her uncle, Kevin Von Erich. Lacey pointed out she called John Lauriantis and that she went to ‘Monday Night Raw’. She noted that being backstage made her cry, that wrestling was definitely what she wanted to do and she signed a contract with WWE that night.

Doc asked if Lacey was wrestling on the independents beforehand. Lacey pointed out that she wasn’t wrestling and had a advertising company. Les asked Lacey about her education and she stated that she has taken college courses. Lacey then spoke about her life, saying she left Texas to move to Miami, got her real estate license & got engaged for three years and had a son. She then said she dropped everything for wrestling as it was something she wanted to do.

Doc asked what it was like for Lacey at WWE developmental. She talked about her time there in some detail, highlighting “they were really careful with me…”. Les asked about working with Dr. Tom Prichard. Lacey stated she loved working with Dr Tom and said him and Steve Keirn helped her out a lot.

Doc’s wondered if Lacey enjoy performing as a valet. Lacey said that she valeted three times and that “it was fun” but definitely prefers wrestling over being a valet and that wrestling is “so much more fun”.

Doc talks about the battle of the third generation Divas with Lacey against Nattie Neidhart. “I was really nervous as it was the first match I ever had…”, Von Erich continued by saying that after Nattie slapped her she forgot everything she was supposed to do because it hurt so much, but “it ended up being okay…really fun”.

Lacey then talked about being a Mom and about her interest in graphic design. Lacey spoke again about Steve Keirn & Dr. Tom and about her leaving WWE Developmental. She continued by saying that she loved going to practice and it was “so much fun”.

Lacey then talked about being a Dallas Cowboys fan & she was upset about them not being in the Super Bowl this year, but watched this year’s game from the third quarter. Les stated he was a Washington Redskins fan. Super Bowl & beer talk ensued.

Les asked if Lacey feels any pressure because of her family’s legacy. Lacey said she wants to “bring old school to the table, I don’t want fans to see me not wrestle well…”. She emphasised she wants to “be classy, it’s my family I’m representing…I want to make my family proud”. Doc asked if she got any heat from trainees because of her last name. “Everyone was really nice…I think I got more heat on the internet…”.

Doc then asked if Lacey watches any TNA Wrestling. Von Erich responded by saying not really, but would definitely work with TNA. Les asks if Lacey has a solid schedule on the independents on the West Coast. Lacey Von Erich said she gets most of her bookings through her Myspace and had eight matches in two months.

Doc said he found four Lacey posers on Myspace before finding her official page. Lacey’s response was that she didn’t know that & she wants to look it up. She immediately started looking at myspace.com during the interview! Les asked if Lacey is getting much ring time. She said her most recent match was a month/month & a half ago. She said on February 23rd in North Carolina she hopes to get some ring time then.

Lacey stated her official Myspace is: www.myspace.com/sexymama717 She said the handle is because July 17th is her birthday, and she was pregnant at the time she created it.

She spoke about her upcoming bookings which are in North Carolina and Texas Championship Wrestling on March 21st and her other bookings.

Doc & Les then thank Lacey for being a guest, tell the fans to check out her official website and wish her luck.

Next week’s featured guest will be former WWE & ECW World Champion, Rob Van Dam

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