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Just a short time ago, Trevor Murdoch came to World Wrestling Insanity for his first post-WWE shoot interview.  Now, his partner Lance Cade takes it one step further as he joins ClubWWI.com for a 67 minute shoot which, according to Cade himself, is his first shoot interview…ever!

A part of World Wrestling Entertainment for most of this decade, Lance Cade has had many ups and downs within the company.  Title reigns to uphill battles, Cade has literally clawed his way to the top.  From Jindrak to Jericho, he’s done it all.  As a student of Shawn Michaels (in the class of Bryan Danielson and Brian Kendrick), Lance was given a strong foundation and shares stories of the early days learning from Shawn, but it doesn’t end there..  In his ClubWWI.com shoot, he discusses it all including: The Full Story Behind His WWE Release,  Why He Became “Garrison Cade,” Why He Hated It, Asking Vince McMahon To Change Back, The Original Plan For Michaels-Jericho at SummerSlam, How HBK Got Brian Kendrick To Do His First Moonsault, His Friendship With Trevor Murdoch, Why TNA is Like WCW…In a Good Way, Why He Hated Working With Cryme Tyme, Memories of Steve Bradley, His Best Match Ever, The Dudleys, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Triple H, Les Thatcher, and  Much More.


One subject that James Guttman brought up with Cade on ClubWWI was his release.  At the high point of his singles career, Lance was suddenly gone.  While no different than many others before him, the thing that made Cade’s WWE departure stand out was Jim Ross and his blog.  Surprisingly, J.R. went online and told the world that the former Tag Team Champion was released after having a “seizure” while on a flight.  The posting did little more than fan fires and stir rumors.  JG asked Lance about the release itself and how he felt when reading Jim’s blog.  Cade responded:

“Well, as far as the release goes, I’m going to flat out admit there’s no one else to blame for what happened but Lance Cade.   And there’s only one person who has to deal with that right now and that’s Lance Cade.  Even more important than Lance Cade is his family.  So, you know, what happened was my mistake.   I wasn’t so much upset that, they could have just released me and not said anything.   You know what I mean?  But J.R.’s cryptic blog, it surprised me a little bit.  I wasn’t happy about it.  But, J.R.’s got a job.  He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.  I understand there had to be some business reason behind it, so I saw it the next day, I put it in the back of my head, you know? “

Lance went on to speak about his history with WWE.  While he takes responsibility for what happened that lead to his release, he lets fans know that he never once received a Wellness Violation – even for marijuana – which he finds to be silly reason for a violation anyway.  Cade’s record was clean until the day he was let go. 

Lance Cade then goes on to give the full details on what lead to that day and how it all began last Christmas.  He talks about the injury he suffered, the bad choices he made, the advice Randy Orton gave him, and other wrestlers who had been in his position.  In an extremely open discussion, Cade puts up no walls and explains his side of the story for the first time…without making any excuses for the major mistake he made.  In fact, in the ClubWWI.com shoot, he freely admits:

“If I were WWE, I would have fired me too.”

Any promoters interested in booking Lance for future shows can contact Bill Behrens at [email protected]

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