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CZW returns to South Philly with a DEADLY DOUBLEHEADER!

Fan Appreciation Show!
Saturday, February 13th, 2010!
The CZW Arena – 230pm Belltime
Admission is FREE!

CZW’s 11th Anniversary show!
The CZW Arena – 7PM Belltime
7 W. Ritner St – South Philly
For Tickets and more info: www.czwrestling.com

2/1 – Opportunity knocks for four young competitors on February 13th!

By A.L. for CZWrestling.com:

Hunger, in all of its incarnations, is an amazing motivator. It can push people past the limits of what they once thought they were capable of, both in good and bad ways. The key though is channeling that hunger into accomplishing extraordinary things, to achieve a higher level and all the rewards that come with it. On February 13 in Philadelphia, four young men will attempt to harness the full power of their hunger in hopes that it manifests into a spot on the Combat Zone Wrestling roster.

The names Andy Harner, Aaron Arbo, A.R. Fox, and Jonathan Gresham might be unknown to most people reading this but all four of these men will do everything in their power to change that because their pride, and the passion that has led them to this point, will not allow them to accept failure. They have worked far too hard to remain in obscurity, and this is the opportunity they have been waiting for.

“Unbreakable” Andy Harner vs. “High Profile” Aaron Arbo

Nicknamed “Unbreakable” because of his tenacity and high risk style, Andy Harner uses innovation and speed to punish his opponents. Harner’s unpredictable and high flying offense has earned him a reputation, rightfully so, as one of the most exciting young talents in the central Pennsylvania scene. Not to be outdone, his opponent Aaron Arbo isn’t afraid to take to the air either. Arbo’s mixture of high flying and hard hitting, aggressive pro wrestling has continually heightened his profile in the coal region of Pennsylvania. Fireworks usually happen when these two are in the ring together, but on this stage you may want to prepare yourselves for even more.

A.R. Fox vs. Jonathan Gresham

26 is the magic number. Thats how many hours these two will have spent in a car by the time they get home after their CZW debuts. Although trained by the monster Mr. Hughes, these two standouts from the Georgia independent scene could not be more different from their mentor. A.R. Fox combines a mixture of high flying, explosive power, and high impact strikes into an exciting style that highlights his incredible athleticism. The sky, literally, is the limit for A.R. Fox and he will look to make an impact when he enters the CZW ring. His opponent Jonathan Gresham is no slouch either. Influenced by various international styles of wrestling, Gresham relies on his technical wrestling ability to set up his opponents for his impressive aerial attacks. Perhaps his most overlooked ability though is the way he is able to adapt to pretty much any situation he finds himself in. Both men will be going into this match with nothing to lose, which will be to the viewers benefit because they will do everything in their power to impress both CZW fans and CZW management alike.

As Combat Zone Wrestling celebrates its 11th anniversary, it is only fitting that it gives four young men the opportunity to shine and break out. After all, isn’t that what CZW did inside a small building in Mantua, New Jersey on February 19, 1999? These four young men will try to do what Lobo, Ric Blade, Justice Pain, and Nick Gage did on that night, and there is no better way to celebrate CZW than that.

While CZW Management has yet to announce which portion of the Doubleheader the following matches will occur on, CZWrestling.com has learned that the following contests have been confirmed for Saturday, February 13th’s CZW Anniversary Spectacular!

B-Boy (C) vs. Jon Moxley

Necro Butcher vs. Sami Callihan

“Unbreakable” Andy Harner vs. “High Profile” Aaron Arbo

A.R. Fox vs. Jonathan Gresham

– Head over to CZWrestling.com now for exclusive videos messages from the CZW locker room, announcements, and more matches and news regarding the lineup in the build to CZW’s huge February 13th celebration of 11 years of Ultraviolence!