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2016 CAC Reel Honoree Pepper Martin has released a new book entitled “Shrapnel of the Soul and Redemption”.

This story is a personal reflection on the life of Pepper Martin, professional wrestler, football player, actor, producer, writer, husband, father, and grandfather and the guy next door. Pepper is a self-made man with little formal education whose life was marked by violence, controversy, physical pain, and emotional suffering. The shrapnel of his soul began for him at age seven and a half and his journey through redemption to the Lord will resonate with most anyone who recognizes the similarities in their own lives. The story of his childhood as the son of a Canadian bootlegger, life on the road as a professional athlete, the many women who crossed his path, the stars he befriended as an actor, his ties to organized crime both in the United States and Asia, the love of his family, and his eventful relationship with the Lord in his attempt to remove the shrapnel from his soul will astound the reader. (W

The book is available at this link!