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The great Les Thatcher may be the most experienced and diversely talented mind currently active in professional wrestling. Starting his career in 1960, Les has seen and done it all. He has been a wrestler, trainer, booker, promoter, and television announcer. He helped produce the very first WWWF color magazine, and was a forerunner in the concept of merchandising via pro wrestling T-shirts. He was a central focus of an episode of MTV’s True Life and even once ran a WWE developmental territory. He has worked with all the greats all across the country from Georgia Championship Wrestling to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and countless others and remains one of the most admired and respected teachers, mentors, and advisers anywhere today.
Les and his over five decades of experience are available to YOU to bring to your town or promotion for a no-nonsense all-inclusive crash course in all facets professional wrestling. From the in-ring mechanics to the overall presentation, you can’t help but learn something when speaking to a timeless great like Les Thatcher. Les is ready to get on the road and pass his priceless knowledge onto you NOW via one day or weekend long training camps. Here are the details:
What do the sessions consist of?
The one day seminars normally run from 9:00AM till 5:00PM with an hour break for lunch. Bring Les in the night before & send him home the morning after. He is open to do a Q&A session the night before the day of training. The weekend training camps run 9:00AM till 5:00PM with an hour for lunch each day. If your promotion is running a show on the Saturday evening Les will gladly help in the locker room, and sit
in to do color commentary if you are recording the show. Bring him on Friday, do a Q&A session that evening, Send him home on Monday morning.
What do these sessions cover?
There is no set itinerary but each seminar/training camp is built around the experience and skill level of the athletes taking part. Covered during that time is everything involved in the business of professional wrestling. Ring psychology, conditioning, pacing, correct use of holds, building a match, telling a story, nutrition, weight training. In ring drills, single training matches, tag team training matches, etc. Les will also work with your trainers, bookers, announcers, television crew over a weekend if time permits in helping them improve your product and sharing his 56 years of experience in every aspect of the industry. Les prefers the weekend sessions as they give more time to cover a bigger area, and also gives the trainees more time to get comfortable and try things, and gives him more time to see where the most work is needed.
For questions, comments, or to schedule a camp:
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Testimonials at: www.epwt.com
Feel free to contact for references:
Danny Cage owner The Monster Factory
Luke Hawx Owner Wildkat Sports
Tony Givens Owner NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Derek Thorne Owner Why We Wrestle
Dave McCloud Owner Ground Xero Wrestling
Ryan Drew Owner Top Rope Promotions