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Lita made an appearance on Raw this week. It was being called a “one time appearance.” But that may soon change as she has stated that she’s interested in making a return to pro wrestling.

Lita departed ways with WWE back in 2006. She was pretty unhappy with the company around the time when she left. However, wrestlers change there minds pretty fast when it comes time to making a return; Lita is no exception. It was solidified by the fact that she agreed to work a segment on Raw this week.

As of late, Lita has been telling many of her friends that she really wants to make a return to the ring. It’s been four years since she’s been gone and the itch to return has probably started bugging her.

If Lita does decide to make a return, it could add more depth to the very poor WWE Diva’s division. She’s one of the few Divas that can put on a very solid performance in the ring. The majority of WWE Diva’s are flat out horrible in the ring.

Hopefully she does decide to return as it has been extremely long since we’ve seen her in a WWE ring. It’ll be interesting to see which way things go.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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