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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.

Happy mother’s day and welcome to the LIVE REPORT of the TNA Sacrifice PPV from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Special welcome to web guru Ms. Kendi and her friends from out of state. Too bad they won’t be able to cheer on The Naturals who were released. Unlike the Destination X and Lockdown PPV we didn’t see the pre-show as it was a replay of the Road to Sacrifice, hosted by Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme. At least I think they did because Jeremy Borash came into the Impact Zone @ 735 to run down the card for the fans.  Val and the new girl assisted a kangaroo character shoot t-shirts into the crowd. For what I believe is the first time ever, TNA’s website listed the exact order of the PPV matches. Note to those who chanted “Nashville Sucks,” before Orlando TNA was Nashville based and it was the Nashville crowd that got TNA on Fox Sports Net. Their fans were crushed when TNA left and you will feel the same way if TNA leaves Orlando for good. .  

(1) In a three way match, World X Division champion “the Future” Chris Sabin defeated Sonjay Dutt and “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal.Not only was Dutt’s right shoulder taped, he wore a mouth guard. During the opening minutes Sabin tired to start crap between Dutt and Lethal. It backfired and they took turns beating down the champion. At one point they dumped Sabin to the floor and a Lucha style match broke out. Dutt locked in a camel clutch and Sabin hit Lethal with a sling shot dropkick. Sabin wanted Dutt to do the same but Dutt dropkicked Sabin. The trio exchanged hard hitting moves that got the crowd on its feet but didn’t lead to a victory. Dutt went to the floor as Sabin tried to isolate Lethal but he too couldn’t pin the “Black Machismo” as Lethal fought back. Sabin went for another slingshot move but Dutt tripped him and it allowed Lethal to hit the double sledge to the floor. Dutt went back to the ring only to fly out onto the duo. Back in the ring Sabin’s top rope huricurana was blocked and Dutt went for a missile dropkick but Sabin sidestepped and Lethal got hit. Sabin recovered and hit Dutt with the Garvin Stomp (now that’s old school) and some punches. Lethal rejoined the match only be decked by a Sabin forearm which led to a leg lariat into Dutt’s face. Dutt nearly won the title after hitting Sabin with a legdrop on the ropes and hitting Lethal with a twist on the Thesz press. Sabin fired back with a double tree of woe in the corner which led to Dutt and Lethal getting kicks in their faces. Sabin hit Lethal with punches but Lethal hit a enziguri and went up for the elbow drop but Dutt broke up the pin. Dutt broke up a Lethal pin with a 450 splash but couldn’t get the pin on either man. Sabin snuck out with the title by shoving Dutt into Lethal and rolling up Dutt with a handful of ring pants. After the match Dutt and Lethal traded punches as Kevin Nash tried to be mediator. Dutt felt he had enough and kicked Nash in the back of the leg before retreating to higher ground.  Jeremy Borash spoke to Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks about the location of Eric Young and the shot at Jeff Jarrett. Roode said Young was not here and then claimed by beating Jarrett he would become a superstar and he would OWN Jarrett too. Nash called out Dutt on the mic, he said Thursday night Dutt’s ass was his. Take that as you wish. We saw backstage footage of VKM getting jumped by Basham and Damaja. They played the recap of how Jeff Jarrett went from losing the title to Sting and BFG to coming back with a plan to give back.  

(2) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) defeated “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett.Amazing how these fans who booed the living crap of Jarrett now root for the founder of TNA. Roode jumped Jarrett during the introduction and the fight was on and around ringside over to the announce table. For the first time in months Jarrett looked like he was having fun in the ring as he beat Roode all over the place until Ms. Brooks brought the fight back to the floor where Roode got control after tossing Jarrett into the ring steps. With more help from Ms. Brooks choking Jarrett on the ropes. Roode kept control for several moments. Jarrett blocked a hip toss into a backslide for two but Roode got to his feet first to hit a clothesline for two. Roode’s top rope move met Jarrett’s boot instead of his upper body. Jarrett recovered to hit a power slam for two and traded sleeper holds with Roode. Roode escaped the sleeper into the Jarrett patented figure four putting the pressure on Roode who was aided by Ms. Brooks. Jarrett made the ropes but Roode kept control even mocking the Jarrett strut. Roode’s second attempt for the leg lock was countered into an inside cradle for two. Both men went for a clothesline and hit it in the middle of the ring. Both men got to their feet but Jarrett’s punches had more snap and so did the inverted atomic knee drop. Jarrett locked in the figure four and Ms. Brooks saved him by getting Andrew Thomas’ attention. Ms. Brooks took a tumble to the floor and Roode removed a turnbuckle pad which both men fought to avoid hitting. Roode dragged Jarrett to the ring post and then tossed a chair in the ring which ended up smacking him right in the head. Jarrett hit the Stroke but Brooks pulled the referee out. This time Andrew Thomas tossed Brooks out. Long enough for Roode to hit Jarrett with a chain wrapped right hand punch but not long enough to get the pin. Roode went to use Jarrett’s guitar but Thomas stopped that too. Jarrett went for the Stroke but Roode countered out and Jarrett countered into a figure four but Roode kicked Jarrett into the exposed buckle, using Jarrett’s momentum to get the pin. Roode went to use the guitar again but Jarrett got on the figure four. Brooks came back to hit Jarrett but Eric Young came out, locking her in a figure four.  

Leticia Cline interviewed Team Cage about their matches tonight. Scott Steiner asked Cage where Tomko was and didn’t get a clear answer.  

(3) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated “War Machine” Rhino.Daniels continues to wear the Sting mask to the ring and carry the bat. It was obvious in the opening moments this was Rhino’s power against the technical and speed of Daniels. It was Rhino who got control with shoulder blocks and keeping it slowed down. Daniels went for a top rope move but Rhino caught him and hit a belly to belly suplex, setting up but not getting the GORE as Daniels slid out. Both men went to the floor where the punches continued and Rhino missed a plancha. Daniels used the guard rails to inflict damage to Rhino’s left arm and shoulder. Once back in the ring Daniels kept the attack going, using any move he could to do further damage to the injury. Rhino fought out of an armlock and fired in several chops with his good arm, getting a two count off a powerslam. Daniels kept on the arm with kicks and an STO for two but he couldn’t avoid a Rhino spinebuster for two. Just like Rhino couldn’t avoid Daniels who locked in the fujiarwa armbar submission. Daniels released the hold on his own and went for the BME but Rhino moved. Daniels made an error by stopping the forearms to Rhino’s head and going to the rope where Rhino hit a GORE for two. Daniels got the last move when he blasted Rhino in the head with the baseball bat to get the cover. After the match Rhino got the mic and told Daniels he didn’t come to lose or be cheated. He said he was going to kick Daniels ass. So he chased Daniels down the tunnel and when they came back up Daniels was a bloody mess after Rhino hit several chair shots (the chair had blood on it, just a guess). Rhino set up two chairs in the ring possibly for the Rhino Driver but TNA black shirt security hit the ring. 

We saw a recap of Christy Hemme’s battle with the VKM and found out BG was in the hospital and Lance Hoyt wasn’t in the venue yet. 

(4) Basham and Damaja (w/Christy Hemme) defeated Voodoo Kin Mafia Kip James. Kip tried his best but in the end Damaja and Basham were too much for Kip James. Lance Hoyt came out to save Kip after the match. 

A video recap played before the next match which is guaranteed to be painful. Leticia Cline spoke to “Wildcat” Chris Harris about the match, in which Harris said if Storm wanted to end AMW all he had to do was ask. 

(5) In a Texas Death match, “Wildcat” Chris Harris defeated “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/ “Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore).Funny thing about this match, to earn their jobs with TNA in 2002, Storm and Harris fought each other on a Music City Legends like show. To win you need to get a pin then have the opponent not answer a 10 count. The fight began on the floor as Harris baited Storm to come out and fight. They went into the crowd and all around the seating area which sent people running to avoid being hit. Harris grated Storm’s face on some fencing and tried to toss him off the top but Storm fought back as it led to them dragging each other around some more. Finally they came down and kept the fists a flying. Harris finally got in the ring and found one of Storm’s cold brews and had a swig before jumping off the top rope and into the crowd where Storm was just getting to hit feet. Harris got a pin but Storm beat the 10 second count, crawling back to the ring and the guard rails. Storm knocked Harris off the top and smashed his face with a chair which split open Harris. As Harris bled in the ring Storm went under the ring for a folding table and he wasn’t setting dinner up. Storm placed Harris on the turnbuckle but Harris blocked the move. Storm blocked the Scorpion Deathlock so Harris put him under the table and hit a sling shot like move which sent Storm’s head into the table, splitting him open. Storm blocked a suplex with a kick to the ribs and hit the Eye of the Storm into the folding table for the pin. Harris beat Rudy Charles’ count and the fight went was on again. Storm got another folding table from under the ring and set it up on the floor. The fight stayed in the ring as Harris escaped a power bomb into the table but not a DDT which allowed Storm to go shopping for more items at the weapons store. He pulled out a trash can and tossed it in the ring but he didn’t get in fast enough as Harris hit a spear which sent Storm crashing through the table on the floor. Moore broke up the pin attempt as Harris went to get another chair. Harris swung and missed giving Storm enough time to hit a superkick into the chair which went into the face for two. Harris absorbed several trash can shots and fired back with some of his own. By this point all of Storm’s face not covered by a beard was blood red. Moore saw an opening and went to handcuff Harris but Gail Kim came out and fought with Moore to the locker room. Storm thought he had the win with a beer bottle shot but Harris decked him first with the other bottle to get the pin and the win as Storm couldn’t get to his feet in time. 

As the ring crew switched canvases, Jeremy Borash spoke to Sting about the main event. The cameras caught Christopher Daniels talking to Sting about the way Daniels had interpreted Sting’s message. 

(6) In a “ Four Corners” match, Jerry Lynn defeated Tiger Mask IV, Alex Shelley and Senshi Last night Tiger Mask IV dropped the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title to Mike Quackenbush. Senshi and Lynn began the bout trading mat moves but it went to move-counter move when Lynn hit an airplane spin-like move. Shelley tagged himself in to face Lynn after Senshi went to work on Lynn’s arm. Lynn countered several moves and tagged out to Tiger Mask. After mocking Tiger Mask, Shelley tagged in Senshi who went move for move with the legendary Japanese character. Senshi felt he needed a break so he tagged out to Lynn. Lynn was backed into the corner where Shelley tagged Tiger Mask to reenter the bout. Shelley went for a back suplex but Lynn countered out and tagged in Tiger Mask who went to work on the cocky Paparazzi member. Shelley stopped a top rope move and hit Tiger Mask with a jawbreaker. Tiger Mask returned the favor hitting Shelley with a top rope double underhook suplex. Senshi came and hit Tiger Mask with kicks as Shelley tagged out to Lynn who joined the battle. Lenny hit a spring board like move which sent Tiger Mask over but Senshi was in Tiger Mask’s waist lock hold so he got hit with a German suplex. Shelley recovered and missed a leg lariat but Lynn’s top rope move was stopped by Senshi and a kick to the head. Tiger Mask broke up a cradle piledriver and got tossed to the floor by Shelley. Shelley thought he had the win when they came off the top rope but Lynn rolled through the power bomb into a pin and the victory. But after the match Shelley and Chris Sabin attacked Lynn. He was saved by Mr. Bob Backlund who sent Sabin and Shelley in a retreat mode.  

We had a video recap of how Team 3D got to the World Tag Team titles at Lockdown and who they would face tonight. Leticia spoke to Tomko about his issues with Scott Steiner, claiming Steiner thought the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor (someone has been watching National Lampoon’s Anima House.) 

(7) World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon) defeated Tomko/“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan on crutches)Steiner and Homicide started out and it was not good for LAX as the strength was solely in Steiner’s favor. Ray made a blind tag and hit Steiner with a German suplex after leveling Homicide with a clothesline. Homicide tried to make peace with Steiner and for a second it worked as they attacked Ray. Ray fought back and got rid of Homicide with a kick to the face before tagging in Devon. Tomko finally tagged in to trade punches with Devon but a rope move led to a 3D powerslam. Hernandez made a blond tag and hit Tomko with a slingshot shoulder tackle but Devon hit him with the Thesz press. Homicide caught the attention of Rudy Charles and it worked long enough that Tomko/Steiner grabbed Devon’s legs and ragged his package into the ring post. LAX and Steiner/Tomko kept Devon from tagging out for several minutes but neither team could score the pin. At one point Hernandez came off the top with splash after blocking a Devon move for two. Tomko put Devon on the top rope but his move was countered into a Tornado DDT. LAX tried for a move but Devon ducked and tagged out to Ray. Actually all six men fought in the ring and the carnage was ended when Hernandez stopped 3D from getting the table. This left Steiner and Tomko with Homicide who ducked a Road Warrior clothesline, rolling up Steiner for two. Ray ended up in the ring with Steiner and Tomko but another move backfired and Tomko was hit with the 3D to see the champions retain. After the match Tomko and Steiner traded hated words and then punches which ended when “the Dogface Gremlin” Rick Steiner hit the ring and Tomko with punches! 

Jeremy Borash spoke to Kurt Angle in the Sting interview area. Angle said the difference between himself and Sting was he didn’t need hocus pocus to win. He called Sting a cartoon character and the “gym teacher” was going to school Sting. A well done video package recapped the Styles/Joe saga. 

(8) Samoa Joe defeated “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles.These two picked up right where they left off several months ago, with hard hitting action. However Styles aggressive mood let Joe take control with a corner enziguri. Joe hit the back chop but Styles blocked the chest kick however Styles ended up on the floor. Joe wasted no time in hitting his tope’ to the floor which sent Styles over the guard rails. Styles blocked Joe’s suplex back in the ring but not Joe’s punches which sent Styles crashing to the floor. Joe tossed Styles into the ring as Styles claimed his shoulder came out of socket. Too bad for Joe Styles was gold bricking and he decked Joe. Joe fought back and again we went to the floor where Joe set up the Ole kick but Styles hit a discus clothesline. Styles tossed Joe in the ring where he hit a dropkick which sent sweat flying off Joes’s chest. Joe went for a move but Styles hit him in the head with a spinning heel kick for two. Joe fought back with punches and a German suplex which looked like it made Styles’ eyes got glassy for a moment. Styles ducked a Joe kick but not a release suplex, a senton bomb and powerslam for two. Styles slid of Joe’s shoulders and hit the Pele’ kick before hitting a springboard clothesline for two. Styles fought for it and finally hit the flip into the inverted DDT for two. Joe fought out of the Styles Clash and hit a DVD for two. Styles ducked a move and Joe went crashing to the floor where it looked like he injured his left knee. Somehow Joe beat Andrew Thomas’ count but his knee gave out when he went after Styles on a corner move. Styles went for and missed the Spiral Tap as Joe was gold bricking. Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch and hit the Muscle Buster to win.  

A video package played highlighting the sacrifices the three men in the main event have made in their careers to get the World title in their possession. They played for the home audience some bullet points on the match before Jeremy Borash introduced the match. 

(9) Kurt Angle became World Heavyweight champion when he defeated “Instant Classic” Christian Cage and Sting.Cage’s mind games worked for a moment as Sting and Angle argued before the bell, but they joined to the goal of keeping Cage out of the ring. It worked as they beat each other up while Cage stood on the floor but Sting left Angle in the ring to get Cage. It backfired as Cage tossed Sting into the guard rail. But when Cage got in the ring he ran right into Angle. But Angle missed Cage ran into the ring post shoulder first. Cage tried to make peace with Sting but instead of turning the other cheek Sting spit in Cage’s face before attacking the champion. Sting hit Cage with a Stinger Splash but the second one was stopped by Angle who dragged Sting to the floor and hit a suplex on the rampway. Angle came back to the ring where Cage was waiting to work on the injured arm. Cage hit Angle with a move and went to the floor to keep Sting injured. Cage smacked Angle in his head and it fired up Angle who hit eight consecutive German suplexes but Cage kicked out of the pin. Sting made his way back and tossed Angle to the floor so he could cover Cage but he too got only two. Sting went for a superplex but Angle brought Sting an Cage off with a superplex of his own. The singlet came down as Angle went for the Olympic Slam but Cage countered into the Unprettier but Angle countered out. Sting sent Angle’s head into Cage’s package but Cage sent Rudy Charles to the floor. With Charles out of the match Angle locked Cage and Sting in the Ankle Lock but both men fought out. Sting dragged Charles in the ring but he walked right into Cage’s crotch shot. Sting pinned Cage but Kurt Angle made Sting tap out to the Ankle Lock. Referee Andrew Thomas only saw Sting tap out and Rudy Charles only saw Cage be pinned by Sting.