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RightCoastPro Wrestling “Festivus 2014” Results from 7/26/14 – Newark, DE

  • “World Warrior” Low Ki defeats Christopher Daniels with a devastating top-rope chest stomp!  Low Ki now 2-0 at the company’s annual “Festivus” event held in July each year.
  • “Heavyweight” Sean Royal retains the RightCoastPro Championship by pinning King Mega.
  • Colton Quest got the pin over “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride with special referee, Chris “The Show” Steeler as the man in charge.  This was a “pick the others opponent” match where Steeler chose Quest to face Stride.  Unknown to Stride, (or his BFF Manager, Josh Maddoxx) Steeler assigned himself as the special guest referee.
  • The electric opening match was fully charged since Aaron Stride picked 2 opponents for Chris “The Show” Steeler.  The team of the “Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs, & Anthony “Vigilante” Bowens, under manager Clarke Kelly’s guidance, were signed to the 2-on-1 match-up. Gibbs and Bowens, still not able to coexist, managed to turn the match into a 3-way with every man for themselves!  As if that chaos wasn’t enough, an on-screen interruption came from Stride that ultimately cost Steeler the match to the victor, Gibbs.
  • The team of “Mercenary” Nick Sohlo and Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush defeated the team of “Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine and Francis Kipland Stevens with Rush pinning Stevens.
  • Max Mikado’s in-ring interview segment with “Amore Express” Jason Gotti and Alvin Alvarez turned ugly as “The Outlaw” Stockade and King Mega interrupted and started trashing their travel bags.  This was followed by an unnecessary beat down later in the evening when “Amore Express” was in the corner of Champion Sean Royal to fend off Stockade and Manager Sebastian Night looming around the corner of Mega.
  • Bazooka Joe faced #1 Brian Johnson in a brutal singles competition which ended in a double count out.
  • The team of King Kaluha, Harry M Baldwin and Pedro Duro were in action against Courageous Cruz, Joey Silver and the latest RCP Developmental student, Ruby Rubino.  Rubino got the pin over Baldwin after a beautifully executed half-nelson sideslam!


Next Event: September 13, 2014

Matches announced to date:

  • Mikey Whipwreck and Curt Hawkins to face King Mega & “The Outlaw” Stockade
  • Bazooka Joe vs #1 Brian Johnson in a “Last Man Standing” match
  • The team of “Amore Express” to face each other – Jason Gotti  vs Alvin Alvarez
  • More matches to be announced in the coming weeks