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There have been quite a few power couples in the the history of pro wrestling. From “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Ms. Elizabeth to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, the power of love in the wrestling world is undeniable. You can add another couple to the list.

Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling star Brian Cage has proposed to his longtime girlfriend and Lucha Underground ring announcer Melissa Santos. He proposed at a Bar Wrestling event the two were booked at. Santos shared the news on her Instagram.

Melissa Santos


I said yes Officially, to that big booty father of my child. ? Baby daddy wins. Love wins.

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OMG ?????

Congrats @ThisIsMelSantos and @MrGMSI_BCage ?????

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The two have been a part of Lucha Underground since 2014 and have been together for years. Earlier this year they celebrated the birth of their daughter, Skylar.

Congratulations to Cage and Melissa!

credit wrestlinginc.com