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ECWA‘M Dogg 20’ Matt Cross is the 2014 ECWA Super 8 Champion!

Saturday April 5, 2014 marked year 18 of the most prestigious independent wrestling tournament… the ECWA Super 8! And what a night of fun, shocking moments, thrilling finishes, and surprises it was! Here’s a brief recap of the results coming out of this historic night:

*Damian Dragon would make his way to the ring to present the opening ceremony for the tournament only to be shocked when referee Phil Sly and his attorney came to the ring. Sly’s attorney went on to serve Dragon with papers seeking to collect damages for Dragon “injuring” his client last June. Dragon responded by tearing up the papers and giving the attorney a well timed Stone Cold Stunner*

ECWA Super 8 Tournament


John Skyler defeats Steven Walters via Sliced Bread #2

Long time friends and tag partners got to have one last match before the very well received Walters goes off to Florida and the WWE. Skyler survives a late rally and gets the win.

Kao Storm defeats Matt Saigon via a Canadian Destroyer

Hometown boy Kao Storm shocked the ECWA faithful by outgunning overwhelming favorite to win the tournament Matt Saigon.

Ricky Martinez defeats Oliver Grimsly via a Back Stabber

Grimsly got into the head of Martinez early with his crazy antics and mind games. But Martinez would show off his dazzling array of suplexes to secure the big victory.

Matt Cross defeats Gran Akuma via the Shooting Star Press

Another case of long time friends battling for the first time ever. Akuma came out hard, grounding the much faster Cross. But Cross’s resourcefulness proved too much.

Team CK defeats D-Line to become the NEW ECWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

Both teams were quite impressive with their vast array of tag team power moves. With the fans fully backing the defending champs, CK shut everyone up by showing they are now the team to beat in ECWA.


John Skyler defeats Kao Storm via Sliced Bread #2

In what many called a candidate for match of the year already, Storm and Skyler delivered an epic see saw battle that saw both men execute stunning high risk moves. Skyler would work on weakening Storm piece by piece… wait patiently for his chance… and steal the victory.

Matt Cross defeats Ricky Martinez via the Shooting Star Press

Martinez showed his new found brutality by delivering blow after blow, suplex after suplex stunning Cross who couldn’t get his offense going. Cross would not be denied though and he eventually showed what he’s famous for… flying around the ring with reckless abandon, leading to his victory.

Breaker Morant defeats Napalm Bomb via DQ

Morant and Napalm faced off for early bragging rights leading into June’s showdown for the ECWA Heavyweight title. Napalm Bomb controlled from the beginning. But Breaker would attempt to steal the win with a quick series of moves. But he was stopped when Phil Sly pulled the referee from the ring resulting in a DQ.

Chris Wylde defeats Kid USA, Papadon, Ahtu, Solo, Meisure Ooh La La, Mark Harro, and Lance Anoai to move onto the Fatal Four Way for the ECWA title in June via a Swanton Bomb onto Papadon

Craziness ensued as all 8 men created moments we’ll never forget. The young Kid USA going toe to toe with Papadon. Ooh La La choke slammed Ahtu and sent the fans into a frenzy. Wylde continued showing he’s the only man in ECWA willing to go all out when he hung Mark Harro with his own chain over the top rope. And Lance Anoai showed his Samoan heritage by delivering absolutely unbelievable hard hits to any within his path. But ultimately, ECWA’s resident survivor Chris Wylde got the best of Papadon and showed he’s a championship contender at any time.

2014 ECWA Super 8 Finals

Matt Cross defeats John Skyler to become the 2014 ECWA SUPER 8 CHAMPION after 3 Shooting Star Presses

Easily one of the best Super 8 finals in ECWA history. The crowd went back and forth cheering on both men. We saw hard hits, we saw technical mat wrestling… we saw the will to win from two men looking to etch their name into the history books. But Matt Cross came into this tournament with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. He would deliver his trademark ring post elbow drop and his beautiful Sasuke flip over the top rope. But Skyler was a more than worthy opponent. He delivered a dazzling display of old school technical and power moves. He would hit his incredible super kick, twisting back breaker, and his trademark Sliced Bread #2. But unfortunately, Matt Cross hit the biggest moves when it counted… after several near falls. The end came as Matt Cross hit his third Shooting Star Press of the match for the 1..2..3.

‘M Dogg 20’ Matt Cross is the 2014 ECWA Super 8 Champion!