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matt CrossMatt Cross is one of the most unique athletes in all of professional wrestling. Using his lifelong passion for gymnastics and parkour, M-Dogg is able to perform some of the most gravity and physics-defying maneuvers ever seen! Matt’s talents have taken him to 20 different countries, in front of millions of fans, but Matt always called “PWO/PRIME Wrestling” home.

Based in the city he was born and raised in, PRIME had a special place in Matt’s heart, and was the site of some of his most memorable matches as he set-out to win his first Heavyweight Title in his hometown, then later prove himself “King of the Cleveland Streets”! Re-live Matt’s battles against close friends, fierce rivals, the struggle of being told he wasn’t “tough enough”, and the will and determination to prove every critic wrong in spectacular fashion! These are Matt Cross’ “PRIME Cuts”!

Order your copy now on DVD or Digital Download at www.Joe-Dombrowski.com under “Store”!

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Petey Williams

Full Circle Three-Way Dance
M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Josh Prohibition

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano (in two unforgettable matches!)

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Josh Prohibition

Six-Man Tag Match
M-Dogg Matt Cross, Gregory Iron & Matthew Justice w/Justin LaBar vs. Marion Fontaine, Rickey Shane Page & Jeremy Madrox w/Vic Travagliante

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Marion Fontaine

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Gory

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Matthew Justice

M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Jason Bane

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