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M.V.D. – Most Valuable Diva” is a weekly column where a WWE Diva or TNA Knockout is named the Most Valuable Diva of the Week based on their overall performance. The divas/knockouts that compete in matches and/or take part in segments automatically get nominated for Most Valuable Diva.

This week’s nominees for M.V.D. are:

Eve: On RAW, Divas Champion Eve got to pick her challenger for her title. Since Eve declared that she had already defeated everyone in the divas division, she took it upon herself to challenge Mae Young. After Mae Young was unable to make the match, Eve won by forfeit and decided to hold a photo-op. Things didn’t end well for the champion, and she ended up getting into a catfight with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn: On RAW, after having enough of Eve boasting and showing off about defeating Mae Young via forfeit to retain the Divas Championship, Kaitlyn came out and got into a catfight with Eve.

Mae Young: Mae Young earned a shot at Eve’s Divas Championship on RAW, but was unable to make the match due to her pregnancy.

AJ: AJ decided to have a New Year’s Eve celebration with Dolph Ziggler on RAW. The celebration started off well, but John Cena came out and interrupted. From there, the celebration turned bad when Cena insulted AJ’s love life and had crap (literally) dumped on AJ and Dolph.

Natalya: Natalya teamed up with her crush The Great Khali and Hornswoggle to take on Rosa Mendes and Primo & Epico on Smackdown. Natalya took control of the match early on and held her own (as always) against Rosa. Ultimately, Natalya’s team picked up the win.

Rosa Mendes: Rosa teamed up with Primo & Epico to take on Natalya, The Great Khali, and Hornswoggle on Smackdown. Rosa took a beating from Natalya early on, and in the end, her team lost the match.

Tamina: Tamina competed in not one, but two matches this week. First, on NXT, she took on NXT newcomer Sasha Banks. Tamina dominated most of the match, and ultimately won the match after an impressive Superfly Splash. On Smackdown, Tamina faced former Divas Champion Layla. Just like her match on NXT, Tamina dominated most of the match, and ultimately won the match after an impressive Superfly Splash.

ODB: On TNA Xplosion, ODB teamed up with Mickie James to take on Madison Rayne and Tara. ODB had an impressive showing, mixing the combination of wrestling and personality into the match perfectly. Ultimately, her and Mickie James won the match.

Madison Rayne: The Killer Queen teamed up with Tara on TNA Xplosion to face Mickie James and ODB. It’s not often we get to see Madison Rayne compete, and she had a decent showing in the match. Unfortunately, her and Tara lost after she took a Mick Kick from Mickie James.

Gail Kim: On Impact Wrestling, Gail Kim teamed up with Tara to take on Mickie James and Brooke Tessmacher. The veteran knockout put on a great match and pulled out her usual heel antics. Unfortunately, her and Tara not being on the same page and the Mickie-DT caused her and Tara to lose the match.

Brooke Tessmacher: On Impact Wrestling, Brooke Tessmacher teamed up with Mickie James to take on rivals Gail Kim and Tara. The rookie knockout held her own in the match, and she even pulled off an impressive crossbody to the outside on Tara and Jesse. Ultimately, her and Mickie James picked up the win.

Tara: Tara teamed up with Gail Kim on Impact Wrestling to face Mickie James and her former BFF Brooke Tessmacher. Tara was being her usual “hollywood” self, having Jesse comfort her and insulting Brooke and Mickie. The Knockouts Champion still had an impressive showing during the match, but her and Gail lost in the end. On TNA Xplosion, Tara competed in another tag match, but this time, she teamed up with Madison Rayne to take on Mickie James and ODB. Having a different tag partner this time around didn’t help the KO champion out, and she ended up losing her second match this week.

Mickie James: Mickie James teamed up with Brooke Tessmacher on Impact Wrestling to face rivals Gail Kim and Tara. Mickie James was on fire during the match, the crowd was behind her, and after a vicious DDT to Gail Kim, she picked up the win for her and Brooke. Mickie’s week didn’t end there, and on TNA Xplosion, she teamed up with ODB to take on Tara and Madison Rayne. Once again, Mickie James was victorious.

This week, we have FOUR MVDs

This week’s MVDs are…

Tara, Gail Kim, Brooke Tessmacher, and Mickie James!

This week’s MVDs put on a great tag team match on Impact Wrestling. I’ll even go as far as saying that Tara/Gail vs. Brooke/Mickie was the match of the week women’s wrestling-wise. Tara and Gail not working well together, plus both teams being against each other added intensity to the match. Brooke’s crossbody to the outside was the spot of the match in my opinion. All in all, all four girls brought their A-game.

Come back next week to see who will be M.V.D. of the week. Thanks for reading!

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