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MVDAfter a four week hiatus, Eric returns to do his weekly “M.V.D.- Most Valuable Diva” column here on Online World Of Wrestling!

M.V.D. – Most Valuable Diva” is a weekly column where a WWE Diva or TNA Knockout is named the Most Valuable Diva of the Week based on their overall performance. The divas/knockouts that compete in matches and/or take part in segments automatically get nominated for Most Valuable Diva.

This week’s nominees for M.V.D. are:

Gail Kim: On Impact Wrestling, Gail Kim interrupted a backstage interview with Velvet Sky. Gail Kim declared that she would win back the Knockouts title, and when she began disrespecting Velvet, she was on the receiving end of a slap. Gail got revenge later that night when she pinned Velvet during a six person mixed tag match.

Velvet Sky: On Impact Wrestling when Gail Kim interrupted Velvet’s interview and disrespected her, Velvet took offense and slapped Gail. Later that night, Velvet unfortunately got pinned by Gail during a six person mixed tag match.

Summer Rae: Summer Rae continued to berate Paige on NXT, declaring that Paige is gone and never coming back. Her new target? Renee. When Renee didn’t call her “The First Lady Of NXT,” Summer declared that there would be problems next time Renee didn’t call her that. Summer’s also set to face Emma next week on NXT. Got it, sista?

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn faced Tamina on Smackdown, with Layla in her corner. Kaitlyn looked to have the match in her hands, but after the referee was distracted with Layla, Tamina made a comeback, and Kaitlyn lost the match after a samoan drop.

Layla: Layla competed against Tamina on Superstars. When Tamina attempted a samoan drop, the british beauty got Tamina in a roll up for a victory! Layla also was in Kaitlyn’s corner during her match against Tamina on Smackdown. Layla took offense when Tamina tossed her out of the way. When Layla attempted to go after Tamina, her distraction helped Tamina pick up the win against Kaitlyn.

Tamina: “You win some, you lose some.” In Tamina’s case, that’s very true. She lost her match against Layla on Superstars, but won her match against Kaitlyn on Smackdown.

Sasha Banks: On NXT, Sasha Banks teamed up with Naomi and Cameron to take on Adurey Marie, Aksana, and Alicia Fox. Sasha helped Naomi get the win for her team after she bounced Audrey’s face on the top rope. The feud between Sasha and Audrey is far from over.

Audrey Marie: Audrey Marie teamed up with fellow A-named partners Aksana and Alicia Fox to face Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Cameron. Audrey’s team was on the losing end after Sasha bounced Audrey’s face on the top rope and got hit with Naomi’s Nightfalls finisher.

Naomi: Naomi teamed up with fellow funkadactyl Cameron and Sasha Banks to face Audrey Marie, Alicia Fox, and Aksana. Naomi continued to impress me and the crowd with her fire and athleticism, which helped her pick up the win for her team.

Cameron: Cameron teamed with Sasha Banks and fellow funkadactly Naomi to face Audrey Marie, Alicia Fox, and Aksana. Although she was the least experienced of the six, she held her own and had an impressive showing. Her team ultimately won the match. Cameron has potential and isn’t bad for a rookie. Whoever’s training her is doing a great job. Keep it up Cameron!

Aksana: Aksana was part of the A-team when she teamed up with Audrey Marie and Alicia Fox to face Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Cameron. Her team ultimately lost the match, despite Aksana’s attempt at saving her team from losing.

Alicia Fox: Alicia Fox teamed up with Aksana and Audrey Marie to face Sasha Banks, Cameron, and Naomi. Although her team lost, Alicia Fox made her presence known with her fierce & foxy attittude.

This week’s MVD is…

The Funkadactlys!

Cameron and Naomi had a great showing this week on NXT. Although Cameron hasn’t had much training, she’s been doing a great job in the matches she’s competed in thus far, and she didn’t disappoint on NXT. Like I said, she has potential, and I hope she grows into a talented wrestler over time. Naomi is always on fire! This girl knows how to wrestle and entertain at the same time. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Naomi because I know it’s going to be a bright future for her. The Funkadactlys did well this week. Let’s see them compete more often WWE!

Come back next week to see who will be M.V.D. of the week. Thanks for reading!

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