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Making OfThe Making of Bloodstained Memoirs kindle book is currently free for a limited time at Amazon. It is available for download on your Kindle, PC, Tablet and Smart Phone.

The book is currently #1 in the Amazon wrestling category. It tells the story of the Bloodstained Memoirs documentary production and what it was like working with names such as Chris Jericho, Roddy Piper, Great Muta, Jimmy Snuka, Rob Van Dam and many more. It also features exclusive interview excerpts!

American Link: http://www.amazon.com/Making-Bloodstained-Memoirs-David-Sinnott-ebook/dp/B007ZQMHRG

UK Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Making-Bloodstained-Memoirs-David-Sinnott-ebook/dp/B007ZQMHRG

“For three years film-maker David Sinnott produced interviews around the world with internationally famed professional wrestlers. The who’s who list included Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Roddy Piper, Keiji Muto, Jimmy Snuka, Christian and Ultimo Dragon amongst others. Now for the first time ever, hear what went into making the critically acclaimed Bloodstained Memoirs. Whether it was a case of working with passed out giants, limping legends or reformed criminals – there was rarely a peaceful moment on the three year production. And now for the first time ever, its story is told.”