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Maria KFormer WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently spoke with Wrestling101 about working with Paul Heyman, Total Divas, and more.

Here are some highlights:

After the Diva Search you went to OVW and worked with Paul Heyman, what was that like?

I’m kind of an underground Paul Heyman girl and he is what really inspired the ditsy character, he really inspired me to do the things that I did at WWE. I’m an admirer of his work, I think what he has done with so many guys and throughout ECW was incredible.

When I was in OVW I just watched him as he helped CM Punk every day, Punk was already incredible but then Paul Heyman kind of pushed him over the edge and gave him that opportunity on ECW to be who he is today.

What was Vince McMahon like as a boss?

He was great with me, I know he can be very tough with other people but with me he wasn’t, he was like a father figure to me, I really enjoyed working for Vince.

What have you made of the Total Divas show?

I’ve watched a few of the episodes of Total Divas and I think it is a great show. There is a lot of tremendous talent in WWE’s women division at the moment, I think AJ Lee is incredible, I’ve always been a fan of Natalya. There are also some great women down in NXT like Paige, there are a lot of great talented women that are a part of that company at the moment.

Could we see you and Mike Bennett in either WWE or TNA some day?

TNA called me twice this year, I think they’re a great company but I’m loving my time in ROH and I’m definitely happy with my fiancée. Who knows if that will ever change, but I wish TNA all the best in the world, I think the girls there are tremendous.

WWE called me earlier this year and for whatever reason that fell through, would I go back there eventually, sure. I loved my time there I loved traveling the world and the people that I worked with. I’m sure Mike will be in the WWE very soon and it will be great to join him there.

Recap courtesy of LordsofPain.net.