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Whether called M-Dogg 20, Matt Cross, or even Spartan, Matt Capiccioni is arguably the most well-traveled professional wrestler active today to have never had a contract with a national or global wrestling organization. Now, after a demoralizing false start a year ago, Matt finds himself breaking into a brand new realm that plays to his strengths perfectly, appearing this Monday night to run the daunting obstacle course on NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior”!

Contract or not, Matt’s pro wrestling exploits are very well-known, having appeared in organizations like Ring of Honor, MTV’s Wrestling Society X, and the infamous XPW organization, in addition to dozens of other well established promotions. However, Matt reached his biggest notoriety on the USA Network, as part of WWE’s revival of its “Tough Enough” reality series in 2011. In it, Matt was portrayed as bland and boring, but fans who have followed his career know he is anything but!

Matt grew up a gymnastics prodigy, competing in competitions and winning championships from a young age. After discovering the original ECW, the pro wrestling bug hit Matt, and his life was changed. Matt was able to use his gymnastics background to cultivate a style and maneuvers rarely, if ever, seen before. Matt’s talents have taken him to TWENTY different countries to wrestle including all across Europe, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Russia, the Middle East, and most recently Singapore, at times wrestling in front of as many as 70,000 fans during the course of his career! Matt knows no boundaries – physical or geographical!

Matt’s streak of bad luck on television continued when his scheduled run of last year’s “American Ninja Warrior” course was edited out of the final broadcast due to a technical issue. But, this year, Matt seeks redemption from all of the false starts of his past.

Matt is the first ever pro wrestler to attempt to run what the show’s creators refer to as a “heart stopping obstacle course competition” that draws athletes from every walk of life willing to try to conquer the course – from firemen to Olympians!

Footage profiling Matt has already begun airing on previous “American Ninja Warrior” episodes as one to watch in preparation for his big run this Monday night, June 9 and 9 EST on NBC (The program will replay Tuesday on The Esquire Network).

We invite everyone to tune in as Matt represents the entire industry of professional wrestling in one of the most physically demanding stunts ever performed on broadcast television!

For more information on Matt, please visit www.Facebook.com/MDoggMattCross or follow him on Twitter @MDoggMattCross